Intellectual-Principle and Consciousness

“This universe is a living thing capable of including every form of life; but its Being and its modes are derived from elsewhere; that source is traced back to the Intellectual-Principle: it follows that an all-embracing archetype is in the Intellectual-Principle, which therefore must be an intellectual cosmos, that indicated by Plato in the phrase ‘The living existent’.

“Given the reason-principle (the outgoing divine idea) of a certain living thing and the matter to harbor this seed-principle, the living thing must come into being: in the same way that once there exists—an intellectual Nature, all powerful, and with nothing to check it—since nothing intervenes between it and that which is of a nature to receive it—inevitable the higher imprints form and the lower accepts it. The recipient holds the idea in division, here man, there sun, while in the giver all remains in unity.

“All that is present in the sense realm as Idea comes from the Supreme. But what is not present as Idea, does not. Thus of things conflicting with nature … is not in the seed; for a lame leg is either inborn through some thwarting of the Reason-principle or a marring of the achieved form by accident. …

“This suggests the question whether the intellective cosmos contains the forms only of the things of sense or of other existents as well.” ~Plotinus

A Living Universe

Some find it difficult to accept that the entire universe is a living thing. Many can’t even accept that the planet Earth is a living thing and that the sun is a living thing. Their disbelieve doesn’t change the reality of it, but it does hide the truth from them.

When Plotinus writes about the universe, it is often not clear if he means the physical universe of matter, the spiritual universe of energy, or a combination of both. In this case, it doesn’t really matter. The spiritual universe is alive, and so is the physical one. The proof of this is actually simple, though many will not accept it. It is this: the dead cannot generate the living. Yes, life forms can grow from the bodies of the dead, but the dead are not generating those lives. Something living must generate living beings, and it is reasonable to assume a hierarchy of generation is responsible. The Universe generates galaxies, the galaxies generate, stars and planets, the stars and planets generate life forms such as plants and animals. This is not saying that God is not the creator of those beings, but only explaining the process by which that creation takes place. It is a sort of universal assembly line where each level generates one or two levels below it. They may not even be aware that they do it, but it happens nonetheless. Continue reading “Intellectual-Principle and Consciousness”

last sun

Last Sun and the First Sun


“On the Last Sun of All

“Go out one night in the open, and turn your glance towards that space far, far away – towards those bright stars! This is the great future, waiting for you. There you can find all those great libraries, there lies hidden the great knowledge. These are cultures and cultures, and still more cultures; these are beings, hierarchies. You shall cross all of these far and wide; and after you live 100 million years in each solar system (having in mind that there are 100 million solar systems in our Universe), in the end of times, when we meet someday, you will tell Me about all those excursions you have made, and I will listen with greatest attention to all those magnificent things you will tell Me. Only then we shall understand each other.

“After you cross 100 million solar systems far and wide, you will come to Me, already matured with the experience and the Spirit of Wisdom. And then I will be on the last sun of all, and I shall summon you. And we shall look at each other with the glance of the Truth, and I shall reveal My Non-Created Face before you. Then you shall come to know the deepest Mystery of Life. Until then, I shall be waiting for you – this is My decision. Keep walking along the greatest Way of all – the Way of Discipleship.” ~Biensa Douno

The Last Sun

It is true that the stars are suns also, or it might be better to say the sun is just a star, much like any other star. And if you read this blog regularly, you know that I often quote from Douno on the importance of the Sun, observing the sunrise, and sun-gazing in general. So I am somewhat surprised that he is advising people to go out at night and look to the stars. But what he is talking about here is quite different than practicing spiritual sun gazing. He is not telling anyone to look at the stars, to take energy from the stars. That would be like telling someone to warm up with the flame of a match when there is a bonfire nearby. While the match might help warm your hands, the bonfire will do it better and faster. Likewise, the sun, being much closer to us than any other star, is sending far more transforming spiritual energy toward us than all the other stars together. What’s more is that since it is our sun, it is attuned to our frequencies and our needs. So turn to the first sun, our own sun, before you worry about the Last Sun somewhere far down the path. Continue reading “Last Sun and the First Sun”


Cooperation for Peace and Harmony

“Doth either the sun take upon him to do that which belongs to the rain? Or his son Aesculapius that which unto the earth doth properly belong? How is it with every one of the stars in particular? Though they all differ one from another, and have their several charges and functions by themselves, do they not all nevertheless concur and cooperate to one end?

“If so be that the gods have deliberated in particular of those things that should happen unto me, I must stand to their deliberation, as discrete and wise. For that a god should be an imprudent god, is a thing hard even to conceive: and why should they resolve to do me hurt? For what profit either unto them or the universe (which they specially take care for) could arise from it? But if so be that they have not deliberated of me in particular, certainly they have of the whole in general, and those things which in consequences and coherence of this general deliberation happen unto me in particular, I am bound to embrace and accept.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Sun and Rain in Cooperation

Aurelius is correct in saying that the sun doesn’t try to do the job of the rain. Neither does winter try to do the job of summer. Frogs do not injure themselves trying to fly and squirrels don’t try to swim underwater like fish. Each thing has its own purpose and its own environment to live in. When they try to usurp that of another species, chaos ensues. Fortunately, that rarely happens.

While the point Aurelius is making is true, there is one thing he misses. The sun is more involved in the activities of other forces and beings than he thinks. Studies in modern times have shown that patterns of sunspots and other cycles on the sun can be used to predict such things as earthquakes and hurricanes. So you might say that while it is true that the sun doesn’t do the job of the rain, the sun may often act as a kind of supervisor directed the rain and the wind, the sky and the earth.

