Upanishads sun of life, sun of love

Upanishads and the Sun of Light and Life

Prana is the sun; rayi is the moon.
Matter is solid, matter is subtle;
Rayi therefore is present everywhere.

“The sun gives light and life to all who live.
East and west, north and south,above, below,
It is the prana of the universe.

“The wise see the Lord of Love in the sun,
Rising in all its golden radiance
To give its warmth and life to all. …

“Those who observe outward forms of worship
Travel after death by the southern path,
The path of the ancestors and of rayi,
To the lunar world, and are born again.

“But for those who seek the Self through meditation,
Self-Discipline, wisdom, and faith in God
Travel after death by the northern path,
The path of prana, to the solar world,
Supreme refuge, beyond the reach of fear.” ~Prashna Upanishad

Sun Gives Light

The sun does give light, and much more. Light, heat, any many other types of radiation come from the sun. Some of that radiation is beneficial, some isn’t. There is no doubt, however, that if the sun went out, all living beings on Earth would quickly die. Something people forget when they listen to the sellers of drugs and sunblock who tell us the sun is out to kill and we must protect ourselves. For thousands of years, intelligent people as well as spiritual ones have said otherwise. Yet now we have millions listening to the drug vendors who benefit from keeping them weak and ill.

Sun Gives Life

Some will argue that the sun doesn’t give life, but is necessary for it. On the material level, that may be splitting hairs. On the spiritual level, things are different. The spiritual sun does awaken out dormant spirits and souls. In a sense, that is like giving them life, even though they are not truly dead. It is this awakening of the spirit and soul that Jesus called being reborn.

Since spiritual life is eternal, the spiritual sun is more important to us than the physical sun. The wise see the Lord of Love in the sun because His presence is in the Light of the spiritual sun. Taking in that light awakens, nourishes, and educates the soul with truth and wisdom. Continue reading “Upanishads and the Sun of Light and Life”

spiritual wisdom, wise man

Spiritual Wisdom and Waves of Thought

“Within the mental sheath, made up of waves of thought, there is contained the sheath of wisdom. It has the same form, with faith as the head, righteousness as right arm, and truth as left. Practice of meditation is its heart, and discrimination its foundation. Wisdom means a life of selfless service. Even the gods seek spiritual wisdom. Those who attain wisdom are free from sin, and find all their selfless desires granted.

“The wisdom sheath is made of detachment. Within it is contained the sheath of bliss, which has the same form, with joy as the head, contentment as right arm, and delight the left. Bliss is the heart, and Brahman the foundation. Those who deny the Lord deny themselves; those who affirm the Lord affirm themselves. The wise, not the unwise, realize the Lord.” ~The Taittiriya Upanishad

Waves of Thought

I find it fascinating that this ancient book speaks of thought waves which we think is a recent discovery of science. The idea that energy travels in waves is supposedly a fairly new one. This short section says much about thought, spirituality,and what today is called the Law of Attraction. Let’s look at some of it in more detail.

Spiritual Wisdom

Spiritual Wisdom (the only real wisdom) has faith as its head, righteousness as its right arm, and truth as its left. Or that is how this Upanishad puts it allegorically. But it may not mean those things in quite the same way as we generally think today.

Faith today means believing in things we are told with little proof. Often, with no proof. We are taught from childhood that priests, doctors, and/or government representatives are faultless. Whatever the leaders say must be accepted as true. And now we have those who trust the internet to bring them truth and wisdom. I am always a little shocked when I see someone who seems to have a serious problem expecting it to be solved by a Facebook group.

That is not really faith at all but living in a world of fantasy like the tribe of Trumpery. What is really meant by spiritual teachers when they say we must “have faith” is that we must believe that we can find truth, that we can know truth. If we don’t believe it, it can’t happen. It means that we must believe in ourselves and our intuition rather than the authorities or the voice of the multitudes.

Righteousness brings us wisdom because wisdom is revealed only to those who will use the knowledge correctly. That means using it for the benefit of all, not just for yourself and the hell with others. When we have love in our hearts for all beings, we start receiving wisdom. When we want to save the world more than we want to get rich, wisdom will come to us.

Truth is, of course, a major part of wisdom. You cannot have wisdom without truth. But truth alone is not wisdom. Having truth, and knowing how to use that knowledge is wisdom. Continue reading “Spiritual Wisdom and Waves of Thought”