do your best, spiritual task of man

Do Your Best in Everything, Spiritual or Material

“The first three agreements 1 will only work if you do your best. Don’t expect that you will always be able to be impeccable with your word 2. Your routine habits are too strong and firmly rooted in your mind. But you can do your best. Don’t expect that you will never take anything personally 3; just do your best. Don’t expect that you will never make another assumption 4, but you can certainly do your best.
“By doing your best, the habits of misusing your word, taking things personally, and making assumptions will become weaker and less frequent with time. You don’t need to judge yourself, feel guilty, or punish yourself if you cannot keep these agreements. … If you do your best always 5, over and over again, you will become a master of transformation.” ~Don Miguel Ruiz

Doing Your Best

None of us is perfect. None of us is always right. We make mistakes. We make emotional decision rather than thinking things through. Often we do things without regard for the consequences. But we are human. We can’t always do what is right because we don’t always know what is right. What we can always do is our best.

Adequate is Not Best

Many of us think we are doing our best most of the time. The truth is, that is rarely true. What we actually do is just enough to get the job done, just enough to make the boss happy. We know, usually, that it isn’t our best. We justify that by telling ourselves we are do as much as we are getting paid to do. If “they” want us to work harder, they should pay us better. But no matter how you justify it, doing as adequate job is not doing your best.

To do your best doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to get ripped off. If you are a car salesman, trying to sell s many cars as you can is doing your best. Selling a luxury car for the price of an economy model is not. If the customer only pays for an economy model, you only sell her an economy model. But you help her select the economy model that best suits her needs. If you are a carpenter ho builds houses, you do the best work possible. But if the customer wants a small, inexpensive house, you don’t build a mansion. But whatever you build, you do the work well. That is how you do your best.

Spiritual Best

Doing our best in spiritual matters is often harder than in matters of the material world. We live in a society that is oriented towards materialism. While there was a time in America and most of the world when you were expected to make time in your schedule for religious and spiritual activities, that is no longer true. In the business world of today, people who get too involved in religious or spiritual activities are looked down on. Nonetheless, we need to do our best within the boundaries set by our society.

If you practice daily spiritual techniques, you might have to skip one day because you are traveling. But you don’t skip a day because you just don’t feel like bothering with it. That is not how you do your best. And when you have mastered the techniques on one level, you start practicing those of a higher level. They are probably harder, and even less convenient, but you do them anyway. That is doing your best.

1. Quote is from the book, “The Four Agreements”.
2. The first agreement.
3. The second agreement.
4. The third agreement.
5. The fourth agreement.

Necessary action

Necessary Action for Growth and Happiness

“They will say commonly, meddle not with many things, if thou will live cheerfully. Certainly there is nothing better than for a man to confine himself to necessary actions; to such and so many only. … For since it is so, that most of those things, which we either speak or do, are unnecessary; if a man shall cut them off, it must needs follow that he shall thereby gain much leisure, and save much trouble, and therefore, at every action a man must privately by way of admonition suggest unto himself, What? May not this that I now go about, be of the number of unnecessary actions? Neither must he use himself to cut off actions only, but thoughts and imaginations also, that are unnecessary for so will unnecessary consequent actions the better be prevented.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Necessary Action

What is or isn’t a necessary action is a complex matter.

There are those who argue that we should take no actions at all in the sense of trying to change or prevent anything. If we see someone being murdered, robbed, or raped, we should just observe and do nothing. They say that everything is happening as it should and we have no business trying to interfere. I call that the driftwood philosophy. The idea that we should just float through live like a piece of driftwood and contribute nothing. Be as worthless and as pointless as we possibly can.

On the other side, there are those who think we should get involved with everything and learn from everything. Nothing is taboo or pointless. The problems with this philosophy are two. First, you wear yourself out trying to do too much and consequently accomplish little. Second, by trying to do everything, you do things that should not be done at all. Like the punk in Washington D. C. some years ago who shot a sixteen-year-old boy who was just mowing the lawn. When caught, he said he did it because he had never killed anyone before and wanted to know what it felt like. Some knowledge is not worth gaining.

Our Own Necessary Action

Exactly how much each of us should get involved is something that varies and we each need to decide for ourselves. Some things can help. As Aurelius says, before getting involved ask if the action is truly necessary. Sometimes, though, even if action is necessary, we may not be the best ones to act. If we don’t have the skills and knowledge to resolve the situation, it is often best for us to let someone else handle it. Even if we have the skills, there may already be enough people working on the problem and we should move on to something else. Also, if we spread ourselves too thin, we don’t devote enough time to anything to really help.

It’s a lot like trying to decide which charities to support. There are so many charities that do good work that if we supported each with only a dollar, it would cost thousands! So we all pick just a few to help with. We must do the same with our actions. Continue reading “Necessary Action for Growth and Happiness”

God's work, spiritual poverty brings joy

Doing God’s Work is the Path to Perfection

“Be Perfect Someone asked the Master, “What is the new way of doing God’s Work?” The Master explained: We need to participate in God’s Work; that is, we need to think, feel, and act as God does. We need to work with Nature in a new way, as God works. He works in an all-perfect way. God is long-suffering; we should be patient. God is all-knowing; we should be wise. God is all-loving; we should be loving. God is all-powerful; we should be strong. It is God who gives us the impulse to think and to work. You feel low; God uplifts you. You feel despair and wish to die; God gives you the impulse to live. You do not want to work; from within you, God says, “Go and work.” I aspire that my thoughts and intentions be in accordance with God’s intentions. I do not wish the weather to change because of me, but I subject myself to the weather that the Great Omniscient Cause has ordained. What is your task? Continuous self-development and self-perfection. God is the continuous manifestation of Perfection and man is the continuous self-improvement on the path to Perfection. This is the meaning of the Scripture, ‘Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect.’ Man needs to continuously correct his imperfections on the path to Perfection.” ~Beinsa Douno


