Wish for Love, Truth, and Wisdom

“The wish of Love is to give life. The wish of Wisdom is to give us light and knowledge. The wish of Truth is to give us freedom. But freedom is the fruit. It is that which will bring meaning to life.

“If you don’t sacrifice yourself for others, others can’t sacrifice themselves for you. If you can’t love; others can’t love you. If you can’t think about others, others cannot think about you. …

“Without love of God, you cannot become good. Until the moment you realize that you have been born and come out of God, and consequently have relations with Him, you cannot become good. You have to realize that that you have come out of God and everything that He has given you, you have to use for God. Then you love Him. God has sent you to Earth and He loves you.

“Firstly, try the Divine thoughts, learn to apply them. Without that, there is no success in life. As much as you perceive the Divine thoughts in yourself, so much your progress will be, and so smart you will be. And all your life will be determined by that situation of the Divine thoughts you have perceived in yourself.” ~Beinsa Douno

Love, Wisdom, and Truth

Many people pray to God and ask for physical health, money, a new car, etc. These are foolish things to ask for because, first, they are not the gifts that come from God, and second, we should let God, who is far wiser then we are, decide what we need at any given time. God has great gifts for us and we should be smart and accept those gifts rather than asking for something else. The gifts God gives us are Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth, and, of course, Life. Continue reading “Wish for Love, Truth, and Wisdom”

Heavenly understanding

Heavenly Understanding of All Things

“Disciple: Ah! How shall I arrive at this Heavenly Understanding, at this Sight of All Things in God, at this pure and naked Knowledge …; at this Light above Nature … For, alas, I am touched every moment by the things which are about me; and overshadowed by the clouds and fumes which rise up out of the Earth?

“Master: Thou desirest that I should teach thee how to attain it; and I will direct thee to our Matter, from whom I have been taught it, that thou may learn it thyself from Him, who alone teaches the heart. Hear thou Him. Would thou arrive at this; would thou remain untouched by sensesibles; would thou behold Light in the very Light of God, and see all things thereby; then consider the words of Christ, who is that Light; and who is the Truth. … Thou shall find that without a total surrender to God, and to the Life of God, thou can never arrive at such a rest as this, the true quiet of the soul wherein no creature can molest thee, or so much as touch thee. Which when thou shall, by Grace, have attained to, then with thy body thou art in the world, as in the properties of outward Nature; and with thy reason, under the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, but with thy Will thou walkest in Heaven.” ~Jacob Boehme

Heavenly Understanding

A Heavenly understanding is certainly a worthy goal. It is the goal that has been sought by mystics and spiritual adepts for ages. This disciple is wise to seek this goal, unlike many modern “spiritual” students, who seek simply to be happy and have few goals or responsibilities.

A heavenly understanding is a universal understanding. Since heaven is the highest of all dimensions, it is the source of knowledge of all dimensions. Therefore, having a heavenly understanding is to have an understanding of all that exists. Of course, this understanding doesn’t come to us all at once, in a rush like water over Niagara Falls. If it did, it would likely kill us just as standing under the falls would. At the very least, it would drive us mad. So that almost never happens. It comes to us a little at a time. It usually starts by contact with lower dimensions, then higher and higher until we reach heaven. Or, if you prefer, it happens by connecting with higher and higher levels of consciousness. It means the same thing. Also, the connection to a higher dimension is generally very brief, just a few seconds at first, then getting longer as you get more accustomed to the unusual things you see and learn there. Continue reading “Heavenly Understanding of All Things”

spirit of understanding

Spirit of Understanding and Wisdom

“And therefore God gives him the sixth gift, which is the Spirit of Understanding. This gift we have already likened to a fountain with three rills, it establishes our spirit in the Unity, it reveals Truth, and it brings forth a wide and generous Love. This gift may also be likened to sunshine, for by its shining the sun fills the air with a simple brightness and lights all forms, and shows the distinction of all colors. And thereby it shows forth its own power; and its heat is common to the whole world, bringing forth fruits and useful things. So likewise does the first ray of this gift bring about simplicity within the spirit. And this simplicity is penetrated by a particular radiance even as the air of the heavens by the splendor of the sun. For the Grace of God, which is the ground of all gifts, maintains itself essentially like to a simple light in our potential understanding: and, by means of this simple light our spirit is made stable and onefold and enlightened, and fulfilled of Grace and Divine gifts: and here it is like unto God through grace and Divine Love. And since the spirit is now like unto God, and loves God alone above all gifts, it will no longer be satisfied by likeness, nor by created brightness.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Spirit of Understanding

It might be more understandable in modern English to say “Spiritual Understanding” rather than “Spirit of Understanding,” but I think most of us get the point.

It is an easy thing to say we have understanding. It is just as easy to say we are spiritual. It is even easy to say we have the spirit of understanding. Unfortunately, very often when we say those things it is simply not true. Partly this is because we don’t really know what spiritual knowledge or spiritual understanding is, partly it is because our ego wants us to believe that if others have achieved it, we must have it also. But if we truly want to achieve the spirit of understanding, we must let go of ego fantasies and seek truth and wisdom.

