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Thought Vibration and Dealing with It

“In the first place, though we are constantly affected more or less by the multitude of psychic vibrations beating upon us, still the greater part of them do not consciously impress us. For an example, we have but to consider how few of the sounds or sights of a busy street are impressed upon our consciousness. We here and see only a few of the things which attract our attention and interest. The rest are lost to us, although our eyes and ears receive them all. In the same way, we are impressed only by the stronger vibrations which reach us, and then only by those which we have attracted to ourselves, or which prove attractive to us by reason of our own likes and dislikes.

“In the second place, the effect of certain thought vibrations is neutralized by the effect of the vibrations of thoughts of an opposite character. Just as a mixture of black and white produces the neutral color of gray.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Psychic Thought Vibration

Thoughts do create energy, and energy does work. The idea that you can make anything you want become real, known today as “manifesting,” is popular. The quote concentrates more on how incoming thought energy affects each of us.

Could you imagine how horrible it would be if every thought we received was allowed to affect our behavior? The guy across the street thinks that he needs to go to the library, and the thought hits you and you turn and head to the library. But you only get a few feet, and another thought hits you and you turn to the donut shop instead. Then before reaching Donut Dude’s, you jump into a cab and head off to work because of another thought picked up. At this rate, you would never get anywhere. Fortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Just as street noise gets all mixed together into a fairly neutral drone that we hardly notice, the thoughts of hundreds of other people bombarding our subconscious mind constantly become so mixed together they become jumbled and meaningless. That is a good thing. The only thoughts that do have an effect are those which we strongly agree with, and those that are sent with must stronger energy than average.

Universal Thought Vibration

So many people today have fallen for the idea that the universe exists for no other purpose than to be our servant and do whatever we want it to do. And, of course, it will do that without any charge whatsoever.

If a person standing on a street corner in a city is bombarded with the conflicting thoughts of hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals, think how much more confused it is for this being they call “the universe”. Billions of people are sending thoughts out into the universe. Yet, the universe, which is believed to be able to do anything, is supposed to sort them all out and make them all happen. What happens when they conflict? If a thousand are wishing to be president, they can’t all get their wish granted. How doe this Mr. Universe decide?

The Universe is Conscious

If you do believe that this Universe can do such wonderful things than you have to believe that this Universe is intelligent, conscious. That, at least, is true. In fact, the Universe, which is just the name some people use for God when they fear religion for some reason, is All Consciousness. The source and be-all of consciousness. We are mere bricks in the wall of consciousness. The universe is the entire wall. So guess what? If that great consciousness wants something to happen, it will. It doesn’t have to get your permission. It doesn’t care if it conflicts with your personal wishes. It’s thought vibration creates everything. And Universe will do exactly as it pleases. It isn’t because it is bossy or arrogant. It is because it is all-knowing. When you know everything, you know what is the right thing to do in any situation. So God/Universe does what it knows should be done. It takes no orders from us. But if you do want God’s help, here is the way to get the help you need. Say “God, (Universe, if you prefer) give me what I most need at this time.”

“But,” you might ask, “what about those who insist that manifesting their thought vibrations has worked for them on several occasions.” The answer is that it is often just a coincidence. But when it is really manifesting, the one granting your wish isn’t God, the Universe, or even a genie. It’s the Devil or Demiurge. This is especially true if you are asking for material things. The Lord of matter, called the Demiurge by Gnostics, is happy to grant such wishes. And put it on your tab. And when He decides your bill is due and he comes to collect, he will choose what he wants in payment, not you.

Singing Bowls of Dodona

Dodona, Talking trees, and Singing Bowls

“The oracle of Dodona was presided over by Jupiter, who uttered prophecies through oak trees, birds, and vases of brass. … The ‘talking’ trees stood together, forming a sacred grove. When the priests desired answers to important questions, after careful and solemn purifications they retired to the grove. When they had stated their questions, the trees spoke with the voices of human beings, revealing to the priests the desired information. …
“Most curious of the oracles of Dodona were the ‘talking’ vases, or kettles. These were made of brass and so carefully fashioned that when struck they gave off sound for hours.” ~Manly P. Hall

Talking Trees

The trees of Dodona didn’t actually talk. What they did varies depending on who you listen to. Some say actual voices could be heard coming from the trees. Others, that the rustling leaves made sounds that could only be interpreted by the oracles. In either case, we are talking about sound coming from the trees.

