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World Being, Star Beings, and Higher Beings

“Ever consider and think upon the world as being but one living substance, and having but one soul, and how all things in the world are terminated into one sensitive power; and are done by one general motion as it were, and deliberation of that one soul. And how all things that are, concur in the cause of another being, and by what manner of connection and concatenation all things happen.

“What art thou, that better and divine part excepted, but as Epictetus said well, a wretched soul, appointed to carry a carcass up and down?” ~Marcus Aurelius

World Being

The Earth is indeed a being. Whether you call her Gaia or Mother Nature doesn’t matter. She is just as much a living being as you are. But while we all know of Nature’s physical body, few stop to consider her mind, spirit, and soul.

The Gaia mind is made up of the collective thoughts of all earth people. Not only those still living, but the dead as well. This mind resides in the energy band around the planet known as the Van Allen Belt. This mind, which is not recognized by materialistic science, controls much of the planet. So when we fill it with thoughts of fear, hatred, and divisiveness, we get hurricanes, floods, and earth quakes. Don’t blame Nature. She gets it from us.

As for her spirit and soul, trying to explain those is pointless. If you have awakened your own spirit and soul, you already understand. If you haven’t it can’t be explained in words.

But just as there are many beings living on Earth, there are being higher than the Earth.

Solar System Being

The sun is the next higher level of being above the planet. Just like the Earth, or the other planets, it has a body, mind, and spirit. In the case of the sun, we don’t know nearly as much about its physical body as we do the planets. Some scientists will say otherwise, but the truth is, there is significant opposition to the belief that the sun is nuclear in nature.

Specifically, there is a group that includes some reputable scientists claiming that the sun is electrical in nature. In essence, they are saying that the sun is like a great ball of lightning. And they have a good amount of evidence to back up that belief. Whether they are correct or not, I don’t know. The point is, we don’t know as much about the sun as we think we do. We know even less about it on the mental and spiritual levels.

Since the sun is the center of the solar system, it is also the main being of the system. And it is a living being just as the Earth is.

Higher Collective Beings

There are several levels higher than a star system, but let’s just jump to the universe level. He physical universe is a being also. Its body is all matter and energy in the universe. Its mind is the mind of all the stars in the universe. And all those stars are linked together by an energy exchange network that keeps them in touch with one another.

The Greatest Being

The physical universe is not the highest level, despite many who talk about it as if it is. There are several dimensions higher than the physical. There are being in those higher dimensions. The highest of all the beings, the one from which all others originated, is that one most all God. This is not the old man sitting on a cloud as in some cartoon. It is not even a giant man as in some other works of art. God is consciousness and energy. His body is all that exists on every level. He is all beings, and is the source of all life. Yet we are still individuals in the same way that a brick in a wall still maintains its identity as an individual brick.

dreadful world

Dreadful World that Hides Paradise

“What is this dreadful world that moves me and to what unknown land?

“What is this earth that opens wide her jaw to swallow our bodies and prepares an everlasting shelter for greed? Who is this man who contents himself with the favors of Fortune and craves a kiss from the lips of Life while Death smites him in the face? … Who is this man who swims on thewave of Ignorance toward the gulf of Darkness?

‘Tell me, Wisdom, what are all these things?’

“And Wisdom opened her lips and spoke:

‘You man, would see the world with the eyes of God, and would grasp the secrets of the hereafter by means of human thought. Such is the fruit of ignorance. … The world that moves with you is your heart, which is the world itself. And Man, whom you deem so small and ignorant, is God’s messenger who has come to learn the joy of life through sorrow and gain knowledge from ignorance. … March on, and fear not the thorns or sharp stones on Life’s path.” ~kahlil Gibran

A Dreadful World

When you look at all the horrors that happen here, you see that this is indeed a dreadful world. It is not without it’s good side and its pleasures, to be sure. But the “world” of matter is one of death and disease, one where beings have to kill and eat each other to survive, then they die anyway. How can one say that is not a dreadful place? But it is a mask, a disguise for the real world that lies hidden behind the realm of matter. The dreadful world is hiding paradise.

