hidden spring

Hidden Spring of Eternal Life

“While you perceive nothing sensible, or apparent, in your religious state, there is, at the same time, evidence to others of a hidden spring of life within your soul. God does no give you the sweet rain which, falling, clothes all the surface of the soul with verdure, but he gives you the deep wellspring, by which means means you live and flourish, and produce, not herbs and flowers, which are born and die in the same day, but substantial fruits, ripening for eternity. David said, the life of man upon this earth is as grass, which groweth up in the morning and withers in the evening. This refers to the natural life, but is also true of the selfish life of man. It flourishes in the morning of the spiritual life, but the sooner does the sun of righteousness arise in his warmth, than this life withers and is cut down. The righteous are as a tree planted by the rivers of water, whose leaf is always green. This is because the roots are well watered by the deep flowing current.” ~Madam Guyon

Hidden Spring of Life

Many names have been given to this flow over the centuries. The hidden spring, the water of life, and the fountain of youth are the best known of them. They all refer to the same thing. That thing is the flow of spiritual light that awakens the spirit and soul of man. It is also called Grace for that reason. This is the spring that flows everywhere. Nothing can stop it. It is the water that flows from a rock in the middle of a desert. It is the fountain that brings life to a seemingly dead spirit and soul. You cannot hide from it, but why should you?

Hiding from the Hidden Spring

Fools have tried to block out this light with ideas like turning the open temples of the ancient orders of Mystics and Gnostics into the dark caves with the painted-over windows of many churches. We in Cosolargy may be the only Christian organization left that has open-air churches where the light of the hidden spring is welcomed and encouraged. But the methods of the large, state-approved churches have worked to some degree in the past. But now is a new age and the Sun of Righteousness shines upon us. This is the most powerful spiritual sun ever, so it is harder than ever to hide from it. And those who try, do so at their peril. Those who refuse to adapt to this new age of the Sun of Righteousness will die trying to avoid it as the world they know will cease to exist. Continue reading “Hidden Spring of Eternal Life”

river of light

River of Light and Logos of God

“For those still mainly concerned with the bodily forms of virtue, the Logos of God becomes hay and straw, sustaining the possible aspect of their souls and guiding it to the service of the virtues. For those who have advanced to the true contemplation of divine things, the Logos is bread, sustaining the intellective [sic] aspect of their souls and guiding it to a godlike perfection. That is why we find the patriarchs on their journeys providing themselves with bread and their asses with fodder. …

“In scripture the Logos of God is called and actually is dew, water, spring and river. According to the subjective capacity of the recipient. To some He is dew because He quenches the burning energy of the passions which assail the body from without. To those seared to the depths of their being by the poison of evil He is water, not only because water through sympathy destroys its opposite, but also because it bestows a vivifying power conducive to well-being. To those in whom the fountain of contemplative experience is continually active He is a spring bestowing wisdom. To those from whom flows the true teachings of salvation, He is a river copiously watering men, domestic animals, wild beasts, and plants.” ~The Philokalia

Logos as Fodder

Why would anyone see the Logos, the Divine Light of God, as hay or straw? For the same reason, an atheist sees God as imaginary, or a hotel developer sees a flower garden as wasted space. So what the Philokalia is saying is that when that divine light enters such people, the effect is no greater than what happens when you feed hay to a horse or donkey. It won’t awaken the souls of such people any more than straw will awaken the divinity in the donkey.

Today, as many are being encouraged to engage in sun gazing, some such people try it. They may get some physical benefits, just as the donkey gets nourishment from the straw. However, there will be little, if any, spiritual benefit. They are attuned to the wrong frequencies of that light. Just as your radio will only play the channel it is tuned to, your body and spirit will only absorb the frequencies you are connecting with.

Logos as Bread

Here bread is allegorical. Physical bread is not going to be any more effective at awakening our spiritual faculties than straw is. But it is being used here as an allegory for those frequencies of light that do awaken those faculties. The bread here is the Divine Light of the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness.

River of Light, and More

The Philokalia then shifts gears, in a sense, and starts referring to the Logos as various forms of water. This is also an allegory. It is an allegorical reference common in the scripture of various religions because it symbolizes how Logos flows. It isn’t something static. It flows into us and fills us much like water filling a jar.

Dew of Light

I’m not so sure about dew, the lightest form of water referenced, being used to quench burning passions. I think some passions may need something more like a fire hose. Still, the point is that one thing the Logos does is help control passions. It does that making us change our priorities to the spiritual above the physical. It also makes us understand the physical is temporary and superficial.

Water of Light

As the quote says, you can look at the Logos as water because it washes the poison of materialism and falsehood out of us. They truly are things that poison us so we need this cleaning. For some of us, it may take the river of light to do that.

River of Light

When we have rid ourselves of false beliefs and are completely open for truth and reality, the river of light flows into us like a flash flood. We become so full of the spiritual light that we must share it with others. If we don’t, the excess can actually make us ill. That is one reason why all awaken people try to help others by sending light to them. And the others you send light to don’t have to be human. You can send a river of light to a sick pet. You can flood a dying forest during a drought with a river of light to help it survive. Or you can just send the excess light out into the world to help any and all that need it.

