Attention and Focus Limits Our World

“Attention is the ability we have to discriminate and to focus only on that which we want to perceive. We can perceive millions of things simultaneously, but using our attention, we can hold whatever we want to perceive in the foreground of our mind. The adults around us hooked our attention and put information into our minds through repetition. This is the way we learned everything we know. …

“When you were in school, you sat in a little chair and put your attention on what the teacher was teaching you. When you went to church, you put your attention on what the priest or minister was telling you. … We also learn to hook the attention of other humans and we develop a need for attention which can become very competitive.” ~Don Miguel Ruiz

Attention Discrimination

If you have been in the military, you understand the word “attention” better than most. When the officer yells “Attention!” you were to stop whatever you were doing, stand very still, and focus on the officer. We don’t think of paying attention as being the same thing, but it is.

From infancy, we are taught by our parents to pay attention to certain things and to ignore others. They are not intentionally indoctrinating us into a false reality, yet they are doing so. Parents are teaching us what they believe to be real because it is what their parents and teachers told them. They may have adapted it a little due to changes in the world, but those changes must always fit into the established framework of the fantasy.

A stage magician knows how to use attention. Using movements, flourishes, and other tricks, he gets you to look where he wants you to and away from where he real trick is being set up. Even though you know this, it is still effective most of the time. If you try to look away from the magician, you will probably look in the wrong place. So if the magician moves to stage left, and is making all sorts of movements over there, you might look to stage right to catch the action. You miss it because it is happening behind the magician in the dim light. Continue reading “Attention and Focus Limits Our World”

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Different Vision of the Spiritual Adept

“The feelings of an esoterically developed person toward the things of the spiritual world are very different from the feelings of the undeveloped person toward the things of the physical world. The latter feels himself to be in a particular place in the world of sense, and the surrounding objects to be external to him. The spiritually developed person feels himself to be united with, and as though in the interior of the spiritual objects he perceives. He wanders, in fact, from place to place in spiritual space, and is therefore called the wanderer in the language of occult science. … Should he, however, remain a mere wanderer he would be unable to define any object in spiritual space.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Different Vision

The spiritual person does see things differently in the spiritual world. Partly this I because the spiritual world is very different. The idea many people have the the spiritual world is virtually identical to the physical, but less dense and more like a ghost, is false. If it were possible for you to see an old friend in the spiritual world with your physical eyes, you would not recognize her. What you would see would not be a ghostly image of that persons physical body but a node of concentrated light and energy. It would not look like a physical human at all. The same is true of angels and God. The idea that these beings all resemble the physical human is just our egos at work. Our souls were created in God’s image, not our physical bodies.

Of course, this type of vision doesn’t happen overnight. The beginning spiritual student is not going to have it. It takes years to develop. Materialistic science would say that this means that this spirit world is just a hallucination. It isn’t. If it were a matter of teaching someone a hallucination, they would be told in great detail what to expect. That is never done in a real spiritual school. Instead the student is taught to have an open mind and get rid of false beliefs that limit and filter what he can see and experience.

Different Vision of the Physical

What Steiner doesn’t mention in the section quoted is that development of this spiritual vision also allows the spiritual student t see the physical world in a new way. And this different vision can often be experienced by some new spiritual students. When taught how to do so, the student can often see a sort of invisible shell around a living being. This is real, not an optical illusion. What you are almost seeing may be called the aura by some, the spirit body by others. What you call it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that you recognize it as something non-physical, something spiritual.

More advanced spiritual adepts may see even more. They may even reach a point where the spiritual body becomes more obvious to them than the physical. Then they will also see that all things are connected, and therefore part of The One, rather than being truly separate entities. This is the level that St. Francis of Assisi reached when he started calling all living things his brothers and sisters. He could see that on the spiritual level, we were all essentially the same. Continue reading “Different Vision of the Spiritual Adept”

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Turn to the Spiritual Sun

“[After awakening from a lengthy dream sequence] ‘Thank God for the sun,’ I cried, ‘Thank God for the light and heat of the sun’.
“I was again on surface earth; once more I beheld the glorious orb for the sight of which I had as often prayed when I believed myself miserable in the dismal earth caverns, and which I had been willing to give my very life once more to behold. I fell on my knees, and raised my hands in thankfulness. I blessed the rising sun, the illimitable sand, the air around me, and the blue heavens above. … I did not think to question by what power this miracle had now been accomplished.
“I turned toward the sun, and walked eastward. As the day progressed and the sun rose into the heavens, I maintained my journey, aiming as best I could to keep in the same direction.” ~John Uri Lloyd

Thankful for the Sun

The quote above was preceded by many pages of a dream or vision in which Mr. Lloyd visits numerous places that may seem great at first, but he soon realizes are places of darkness, regions of Hell. It is, therefore, very understandable that when he awakens, he is very thankful for the light of the sun. Since Mr. Lloyd in a spiritual writer, I think we can safely say that it goes beyond that. He is thankful to the sun, and the light and heat of the sun, because he recognizes the sun as being at least a symbol of God, and possibly a lot more, namely a path to God. Of course, the sun that is most symbolic of God, and most certainly an important part of the path to God and spiritual enlightenment, is the Spiritual Sun that unfortunately few of us ever see. We don’t see it because it is not material and therefore cannot be seen with the physical eyes. Some, however, can feel, when they look toward the sun, that there is something beyond that big ball of “fire” that call to something deep inside that has not quite awakened. Continue reading “Turn to the Spiritual Sun”

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Vision of a New Kind

“A law known to occultism is that with every new stage of evolution, an element from the past makes its appearance. Ancient faculties, survivals from the past epochs which have atrophied in the being of man, act as ferments for subsequent development; they are like the yeast which makes the dough rise. Man’s present faculty of dreaming will beget a new kind of vision, a perception of the astral and spiritual world.
“The man of today lives only in his senses and intellect which elaborates what the senses tell him. The intellect of man of the future will awaken to the full light of consciousness.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Elements of the Past

I haven’t heard this theory before, but it makes perfect sense. The fact is that over the long history of mankind, there have been many attempts to awaken us, make us fully conscious again in the state called Christ Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness, and bring us “back into the fold”, that is, return us to the spiritual realms from which we “fell”. Naturally, each new attempt will start with that which worked in previous ones, and go forward from there.

I don’t quite agree with Mr. Steiner’s belief that it is dreams that will be the thing brought back from the past to aid us. Dreams will certainly be a part of it, but there is much more that is returning to us in the End Times giving us one final chance to save ourselves. We will have intuition, visions, and expanding consciousness as well as dreams. We will discover new source of crystals and gems that will aid in this quest. We will be sent new prophets to help. Some of these things have happened already, and more is still to come. The greatest of these is the return of the Sun of Righteousness, a special Spiritual Sun that one might call a super-powered spiritual sun in the language of today. Yes, there have been discoveries of great caverns of gigantic an powerful crystals, a reemergence of energy and vibration healing using sound and light that had been pushed into the background by chemical medicine, and now a growing awareness that we should eat natural, organic foods instead of GMO crap and plastics as doing so will prevent the need for much of those healing arts entirely. Continue reading “Vision of a New Kind”