Favors of Fortune

Yes, many of us do fall for this trap. The bait of material wealth and material pleasures leads many into the traps of Darkness. We think we have accomplished something because we have accumulated a big bag of money. Yet that money cannot prevent illness or death. It cannot stop us from getting sad at the loss of a loved one. How many wealthy celebrities have committed suicide in recent years? There depression is often due to a subconscious realization that they have followed a false path. An attractive path that leads to death. A path where our “friends” often love our money and fame rather than us. They sense it’s emptiness, yet are not sure how to escape other than to end their live. There is another way, a better way.

By Means of Thought

One reason we find the true path so hard to find is that we look for it with the wrong “eyes”. We let our material brain-mind lead us and it takes us to places which, we discover, are not as great as we thought they would be. Yet we turn to that same brain-mind to lead us to another path,but it can’t.  It knows no other path, just variations of the path of matter and materialistic pursuits. It knows its way around the Dreadful World, but not how to escape it. Continue reading “Dreadful World that Hides Paradise”

duties of life

Duties in Ordinary Life

“It need hardly be mentioned that the student must in no way neglect any of his duties in ordinary life because he is living and working in higher worlds. There is no duty in a higher world that can force a person to neglect and single one of his duties in the ordinary world. The father will remain just as good a father to his family, the mother just as good a mother, and neither the soldier, nor anyone else will be diverted from his work by becoming an esoteric student. On the contrary, all the qualities which make a human being capable and efficient are enhanced in the student to a degree incomprehensible to the uninitiated. If, in the eyes of the uninitiated, this does not always appear to be the case, it is simply because he often lacks the ability to judge the initiate correctly.” ~Rudolf Steiner

When spiritual teachers tell us to not become attached to the world and to worldly things, it does not mean that we should give up all of our duties and responsibilities to the world. Of course, there are some things the spiritual student should give up, such as the pursuit of wealth for it’s own sake, but not her duties to function in the world and contribute to it in a way that helps the world grow and become more spiritual. Continue reading “Duties in Ordinary Life”


Pay Attention

“It’s interesting to think about the origins of the phrases we use to talk about attention. So many of them sound like they we’re speaking of money. We say, ‘Pay attention, please!’ Or “I’m investing attention in (or withdrawing attention from) this idea.’ Or ‘He just wants to get attention.” … We have a deficit of attention these days just as we have a national budget deficit. Attention is obviously a highly valued commodity! The origin of the word actually comes from the idea of ‘stretching toward’ something with your consciousness-and-energy. To attend an even is to bring your self to it, to be present at it. … Attention is valuable because it’s not just an act of focusing your mind on a single point, it is the bringing of your very essence, your soul—the most valuable thing you have—fully into the moment, to perceive with clarity. In the military the command, ‘At-ten-tion!’ is a call to full alertness and presence for safety sake.” ~Penney Peirce

AttentionJShortly before I started working on this post, I was on Facebook where someone had posted one of those photos overlaid with a bit of philosophy. This one read something like, “Happy people are the ones who focus on what is good around them, unhappy people focus on what is bad.” While that is probably an oversimplification, it is largely true.

Our lives, in fact the entire world AS WE SEE IT, is based on what we pay attention to and what we ignore. Take ten people for a short walk down a street they have never been on, then ask them to describe what they saw. There will almost certainly be differences in all ten descriptions. Some will be so different you might think the person walked down a different street. But it really isn’t that they really saw different things, it is that they paid attention to different things. The house painter noticed that several houses on the street needed painting. The gardener noticed the beautiful flower gardens in some yards, but made no notice of the paint. The investor noticed the for sale signs in front of two houses, while others didn’t. And so on. We see only what we pay attention to. Continue reading “Pay Attention”