Participate in God’s Work

We do need to participate in God’s work. We do need to think and feel as God does. Most importantly, though, we need to act as God does. That means we are supposed to be co-creators. But here’s the catch: we can only do that if we can communicate with God so that we know what He wants. That means communicate with God directly. Don’t simply accept some minister or spiritual guru’s interpretation of what God wants you to do. You must learn to communicate directly with God yourself. That is the only way to truly know what He wants of you. And knowing what God wants and doing it is the way to participate in the creation. Or perhaps we should say participate in the recreation as God reclaims the realm of matter created by the fallen angels and returns it to its correct form as spirit.


Work With Nature

While working with Nature isn’t a complete solution, it’s a good start. We need to get away from the stupid idea that nature is our enemy and we need to defeat her. Nature isn’t our enemy. If she was, we would have no chance of defeating her. We need to work with Nature in farming, in industry, in building housing, etc.

I can only shake my head in disbelief when I see people on TV after a disaster such as a flood or hurricane destroys their house or business for the second or third time and they vow that they will return and build again. If I got severely sick every time I ate turnips, I would stop eating turnips. If every time I build in a particular location, my house gets destroyed by storms, I would build elsewhere.

Another reason why we should work with Nature is that unlike humans, Nature never defies God. Nature always does her work within the will and desires of God. So by working with Nature, we are also doing God’s work.


I Subject Myself to Weather

Douno says that we should subject ourselves to the weather because God has ordained it. On this, I disagree. The things that happen on the physical level are not being done by God, but by us. This is our playground, our place to learn. Someday, we will realize that anger, jealousy, hatred, and other negative thoughts and emotions generate the hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts.

I do agree though that we need to stop being such wimps when it comes to weather. Many people today won’t go outside if the temperature is above 80° F and will bundle up in much clothing if it is below 50° F. They never allow the indoor temperature to vary more than two degrees. This is weakening us in may ways (read “What doesn’t Kill Us” for more details). I now practice going outside even when the temperature is over 90° F and practice spending a little time outside wearing very little in temperatures below freezing. Contrary to popular beliefs, this is making me stronger and healthier, not sicker. Staying healthy is also God’s work. (Note: I’m not the guy in the photo also practicing Wim Hof method.)


Self-development and Self-perfection

Creation is all about self-development. It is said by some that God creates to know Himself. Others say He creates simply because it is His nature to do so. In either case, creation is a form of self-development. But that is only true if we create in a beneficial way. Creating a pile of ash by burning down a forest isn’t real creation, isn’t self-development.

The proper way to create is to seek perfection in ourselves and the world as we do so. Some argue that perfection is impossible, so we shouldn’t waste time trying. By that logic, we should all commit suicide since we can’t live forever in physical form.

Even if perfection can never be reached while on the physical plain, it is the goal to aim for. The closer we get to it, the better we are. The real problem is that many people have no idea what perfection is. That is why we all need to awaken and develop our spiritual faculties. Only the spirit and soul can understand what real perfection is. Only they can guide us on that self-development path, which is also the way of God. Following the Way of God is always God’s work.

do your best, spiritual task of man

Spiritual Task of Spiritual Man

“Man’s task must be entirely sought for on this earth, and everyone desiring to shirk his earthly task and to escape into another world may be certain he will never reach his goal. Yet what the senses perceive is only part of the world, and it is in the spirit world that the beings dwell who express themselves in the facts of the physical world. Man must become a partaker of the spirit in order to carry its revelations into the physical world. He transforms the earth by implanting in it what he has ascertained in the spiritual world. That is his task.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Spiritual Catch-22

You would think that the more you want to become spiritual and be pure spirit, the more you will accomplish toward that goal. But the catch is you have to do much of the work while still here in the physical realm,and help other do the same. If you don’t than as Steiner says, your quest to reach higher realms will fail.

There is a simple reason for this requirement (or spiritual task) which few are willing to accept: Heaven’s Gate will not open for one individual. It won’t even open for a group. It will open only for the entire human race, or at least all who are willing to accept that they are actually spiritual beings.

Spiritual Beings

Nearly everyone understands that spiritual beings live in the spiritual worlds or dimensions. What many don’t understand is that there are different types of spiritual beings in different dimensions. Just “above” us in the forth dimension we find spiritual beings who have much influence on us. Many foolish people seek out these forth dimension beings thinking they are making spiritual progress by doing so. But the forth dimension is the realm of demons, devils, and dark beings. They are not there to help you grow. They are their to help keep you trapped in the third dimension while living off your life force like spiritual vampires.

The fifth dimension is also home to spiritual beings. It is higher than the forth dimension and the beings in it are of a higher caliber in several ways. This is the realm of angels and light beings. These are the beings who want to help us advance spiritually. These are the one to seek out. That is our spiritual task. But they only help and advise,they won’t do all the heavy lifting for you. Continue reading “Spiritual Task of Spiritual Man”