nothing contrary to the proper constitution of man

Nothing Contrary to the Proper Constitution of Man

Do Nothing Contrary to the Proper Constitution of Man

“Through the substance of the universe pass all particular bodies, being all of the same nature, and all joint workers with the universe itself, and all joint workers with the universe itself as in one of our bodies so many members among themselves. How many such as Chrysippus, how many such as Socrates, how many such as Epictetus, has the age of the world long since swallowed up and devoured? Let this, be it either men or businesses, that you have occasion to think of, to the end that your thoughts be not distracted and thy mind too earnestly set upon anything, upon every such occasion presently come to thy mind. Of all my thoughts and cares, one only thing shall be the object, that I myself do nothing which which to the proper constitution of man, (either in regard of the thing itself, or in regard of the manner, or of the time of doing.) is contrary. The time when you will have forgotten all things is at hand. And that time also is at hand, when you shall be forgotten by all. While thou art, apply thyself to that which unto man as he is a mart, is most proper and agreeable and that is for a man to love even them who transgress against him.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Through the Substance of the Universe

What Aurelius is saying here, is that all beings pass at some time through the universe. It is obvious that he means the physical or material universe, not the spiritual one. So he is saying that all beings descend at some point into matter. That is actually not correct. It is true, however, that all beings in the physical realm have descended from the higher dimensions of spirit. The aim of most spiritual development programs is to help man and all fallen being to get back to the spiritual world where they belong. Continue reading “Nothing Contrary to the Proper Constitution of Man”


Godhead and God the Father/Mother

“Understand how we should live with enlightened reason in universal love. The Father is the Origin of the whole Godhead according to Essence and according to Personality. We, therefore, should bow down in spirit, in humble awe, before the sublimity of the Father: and thereby we possess humility, the foundation of all the virtues. We should fervently adore, that is to say, we should honor and reverence, the mightiness of the Father, because He, in His Might, creates and preserves all things out of nothing. And therefore we shall be lifted up in ghostly wise. We should offer praise and thanks and everlasting service to the faithfulness and love of God, who has freed us from the fetters of the enemy and from eternal death; and thereby we shall be made free. We should present and bewail before the Wisdom of God the blindness and ignorance of human nature, and should crave that all men become enlightened, and may attain to the knowledge of truth: thus God shall be known and honored by them. We should pray for the mercy of God upon sinners, that thus they may be converted, and may grow in virtue: thus God shall be loved by them with a desirous love. We should give generously to all those who have need of it of the rich treasures of God, that therewith they may all be filled, and may flow back towards God.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

The Whole Godhead

I find it interesting that Ruysbroeck talks about the Godhead, and makes it clear that this is not just another way of saying God. To my knowledge, the Godhead is not s term used often in Catholic teachings, and Ruysbroeck was a Catholic. Of course, he was also a spiritual adept and that may have overridden his Catholic beliefs at times. I did find that in Catholic teachings, the Godhead simply means the collective “one God in three persons” being the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In Gnostic and mystical teachings, it is more.

The Gnostic Godhead refers to the highest level of existence, which contains all lower levels within it. So in other words, the Godhead is all spiritual dimensions and all spiritual beings together. The level just below the Godhead is the Father, or God as an individual being. So they are not the same thing, although it is understandable that some think they are. You might think of the Godhead as a container that holds God and all lesser spirits, making them the One from many. Continue reading “Godhead and God the Father/Mother”


Intellectual-Principle and Consciousness

“This universe is a living thing capable of including every form of life; but its Being and its modes are derived from elsewhere; that source is traced back to the Intellectual-Principle: it follows that an all-embracing archetype is in the Intellectual-Principle, which therefore must be an intellectual cosmos, that indicated by Plato in the phrase ‘The living existent’.

“Given the reason-principle (the outgoing divine idea) of a certain living thing and the matter to harbor this seed-principle, the living thing must come into being: in the same way that once there exists—an intellectual Nature, all powerful, and with nothing to check it—since nothing intervenes between it and that which is of a nature to receive it—inevitable the higher imprints form and the lower accepts it. The recipient holds the idea in division, here man, there sun, while in the giver all remains in unity.

“All that is present in the sense realm as Idea comes from the Supreme. But what is not present as Idea, does not. Thus of things conflicting with nature … is not in the seed; for a lame leg is either inborn through some thwarting of the Reason-principle or a marring of the achieved form by accident. …

“This suggests the question whether the intellective cosmos contains the forms only of the things of sense or of other existents as well.” ~Plotinus

A Living Universe

Some find it difficult to accept that the entire universe is a living thing. Many can’t even accept that the planet Earth is a living thing and that the sun is a living thing. Their disbelieve doesn’t change the reality of it, but it does hide the truth from them.

When Plotinus writes about the universe, it is often not clear if he means the physical universe of matter, the spiritual universe of energy, or a combination of both. In this case, it doesn’t really matter. The spiritual universe is alive, and so is the physical one. The proof of this is actually simple, though many will not accept it. It is this: the dead cannot generate the living. Yes, life forms can grow from the bodies of the dead, but the dead are not generating those lives. Something living must generate living beings, and it is reasonable to assume a hierarchy of generation is responsible. The Universe generates galaxies, the galaxies generate, stars and planets, the stars and planets generate life forms such as plants and animals. This is not saying that God is not the creator of those beings, but only explaining the process by which that creation takes place. It is a sort of universal assembly line where each level generates one or two levels below it. They may not even be aware that they do it, but it happens nonetheless. Continue reading “Intellectual-Principle and Consciousness”

last sun

Last Sun and the First Sun


“On the Last Sun of All

“Go out one night in the open, and turn your glance towards that space far, far away – towards those bright stars! This is the great future, waiting for you. There you can find all those great libraries, there lies hidden the great knowledge. These are cultures and cultures, and still more cultures; these are beings, hierarchies. You shall cross all of these far and wide; and after you live 100 million years in each solar system (having in mind that there are 100 million solar systems in our Universe), in the end of times, when we meet someday, you will tell Me about all those excursions you have made, and I will listen with greatest attention to all those magnificent things you will tell Me. Only then we shall understand each other.

“After you cross 100 million solar systems far and wide, you will come to Me, already matured with the experience and the Spirit of Wisdom. And then I will be on the last sun of all, and I shall summon you. And we shall look at each other with the glance of the Truth, and I shall reveal My Non-Created Face before you. Then you shall come to know the deepest Mystery of Life. Until then, I shall be waiting for you – this is My decision. Keep walking along the greatest Way of all – the Way of Discipleship.” ~Biensa Douno

The Last Sun

It is true that the stars are suns also, or it might be better to say the sun is just a star, much like any other star. And if you read this blog regularly, you know that I often quote from Douno on the importance of the Sun, observing the sunrise, and sun-gazing in general. So I am somewhat surprised that he is advising people to go out at night and look to the stars. But what he is talking about here is quite different than practicing spiritual sun gazing. He is not telling anyone to look at the stars, to take energy from the stars. That would be like telling someone to warm up with the flame of a match when there is a bonfire nearby. While the match might help warm your hands, the bonfire will do it better and faster. Likewise, the sun, being much closer to us than any other star, is sending far more transforming spiritual energy toward us than all the other stars together. What’s more is that since it is our sun, it is attuned to our frequencies and our needs. So turn to the first sun, our own sun, before you worry about the Last Sun somewhere far down the path. Continue reading “Last Sun and the First Sun”