needy rich, All-Devouring Greed

All-Devouring Greed and it’s Effects On Us

“What though Plenty pour her gifts
With a lavish hand,
Numberless as are the stars,
Countless as the sand,
Will the race of man, content,
Cease to murmur and lament?

Nay, though God, all-bounteous, give
Gold at man’s desire –
Honors, rank, and fame – content
Not a whit is nigher;
But an all-devouring greed
Yawns with ever widening need.

Then what bounds can e’er restrain
This wild lust of having,
When with each new bounty fed,
Grows the frantic craving?
He is never rich whose fear
See grim want ever near.”

All-Devouring Greed

Greed, the great god of the fallen. The ancients knew this to be a false god. In the Bible, Greed is one of the ten deadly sins. It is frowned upon in most other scripture as well.

Now in the United States we have fallen so far from that truth that we have a president who was elected primarily because he is a master of Greed. A person who couldn’t care less how many others he has to stomp into the ground to get more, more, and even more. As long as he is making money, all is right with the world in his opinion. The really sad thing is how much support he is getting with this philosophy. Even sadder is that most of those who oppose him are not doing so because of his rampant greed which is accepted as normal now, but for other decisions he makes.

Effects of All-Devouring Greed

Even those who still accept that greed is wrong think that being greedy is harmless. In fact, it is one of the most harmful things in the world. Many of the fights that happen between individuals have greed behind them. Whether it is kids fighting for the last cookie or teens fighting for the use of the car. Fights over what to watch on TV and which movie to go see. They all are forms of greed.

From there, we move on to group greed where one group wants more than another similar group. This can be a gang of street punks, a state, a country, a religion or a political party. They can always justify why they should have more of something than the “others”. They can always justify why they should be able to take resources from the weaker group because their greed tells them so.

This ultimately leads to wars. While it can be argued that wars are not always fought for greed, it’s always a major part of the equation, directly or indirectly. For starters, it is impossible for a war to occur unless you believe in an Us vs Them concept and you believe that you own a chunk of the planet simply because you live there. A curious aspect of this is where we are seeing an anti-immigrant mentality in America right now, and it’s coming mostly from people who have been here for only two or three generations. It’s an “I got mine, that doesn’t mean I should let you get yours” type of mentality. Pure all-devouring greed. Continue reading “All-Devouring Greed and it’s Effects On Us”

Devil's Night, Monad and duad War Internal

War Internal, War External: the Eternal Conflict

“And now war assaulteth the whole man. … The outward fleshy man fighteth against the inward spiritual man. …
“The inward Spirit saith to the fiery soul: O my Soul! O my love! Turn I beseach thee and go forth from Vanity, or else thou loseth my love and the Noble Pearl.
“Then saith the outward Reason, viz., the Beastial Soul: Thou art foolish; wilt thou be a laughing-stock, and the scorn of the world? Thou needest the outward world to maintain this life. Beauty, Power, and Glory are thy proper happiness. …Take thy pleasure which will do both thy flesh and thy mind good..” ~Jacob Boehme

War Internal

Many of us wonder why we can’t seem to stop ourselves from waring with others. We war with other countries. We war with other religions. We war with other philosophies. We war over natural resources that don’t truly belong to any of us, but to Nature and God. Many of us us are aware of the foolishness of this, yet we still can’t seem to stop.

Boehme has provided in the quote one of the primary reasons. How can we end external wars if we remain at war within ourselves? As above, so below. When we are constantly fighting that war internal, it cannot help but spread to our external world.

Two Worlds, Two Plans

As Boehme says, we have two sides to our nature, and in most of us they have contradictory goals. The

physical body and brain-mind is completely oriented to living in the world of matter. Its goals and desires are oriented to that world. They seek the pleasures of that world, and try to avoid the pitfalls. They want money, comfort, happiness, health. There is nothing wrong with that—as long as it is kept in balance with our other side.

Our spiritual self, the spirit and soul, sees everything from a completely different perspective. They naturally have different goals and desires because of this. To our spiritual mind, or Divine Soul, nothing is more important than to return to the spiritual worlds from which we came. The soul understands that the physical world is one of illusion. It is real, but it is not what it seems to be. Therefore, making too much effort to gain position, status, and possessions in the world of matter is pointless. Continue reading “War Internal, War External: the Eternal Conflict”


Open Both Eyes

“My Son, let not the eye of nature with the will of the wonders depart from that eye which is introverted into the Divine Liberty, and into the Eternal Light of the Holy Majesty. But let it draw to thee by union with the heavenly internal eye those wonders which are externally wrought out and manifested in visible Nature. For while thou art in the world, and hast an honest employment, thou art certainly by the order of providence obliged to labor in it. … Keep, therefore, in the Center, and stir not from the Presence of God revealed within thy Soul; let the world and the devil make never so great a noise and bustle to draw thee out, mind them not; they cannot hurt thee.” ~Jacob Boehme

The “eye of nature” and the “eye which is introverted” makes us wonder what Boehme is talking about, but it really isn’t that difficult. By the “eye of nature,” he simply means our material eyes that look toward Nature, or the material world, as reality. The introverted eye can then be understood as that “eye” which looks beyond the illusions of matter into the permanent reality of the spiritual worlds. One thing that may be misleading is his calling this eye “introverted”. This may cause you to thing that is about turning inward to find that spiritual reality, but it isn’t. He is simply saying that this “eye” is found within us; it is spiritual, not physical. As far as the idea that this eye should look inward, that is a good idea, but it also needs to look outward and to recognize the spiritual hidden in the world all around us. There are gurus, especially in India, who teach that all spiritual truth is found by looking within, their proof of that is nonexistent and those who draw inward and ignore the external world rarely, if ever, accomplish anything. Continue reading “Open Both Eyes”


Consummation of the Age

“Before the consummation of the age, the whole place will be shaken by great thunder. Then the rulers will lament, crying out on account of their death. … Then the age will began, and they will be disturbed. Their kinks will be drunk from the flaming sword and will make war against one another, so that the earth will be drunk from the blood that is poured out. … Then the sun will darken and the moon will lose its light. The stars of the heavens will disregard their courses, and great thunder will come out of great power that is above all he powers of chaos, the place where the firmament of the woman is situated. When she has created the first work, she will take off her wise flame of afterthought and will put on irrational wrath. Then she will drive out the gods of chaos, … And their heavens will fall upon one another and their powers will burn. Their realms will also be overthrown.”
~On the Origin of the World – The Consummation of the Age and The Apocalypse


A mystical depiction of Sophia from Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer, Altona, 1785

This is a Gnostic version of the End Times. This is what you might think of as the negative side of the change, but it will be followed by the positive which I will cover in a later post. This should sound familiar because it is obvious to all but the spiritually blind that we are living in the times talked about here. Kingdoms or nations turning against each other and going to war at the slightest provocation. Rulers who are more concerned about themselves than the people they rule. Demons running amok causing people to commit all sorts of atrocities. We haven’t seen the sun darken, though that may be allegory rather than literal, and we haven’t seen the stars “disregard their courses”, at least not yet. But some recent studies have shown that the stars and the sun are changing in the types and levels of radiation they are giving off. Some types of radiation is being reduced, while other frequencies are on the rise. And these changes in the stars and the sun are causing changes on Earth. Continue reading “Consummation of the Age”