This Spirit of Understanding is not about understanding the material world. Neither is it about developing psychic powers or otherwise manipulating the material world. It is all about the world of spirit in the dimensions higher than the realm of matter. These worlds are very real. Not only real but permanent. The physical realm is temporary and largely an illusion, so it behooves us to learn to deal with the real and the permanent. That is what Ruysbroeck means by the Spirit of Understanding. Continue reading “Spirit of Understanding and Wisdom”

gives his mind

One Who Gives His Mind to God Achieves Truth

“But he that gives his mind to the law of the most High, and is occupied in the meditation thereof, will seek out the wisdom of all the ancients, and be occupied in prophecies. He will keep the sayings of the renowned men: and where subtle parables are, he will be there also. He will seek out the secrets of grave sentences, and be conversant in dark parables. He shall serve among great men, and appear before princes: he will travel through strange countries; for he hath tried the good and the evil among men. He will give his heart to resort early to the Lord that made him, and will pray before the most High, and will open his mouth in prayer, and make supplication for his sins. When the great Lord will, he shall be filled with the spirit of understanding: he shall pour out wise sentences, and give thanks unto the Lord in his prayer. … Many shall commend his understanding; and so long as the world endureth, it shall not be blotted out; his memorial shall not depart away, and his name shall live from generation to generation. … If he die, he shall leave a greater name than a thousand: and if he live, he shall increase it. … Hearken unto me, ye holy children, and bud forth as a rose growing by the brook of the field: And give ye a sweet savour as frankincense, and flourish as a lily, send forth a smell, and sing a song of praise, bless the Lord in all his works. … All the works of the Lord are exceeding good, and whatsoever he commandeth shall be accomplished in due season.” ~Ecclesiasticus

Gives His Mind

He (or she) that gives his mind to God is a fortunate person. Such people eventually learn the truth and wisdom by doing this. Not the so-called truth that is really the opinions of educated people, but the absolute truth, the truth of God. He seeks the wisdom of the ancients because he knows that is was real Wisdom, the Wisdom of Sophia, the wisdom of God. Again, this wisdom is absolute. Debating it would be pointless since it is not opinion, but indisputable truth. God does not deal in opinions and theories. God knows only truth, God is Truth.

I belong to several “Spiritual” groups on Facebook, and I regularly see individual posting speculative nonsense such as, “What if this is heaven, and when we die we go somewhere worse,” or “What did God doesn’t want obedience, but rebels?” It is not just that such questions are generally quite foolish, and rarely worth responding to, but that it shows these people are not seeking truth at all, but sharing speculations instead. Sad.

Occupied in Meditation

The meditation referred to here is not the kind that has become so popular these days, primarily through the Transcendental Meditation school. This is not about repeating some ancient Sanskrit words that are meaningless to most of us, but about contemplating God, reality, the worlds of spirit, and the Divine Soul. You don’t develop your muscles by ignoring them. Likewise, you don’t develop your soul by ignoring it. Unfortunately, while there are many competent schools and teachers for training the physical body, there are only a few who truly know how to awaken and train the soul. I personally belong to, and recommend Cosolargy as a real spiritual school and not one just taking advantage of a popular fad to make money. To be one who “gives his mind to God” means we have to meditate on God, not on meaningless chants.

Seek the Wisdom of the Ancients

It is a good idea to seek the wisdom of the ancients. Not all ancients are worthy of such seeking, though. It is the adepts of the ancient mystery schools that we should emulate, not the barbarians. We should also not be seeking the wisdom of those ancient schools in books. The books can do little more than send us down the right path. We have to follow that path for some time before we reach the Great Wisdom for ourselves. This wisdom and truth must be experienced by each of us. It is never found in books. Not that there is anything wrong with books. I have written several myself (check the “Shop” menu tab)! But books can only teach so much, then the rest must come from experience.

Serve Among Great Men

There have been times in human history when the spiritually enlightened people, did serve as consultants and advisers to kings, generals, and other powerful leaders. That is not true today, but it could become true tomorrow. And by “tomorrow,” I mean at some future time when things change. Currently, the vast majority of people are so Materialistic and Capitalistic that it is hard for many of us to see much hope for such a change. We need to remember, though, that the simple fact that some of us are recognizing the folly of clinging to these failed philosophies is progress. The one who “gives his mind to God” sees this.

As we continue to develop our spiritual faculties with the help of the Light from the Spiritual Sun, we will see more and more of us rejecting materialism. As horrible as it is in other ways, the coronavirus pandemic may actually help in this regard. As people are forced to stop their normal lives for several weeks, some will realize that the constant running on the treadmill of Capitalism really gets them nowhere except old, sick, and burned out. And usually with barely enough money to live on if they retire. It started out well with businesses being created to serve people, but it has degenerated to people as the slaves of big business. We need to get back to the ways of the ancients and let the awakened rule, or at least advise the rulers.