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Spiritual Wealth Should be Shared

Share Spiritual Wealth

“If there is a rich man, and he makes a costly repast, he spreads out of his wealth and the treasure that he has, and is under no fear that he will run short of anything. … The poor man, who has no such wealth, if he wishes to provide a repast for a few friends, has to borrow the very dishes, the drapery, and everything else. … When it is over, he gives back to each person that which he borrowed. … He himself remains poor and naked. …

“In the same way, when those who are rich in the Holy Ghost, really having the heavenly wealth and the fellowship of the Spirit in themselves, speak to any words of truth, when they impart spiritual discourses to any souls, it is out of their own wealth and out of their own treasure; …. and they have no fear that they should run short. … But one who is poor [in spiritual wisdom], and does not possess of the wealth of Christ, and has no spiritual wealth in his soul,… even if he wishes to speak a word of truth, … yet not possessing it in himself, but only repeating from memory, and borrowing from various parts of the Bible, or what he has heard from spiritual people, … he himself remains naked and poor, having no treasure of the Spirit for his own, upon which he draws.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Having Spiritual Wealth

The main point that St. Macarius is making is that before we can share spiritual “Wealth” or spiritual knowledge with others, we must have it in ourselves. He further says that it should not be second-hand spiritual wealth, which is to say, sharing the knowledge of others rather than that which is in ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t tell others you believe in the Bible and quote some favorite passages. Nor does it mean you can’t quote some modern spiritual guru. The important thing is that you must give credit to the author of the quote and be sure that you know it and practice it yourself before recommending it to others. Just reading spiritual writings doesn’t make you spiritual. Just quoting from someone else’s spiritual experiences doesn’t either. Continue reading “Spiritual Wealth Should be Shared”


Wealth of the Whole World Seen in the Sun

“When the air is filled with the brightness of the sun, the beauty and the wealth of the whole world are revealed, and the eyes of men become enlightened and rejoice in the manifold diversity of colors. And so it is, when we are onefold within ourselves, and our power of understanding is enlightened and the Spirit of Understanding shines through it. Then we can become aware of the high attributes which are in God, and which are the cause of all the works which flow forth from Him. Although all men may understand the works, and God through His works; yet no one can truly understand, neither in their appearance nor in their reality, the attributes of the works of God as they are in their ground, save by means of this gift. For this teaches us to seek out and to recognize our own nobleness, and it gives us the power to discern the virtues and all practices, and the way in which we should live without error in accordance with eternal Truth: and they who are enlightened by it can dwell in the spirit, and can, with enlightened reason, rightly apprehend and understand all things in heaven and on earth.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Worldly Wealth and Beauty

The wealth and beauty that Ruysbroeck is talking about aren’t found in banks and beauty salons. H is talking about the beauty and abundance of Nature, not the synthetic version created by men.

The false beauty fades and has to be replenished with chemicals and surgery. The wealth of money and stocks has to be kept growing or its value in comparison with the overall material wealth of the world drops. Yet foolish people get trapped in the game and illusion of pursuing such wealth and beauty.

The beauty and wealth of the whole world are found in fields and gardens, on mountains and in the sea, in the wild places unchanged by man. It is true that such places are not really from God since the physical realm is the creation of the Demiurge, yet they are closer to the original creations of God than are the manmade treasures and edifices found in cities and museums. And their value is certainly greater than that of money and stocks. Many seem to forget that the only value money actually has is in buying the things that make up the wealth of the whole world. If you hoard the money and don’t buy things with it, you are just letting it go to waste. It is like putting a dam in a clean, flowing river, and turning it into a stagnant pond. And the wealthy who do that wonder why people dislike them for making stagnant ponds of wealth, when a flowing wealth could do so much good in the world, even that false manmade wealth. If nothing else, that money can be used to protect nature and wealth of the whole world, but few rich people see it that way. Continue reading “Wealth of the Whole World Seen in the Sun”

prosperity, money hoarder

Prosperity can be Good or Evil

“Some, through a prosperity unworthy borne, have been hurled headlong to ruin; to some the power of the sword has been committed, to the end that the good may be tried by discipline, and the bad punished. For while there can be no peace between the righteous and the wicked, neither can the wicked agree among themselves. How should they, when each is at variance with himself, because the vices rend his conscious, and oftentimes they do things which, when they are done, they judge ought not to have been done. Hence it is that this supreme providence brings to pass this notable marvel—that the bad make the bad good. For some, when they see the injustice which they themselves suffer, … return to the ways of virtue.” ~Boethius

Prosperity Unworthy

There is a lot of talk to about manifesting and the law of attraction. It gets posted about regularly on every social media spiritual group. Besides the fact that material prosperity has nothing to do with becoming spiritual, there is a problem with this kind of thinking that is never mentioned by its promoters. The problem is that if you manifest things or money that you haven’t earned, you will be billed for it. And when the bill collector shows up, you may not like the way he choose to collect the debt.

For probably thousands of years, people have looked for ways to get financial and material success without working for it. If it worked long-term, why do we still have so many poor people? It isn’t simple because the overwhelming majority of us can’t get the hang of doing manifesting properly. It is because deep down we know that in Satan’s realm of matter, there are no free rides. What may seem to be free, is simply purchased on credit. Yes, God wants us to do well. But He wants us to work for it also.

Hurled to Ruin

We do see people who have gained wealth they didn’t deserve lose it, or lose something else to pay for it, like their health or the death of a child. Yet many ignore that and look only at the sleazeball who continues to rob people blind all his life and dies wealthy. That person gets the greatest punishment of all. He has given up his immortal soul to the devil and will find after death that it was a great price to pay for some temporary comfort. Continue reading “Prosperity can be Good or Evil”

needy rich, All-Devouring Greed

Needy Rich, Slaves of Darkness

“How needy is he, and not rich, whose need witnesses against him that even from the abject and the beggars he needs to receive a gift. He is truly a bondman, and many are his masters: he renders service to money, to riches, and possessions. His lords are void of mercy, for they grant him no repose. Flee, and live in poverty; as a mother she pities her beloved. Seek thou refuge in indigence, who nourishes her children with choice things. …

“Who has granted to thee thing of dust, to be rich among poverty? … Sufficient for thee is thy daily bread that comes of the sweat of thy face. Let this be the measure of thy need, that which the day gives thee;and if thou findest for thyself a feast, take of it that which thou needest. Thou shalt not take in a day, the provision of days, for the belly keeps no treasure. … In purity, strengthen thyself, that thou may gain from it profit.” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

The Needy Rich

It really sounds strange to say the wealthy are needy. Strange, yet true! In many cases, it is partly their neediness that has made them so wealthy. The rich crave recognition. They crave something, but are not sure what. They seek material wealth to prove they are important. Or they seek it because they feel empty, but don’t know what is missing from their lives. They are needy rich, because they want something, need something, and that is what being needy is all about.

Even though they have far more than they physically need, mentally and emotionally, they need more. It is something like an anorexic person who always thinks they need to lose more weight, no matter how skinny they get. And it should be treated as a serious illness, just as anorexia is. Until then, however, we need to recognize that this is not normal or healthy behavior. Nature provides enough for everyone’s actual needs. When the greedy, needy rich take far more than they need, others must do without.

Many Masters

St. Ephraim says these needy rich are bondmen because they re truly slaves to many. They think themselves rulers, yet they pulled around like an animal on a leash by the almighty dollar. They can be manipulated by any and all who offer to increase their wealth, or offer them some rare bit of matter they don’t already have. Continue reading “Needy Rich, Slaves of Darkness”