For Everything There is a Purpose

Everything has its own purpose and there is nothing that does not have a purpose. It may be that the only purpose of some things is to irritate and annoy us humans, or make us sick, but that is still a purpose. Sometimes, we need to be taught humility. The important thing is that each thing, each being, must serve its own purpose and not try to do the job of another.

Just take your physical body as an example. If your liver suddenly decided it wanted to do the job of the heart, and the heart wanted to do the job of the stomach, you wouldn’t last long. Your heart is not equipped to digest food and your liver can’t pump blood like the heart does. When each part does its own job and all of them work together in harmony you live a long and healthy life. When your body parts don’t do their job, or try to do something else, you end up getting cancer or having a heart attack. So it is not only important for each thing to do its job, it also has to do it in cooperation and harmony with the other parts.

Universal Body

That need isn’t limited to our physical bodies. Our planet is a physical body. The universe of matter is a physical body. On all levels, that cooperation and coordination must happen to keep things going smoothly. When one species on Earth does whatever it wants with no regard for others, disasters happen. When one planet get out of harmony with the universe, it has to be stopped. Either something will be done to get the planet back in line, or it will be destroyed. The overall health and harmony of the universe is more important than and one planet or star.

The Physical and the Spiritual

There also has to be harmony and cooperation between the spiritual and physical levels of reality. Even though the physical universe is an error created by the Demiurge, the fallen angels, it must function with the other levels. It does that to a large degree, but not as much as necessary. That is why it must be changed back into spirit. Spirit always stays in harmony, matter doesn’t. Matter doesn’t accept the superiority of the spiritual universe so it doesn’t cooperate with it any more than it has to.

Adult Supervision

One reason why cooperation and harmony doesn’t always work well is because there are so many things and beings to cooperate with. This is where a hierarchal structure comes into play. It is where a supervisor is needed. God is he ultimate supervisor of all of it. He may give some such powers to his angels, but God Himself still remains in charge. It was only when the fallen angels decided to do things on their own that the aberration of the physical universe happened. If they had stayed within God’s law, everything would have remained in harmony and we wouldn’t have death and disease. But that cooperation and harmony must be maintained. For that reason, the physical universe must be repaired.

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thought vibration

Thought Vibration and Dealing with It

“In the first place, though we are constantly affected more or less by the multitude of psychic vibrations beating upon us, still the greater part of them do not consciously impress us. For an example, we have but to consider how few of the sounds or sights of a busy street are impressed upon our consciousness. We here and see only a few of the things which attract our attention and interest. The rest are lost to us, although our eyes and ears receive them all. In the same way, we are impressed only by the stronger vibrations which reach us, and then only by those which we have attracted to ourselves, or which prove attractive to us by reason of our own likes and dislikes.

“In the second place, the effect of certain thought vibrations is neutralized by the effect of the vibrations of thoughts of an opposite character. Just as a mixture of black and white produces the neutral color of gray.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Psychic Thought Vibration

Thoughts do create energy, and energy does work. The idea that you can make anything you want become real, known today as “manifesting,” is popular. The quote concentrates more on how incoming thought energy affects each of us.

Could you imagine how horrible it would be if every thought we received was allowed to affect our behavior? The guy across the street thinks that he needs to go to the library, and the thought hits you and you turn and head to the library. But you only get a few feet, and another thought hits you and you turn to the donut shop instead. Then before reaching Donut Dude’s, you jump into a cab and head off to work because of another thought picked up. At this rate, you would never get anywhere. Fortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Just as street noise gets all mixed together into a fairly neutral drone that we hardly notice, the thoughts of hundreds of other people bombarding our subconscious mind constantly become so mixed together they become jumbled and meaningless. That is a good thing. The only thoughts that do have an effect are those which we strongly agree with, and those that are sent with must stronger energy than average.

Universal Thought Vibration

So many people today have fallen for the idea that the universe exists for no other purpose than to be our servant and do whatever we want it to do. And, of course, it will do that without any charge whatsoever.

If a person standing on a street corner in a city is bombarded with the conflicting thoughts of hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals, think how much more confused it is for this being they call “the universe”. Billions of people are sending thoughts out into the universe. Yet, the universe, which is believed to be able to do anything, is supposed to sort them all out and make them all happen. What happens when they conflict? If a thousand are wishing to be president, they can’t all get their wish granted. How doe this Mr. Universe decide?

The Universe is Conscious

If you do believe that this Universe can do such wonderful things than you have to believe that this Universe is intelligent, conscious. That, at least, is true. In fact, the Universe, which is just the name some people use for God when they fear religion for some reason, is All Consciousness. The source and be-all of consciousness. We are mere bricks in the wall of consciousness. The universe is the entire wall. So guess what? If that great consciousness wants something to happen, it will. It doesn’t have to get your permission. It doesn’t care if it conflicts with your personal wishes. It’s thought vibration creates everything. And Universe will do exactly as it pleases. It isn’t because it is bossy or arrogant. It is because it is all-knowing. When you know everything, you know what is the right thing to do in any situation. So God/Universe does what it knows should be done. It takes no orders from us. But if you do want God’s help, here is the way to get the help you need. Say “God, (Universe, if you prefer) give me what I most need at this time.”

“But,” you might ask, “what about those who insist that manifesting their thought vibrations has worked for them on several occasions.” The answer is that it is often just a coincidence. But when it is really manifesting, the one granting your wish isn’t God, the Universe, or even a genie. It’s the Devil or Demiurge. This is especially true if you are asking for material things. The Lord of matter, called the Demiurge by Gnostics, is happy to grant such wishes. And put it on your tab. And when He decides your bill is due and he comes to collect, he will choose what he wants in payment, not you.