River, Fountain, Waterfall, Ocean

Beyond the dew, water, and river mentioned in the quote, there are other forms of water. They also can be an allegory for the Logos or Light of God. The fountain of youth that foolish people searched for is the spiritual sun from which the river of light flows. A rushing waterfall can represent someone overwhelmed by too sudden an awakening, too great a flow of light. Such a thing can drive men mad. That is why any responsible guru or teacher is always careful about teaching each student only as fast as hey can handle it. The ocean can be an allegory for the entire race of light beings, human and otherwise. Or it could represent the worlds of light, the spiritual dimensions where everything is light and there is no death or disease.

There were times in the past where such things had to be hidden in allegory. Today is different, so some of the allegories can be revealed to the general public. But even now, the most advanced teaches are kept only for the serious students who will use them carefully and wisely.

universal forces

Universal Forces and Beings of Fire and Light

“The Sons of Fire act upon the etheric body in so far as the independent formation of the human being becomes imprinted upon it. …

“The Sons of Life act on the physical body in such a way that it is able to become the expression of the astral body which has now become independent. They thus make it possible for the physical body to become a physiognomic copy of its astral body. On the other hand, higher spiritual beings, in particular the Lords of Form and of Motion, reach down into the physical and etheric bodies, as far as these are developed during the Sun periods, regardless of the independent astral body. Their intervention comes from the Sun, in the manner described above.

“Under the influence of such facts, the human being gradually matures to a point where it can develop within itself the germ of the Spirit-Self just as during the second half of the Saturn evolution it developed the germ of the Spirit-Man and on the Sun that of the Life-Spirit. Thereby all the Moon conditions are changes.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Sons of Fire and Life as Universal Forces

It is not clear what Steiner means by the Sons of Fire and the Sons of Life. Yet it seems from the rest of the quote that they have something to do with man becoming physical. The physiognomy of a thing is it’s outward appearance. So I think he is saying that these “beings” give us physical form.

I put beings in quotes because I don’t think that these Sons of Fire and Sons of Life are actual beings in the normal sense. I think it is a personification of the universal forces that tend to pull beings further and further into matter.

They can also be the beings we call demons and devils, or simply dark beings. How exactly the Sons of Fire and the Sons of Life differ, I don’t know, but I don’t think it matters. The point is, these two types of forces or beings are encouraging us to become more of matter and less of spirit. If they succeed in making us pure matter, we will be lost forever.

Higher Spiritual Beings

On the other side of the coin, there are spiritual forces and spiritual beings that try to pull us back into the realm of spirit where we belong. The spiritual beings include those called Angels and Beings of Light. They are also universal forces.

Where things are a little confusing is that sometimes beings that are not physical are not easily distinguishable from universal forces. The may be different, or they may be just different views of the same thing. But it really doesn’t matter.

Solar Intervention

Steiner says the intervention of these spirit beings comes from the Sun. This should not be a surprise to anyone. Most forces and energies that control us here on Earth do come through the sun. Even those that originate with God and spiritual beings come to us through the spiritual sun. The sun is a source of universal forces and beings as well. It may even be considered a living being as well as a universal force.

Steiner says that under their influence, human beings “gradually mature”. This does not mean aging in the physical sense. Nor does it mean mental maturity, although that generally comes along with it. It is a spiritual maturity that Steiner is talking about. But even on that level, it doesn’t mean aging. What it really means is returning to the spiritual state we existed in before the fallen world of matter existed. And we can channel those universal forces through ourselves to benefit others.

water of life

Water of life, Physical and Spiritual

“The waters are not merely a destructive force, they are a necessary element in fertility. The eastern garden has a fountain at the center, from which the waters flow in labyrinthine channels to irrigate the plants. If the fountain dries up,the garden dies; if if flows with too great force, the garden is washed away. The same is true of the symbolic fountain that penetrates the surface of the conscious, intellectual mind, and fertilizes it with the waters from the deep chasm of the unconscious. Order, discipline, the rock of faith, the intellectual law, the rule of Caesar, all these are required by human nature, which demands the comfort and assurance of an organized society.

“But these are not its only requirements. However perfectly the garden is laid out and planted,without water, it is sterile. So also with the mind. Against reason stand prophecy, poetry, revelation the desire for Liberty and the millenarian influence of the Holy Spirit.” ~John Michell

Water of Fertility

We don’t generally think of fertility as a property of water. Nor do we thing of water when someone mentions fertility symbols. Yet, what Michell says is true. The plants growing in the garden need water. It is not what we normally think of as fertility, yet we plant seeds and put water on them to make them sprout. Sometimes, we make plants sprout just by putting them in water. So it certainly act like a form of fertility, at least with plants.

But what about animals? While in most animals, it is involved there too. Even the very act of conception requires the presence of water to function. So while it is the sperm that fertilizes the egg, this can’t happen without water. But I think Mr. Michell is hinting at another kind of Water.

Water of Life

There are a number of uses of the expression “Water of Life” in literature and religion, yet the definition of it varies. The important thing, I believe, is that it s a spiritual version of physical water. The Water of Life is the ether through which the Light of God travels. It is the carrier of spiritual life rather than physical life. And just as that garden Michell talks about needs to be watered regularly—but not too much—our spirits need to be watered regularly with God’s Light and the Water of Life.

Spirits grow stronger and smarter when they are nourished with that water, but shrivel like a raisin and go into a state of suspended animation when they are not. But just as the garden can be ruined by too much water, we can be driven mad by too much Water of Life before we are strong enough to deal with it. So while spiritual growth is great, we must not try to rush it. Continue reading “Water of life, Physical and Spiritual”