Talking Kettles

More interesting is the tale of “talking” vases or kettles made of brass. The fact that it was said they gave off sound for hours after being struck indicates that this is something different from listening to the “voices” in the trees and from the birds. This sound more like a tool used to raise the vibrations of the priests and others present during the oracular ceremony. This sounds very similar to the singing brass bowls used in Tibet and the crystal ones used elsewhere in spiritual and mystical ceremony.

Singing Bowls

Singing Bowl

Brass singing bowl from Tibet

In Tibet, and perhaps other places, “singing” brass bowls are played. This is not just to produce music for entertainment, but to raise vibrations. The people present cannot help but react to some degree to the vibrations of the bowls by vibrating higher themselves in an effort to match the vibrations of the bowls. Some bowls are carefully selected to stimulate vibration—and therefore growth—in a specific chakra (energy center). Playing several bowls in the correct sequence can not only raise the vibrations of those present, but also encourage the flow of energy up the spine to the crown chakra.

Crystal Singing Bowls

In some places, singing bowls made of quartz crystal are used instead of brass. They are

singing bowls crystal

Crystal singing bowls

more expensive, but those who are sensitive to such things say they produce a clearer, more pure sound that does a better job of raising vibrations of those in attendance. Sometime they are used in conjunction with musical instruments, singing, or chanting.

Sound Vibrations

A recent theory regarding the mysterious Stonehenge in England is that the standing stones were struck during ceremonies creating sound vibrations. The purpose of doing so would be the same as with the “singing” bowls and the “talking” kettles.

Sound is an aid to spiritual growth in two ways. One is that listening to the pleasant sound can help calm and quite the mind—always recommended in spiritual techniques. The other is raising our overall vibrations and increasing the flow of energy through the chakras. All of which is beneficial on both the physical and the spiritual level.

For a sample of Crystal Bowl Sounds, click here.

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We All Use Telepathy Every Day

We All Use Telepathy

“The Hermetic Teachings go much further than those of modern science. They teach that all manifestations of thought, emotion, reason, will or desire, or any mental state or conditions, are accompanied by vibrations, a portion of which are thrown off and which tent to affect the minds of other persons by ‘induction’. This is the principle which produces the phenomena of ‘telepathy’. …
“Every thought, emotion, or mental state has its corresponding rate and mode of vibration. And by an effort of the will of the person, or of other persons, these mental states may be reproduced, just as a musical tone may be reproduced by causing an instrument to vibrate at a certain rate. … By a knowledge of the Principle of Vibration, … one may polarize his mind at any degree he wishes, thus gaining a perfect control over his mental states, moods, etc.” ~The Three Initiates

We think of telepathy as either a trick of stage magicians and mentalists, or a psychic ability available to just a few of us. In fact, we all use it regularly on a subconscious level. It is why when we look at a strange object, most people in the group will see essentially the same thing. For example, if a UFO appears over Paris, and thousands of people see it, their descriptions will be very similar. This is at least partially due to the fact that they are communicating with each other subconsciously, working out their differences, and forming a consensus: a group mind activity. Continue reading “We All Use Telepathy Every Day”

arguing not communicating

Arguing is Not Communicating

“Every word spoken without having been thoroughly purged in thought is a stone thrown in the way of esoteric training. And here something must be careful to consider the speaker’s opinion, feeling, and even his prejudice, rather than what we ourselves have to say at the moment on the subject under discussion. In this example, a refined quality of tact is indicated, to the cultivation of which the student must devote his care. He must learn to judge what importance it may have for the other person he opposes. … He must listen to the speaker as carefully and attentively as he possibly can and let his reply derive its form from what he has just heard. … The importance lies not in the difference of our opinions but in discovering … what is right if I contribute something toward it.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Failure to Communicate

What Mr. Steiner says on this subject is good information for both the spiritual student and those who have little interest in the spiritual. Communication experts tell us that when we are having a conversation, even with friends, we tend to not listen to what the other person is saying and instead are spending the time while he is talking thinking about what we should say next. The result is two people talking to each other, arguing, but little actual communication taking place. Worse yet is when we are talking to someone we disagree with. In those cases, we actual try to not listen to what the other person is saying, but concentrate all our effort on how to convince him we are right, and usually failing. Continue reading “Arguing is Not Communicating”