Resisting Temptation

“When the man of God has conquered almost all the passions, there remain two demons that still fight against him. The first troubles the soul by diverting it from its great love of God into a misplaced zeal, so that it does not want any other soul to be as pleasing to God as itself. The second demon inflames the body with sexual lust. This happens to the body in the first place because sexual pleasure with a view to procreation is something natural … We should fight the first of these demons by means of great humility and love, and the second by means of self-control, freedom from anger, and intense meditation on death, until we come to perceive unceasingly the energy of the Holy Spirit within us.” ~The Philokalia

Lord of DarknessYou might think that once you have awakened your soul and are well along on the path of enlightenment that you wouldn’t have to worry about attacks from demons and devils. Nothing could be further from the truth. Demons and devils are attracted to such people for two reasons: their Light, which the dark ones would love to have for themselves, but can’t because they defy God, and their soul because they know that as more people turn to the Light, the sooner will come their inevitable end, that is, the end of their evil activities, not their death. So these dark ones will do just about anything to stop you from becoming totally enlightened, while at the same time trying to suck off your Light like a kind of vampire. Continue reading “Resisting Temptation”