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Written Records and the Light of Truth

“The works of men are imperfect, and no man has ever seen the Light of Truth in absolute purity. Therefore, though two things within the body of our written records may appear contradictory, if not capable of reconciliation through greater understanding, the thing written later, unless a manifest error, shall be more acceptable. Be men of good faith, goodwill and common sense. Nothing passing through the hands of many men escapes contamination. Only sincerity and diligence will maintain its purity. Nevertheless, having established something, uphold it steadfastly. In this sphere of falsity, cling to every truth, as a man swept out to sea by the river torrent clings to a log.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:1:15)

Light of Truth

I don’t think it is accurate to say that no man (or human, to be more accurate) has ever seen the Truth in absolute purity. I think it would be accurate to say no one who is still in physical form has seen pure truth. Ascended masters, however, are another story. At some point in our continued spiritual evolution we must reach that point, otherwise the whole journey is pointless. Why climb the mountain if you know you can never reach the top?

Written Records

It is true that written records can never contain all of the truth. Nor should they. Certain truths are never put into writing for fear they will fall into the wrong hands.

Another reason why written records of spiritual truth are never completely accurate is because human language was developed to deal with the realm of matter. It is just not possible using such words to accurately describe the spiritual realms. For that reason, allegory is often used. Later, foolish people may treat the allegorical tales as if they should betaken literally.

The quote says that nothing passes through the hands of many men escapes contamination. This is especially true of translations. Few, if any, translators are so proficient in multiple languages that they can accurately translate everything. Even fewer have the spiritual knowledge to be able to translate spiritual writings correctly when sometimes the literal meaning of the original words are not as important as their symbolic meaning, or even how they sound when spoken aloud. Continue reading “Written Records and the Light of Truth”

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Writers Who Help Awaken the Spirit

Great Writers can Awaken the Spirit in Us

“Speak to the awakening Spirit of Humanity, to the human Spirit and the Spirit in man, these three in one and the one in all. Dickens and Thackeray, both born a century too late—or a century too early—came between two tidal waves of human spiritual thought, and though they have done yeoman service individually and induced certain partial reforms, yet they failed to touch Society and the masses at large. What the European world now needs is a dozen writers such as Doestoevsky. … What the Russian novelist has done is this: he spoke boldly, even fearlessly the most unwelcome truths to the higher and even to the official classes—the latter a far more dangerous proceeding than the former. … It is writers of this kind that are needed in our day of reawakening; not authors writing for wealth or fame, but fearless apostles of the living Word of Truth” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Awaken the spirit

Books that Enlighten

I have read several of Dickens’ novels and I agree that there is a strong spiritual underpinning to them. I have also seen several movie versions of his “A Christmas Carol”, also known simply as “Scrooge” this week and it is one of the best Christmas tales ever. His writing does seem to be more about social issues such as poverty and government corruption than spiritual things. At least he is famous for such lines spoken by Marley as, “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business.” I don’t believe I have ever read any of Thackeray’s novels, but Wikipedia says he wrote satire that attacked high society and the military establishment.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky is indeed one of the greatest writers and one who makes us thing. I have read several of his works. While he too writes about poverty, crime, injustice and corrupt governments, he does it in a more subtle way than Dickens. Continue reading “Writers Who Help Awaken the Spirit”

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Using Spiritual Perception in a Material World

“A certain writing-system generally adopted by in esoteric training must now be revealed to [the student]. The actual teachings manifest themselves in this writing, because the hidden (occult) qualities of things cannot be directly expressed in the words of ordinary writing. The pupils of the initiates translate the teachings into ordinary language as best they can. The occult script reveals itself to the soul when the latter has attained spiritual perception, for it is traced in the spiritual world and remains there for all time. … It cannot be learned as an artificial writing is learned and read. … As the soul continually develops, it will be found safer to follow the instruction of those who are spiritually experienced, and have some proficiency in deciphering the occult script.” ~Rudolf Steiner

A certain degree of spiritual perception is indeed needed to understand scriptural and esoteric literature. And that doesn’t just mean the Christian Bible or other early Christian writings, it is the same for the Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim books.

As Mr. Steiner points out, the words, or languages, of ordinary writing and speaking are grossly inadequate for expressing spiritual truths and spiritual knowledge. Our languages are developed to express the things of the mundane world of matter. When one who has truly had a spiritual experiences tries to put it into words, he finds himself unable to do so in ordinary language. Various spiritual adepts and prophets have found different ways to overcome this problem. Some have tried to express these truths through paintings or sculpture rather than words. Others have tried songs or poetry. A few have even made up new words in an attempt to express that for which no words exist. The majority, however, have taken a fairly simple solution: they write in allegory. Continue reading “Using Spiritual Perception in a Material World”

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Random Thoughts 1-18-2015

We are not going to stop terrorist groups like ISIS and those who committed the murders in France if we continue to tolerate terrorist governments Like that of Saudi Arabia that publicly beheaded a woman this week and are in the process of slowly beating a man to his likely death, fifty lashes a week for twenty weeks. How can we claim to oppose terrorism when we accept that?


While I certainly think it was very wrong for terrorists to commit murders in Paris to “avenge the prophet”, I don’t think Charlie Hebdo is an innocent victim. They are like the kid who goes to the zoo and kicks a sleeping bear until it awakens and rips off his leg, then the bear gets the blame.


It’s sad, though probably necessary, that a couple in Maryland is being investigated for child neglect because they let their kids walk home on their own from a park a mile away. When I was a kid, no one would have any concern about letting kids walk two or three miles from home on their own because it was perfectly safe. And yet, many young people think that was a primitive world with no cell phones or even color TV.

Continue reading “Random Thoughts 1-18-2015”