John the Baptizer

John the Baptizer and Jesus: Men of God

John the Baptizer and Jesus

“There was a man sent from God. His name was Yohanan. He came as a witness in testimony of the light so that all might believe through him. He was not the light, but came to testify about the light. The light was the true light, which illuminates every person who comes into the world. He was in the world and through him the world was born, and the world did not know him. He went to his own and his own did not receive him. To all who received him he gave power to become the children of God, to those who believed in his name, who were born not from blood or from the will of the flesh or from the will of a man, but were born of God.

“Yohanan testified about him and cried out, saying, ‘He is the one of whom I said, “One who will come after me was before me,’”because before me he was. From his bounty we have all received grace upon grace, and as the law was given through Moshe, grace and truth have come through Yeshua the Galilean. No one has ever seen God. Only the one born of God, who is in the heart of his father, he has made him known.’

“And this is the testimony of Yohanan the baptizer when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Yerushalayim to ask him, ‘Who are you?’ And he confessed and made no denial, but confessed, ‘I am not the Galilean.’ They asked him, ‘What then? Are you Elijah?’ He said, ‘I am not.’ ‘Are you the prophet?’ He answered, ‘No.’ ‘Who are you? Give us an answer for those who sent us here. What do you say about yourself?’ He said, ‘I am the voice of one crying in the desert. “Make straight the way of the lord,’ as the prophet Isaiah said.’” ~Gospel of Thomas

A Man from God

Thomas says Yohanan (John in English) was a man sent from God. This is certainly true, but in a way, we are all sent from God and by God and we all have an obligation to serve God and help in his Great Plan.

Thomas adds that John the Baptizer came as a witness, but he “ was not the light, but came to testify about the light.” That line tells us two things. John is saying that he is not the Messiah. It also tells us that the Messiah is a bearer of light. “What light?” you might ask. Not the light of a torch or a fire, but the Light of God. This is the Light that comes to us from God and through the intermediary of the Spiritual Sun. John the Baptizer was not the Light or the bearer of the Light, but the one who preceded that Light-bearer, Yeshua, who we call Jesus. Continue reading “John the Baptizer and Jesus: Men of God”

world of purity

World of Purity and Truth

“The other world the world beyond, is a world of purity. Man’s opportunities lie in purity. The good life lies in purity. Where there is impurity, it always brings suffering. Disharmony brings suffering too. But harmony, purity, fairness, meekness, abstention and self-restraint, they are the qualities that bring great good.

“I say the world needs conductors of Love, The Divine and reasonable one. Man must be a conductor. Do you know what it means for man to be a conductor? For a man to be a conductor, he must have the faith that a child has. Mothers take their children to pray for rain. One kid took an umbrella in his hand. His mother asked him: ‘Why did you take the umbrella?’ The child replied, ‘Because it will rain.’ The mother said, ‘Maybe it will rain, maybe it will not.’ Now we pray and say: ‘Maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t.’ We have to have the children’s belief that it will be.

“There is a law in Nature that says: every though , every feeling, and every deed cannot go without producing their consequences. And that what we think one day will come to us. So the first thing is: Strive to be set right in your soul, be fair. Man must be fully fair.” ~Biensa Douno

A World of Purity

Many who call themselves spiritual say that we cannot achieve perfection and to constantly try only frustrates us, therefore we should stop trying. Perhaps those people will prefer Douno’s approach and say that we need purity rather than perfection. While it is the same thing in some ways, it is also different. What exactly perfection is we often don’t know. But purity simply means cleansing ourselves of everything that shouldn’t be a part of what we are. The more of those false or negative things we remove from us, the purer we become. And I think everyone can understand that pure gold is more useful and more valuable than gold ore, that pure oxygen is easier to breathe than polluted air.

Impurity Brings Suffering

It amazes me sometimes how many people seem to embrace impurity—intentionally or unintentionally—and are surprised when they end up sick, tired, angry, and otherwise unhealthy. They eat anything that tasted good, then complain that they are very overweight. They drink, smoke, and expose themselves to harmful radiations, then wonder why they are always sick, rundown, and plagued by headaches. It amazes me even more that many doctors and medical practitioners today tell such people to take one drug or another, but rarely advise them to stop eating junk, stop smoking, stop sitting and doing nothing. They should be telling people to start cleansing themselves, purifying themselves. We won’t get a world of purity when the occupants of the world are heavily polluted. Continue reading “World of Purity and Truth”


Naked Bodies are Things of Beauty

“I am ashamed, for naked bodies are exposed to lewd glances and lustful looks. There is foolish laughter and foul words spoken among the onlookers.

“Yet it is not the naked body that is degrading, for bodies are things of beauty. In the beginning, God molded the body to its shape, knowing that in the days to come His Spirit would dwell therein when entering the matter of Earth.

“It was shaped slowly, with care and foresight. Loving hands wrought its wonderful form, and the day dawned when it became the abode of a living soul. Then God commanded, ‘Respect this, this vessel of the ever living spirit, for it is a great and delicate thing meant for communion one with another. It is my supreme achievement upon earth.’

“Therefore, though the body be not supreme it is a thing of greatness, it is a glorious temple meant to be the residence of a god. It reflects without the spirit dwelling within; the smile, the laugh, the eyes reveal it. The body is a thing of glory, it is the greatest of all material creations. …

“That which causes man and woman to forget their responsibility, which arouses in them desires and thoughts, which they cannot control, is not a thing of goodness; it is an instrument of evil. Why should men cover their bodies and women hide their nakedness? Not because naked bodies are things to be ashamed of, but because of what the eye of the beholder makes of them.” ~the Kolbrin Bible (MAN:14:1-7)

Naked Bodies

It is actually quite amazing that people who say we are created in God’s image and our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit think that there is something wrong with being nude. The body is the temple of God, but must be hidden under manmade clothing. Illogic at its best.

Another bit of illogic is how most people accept nudity in art, but nude people on a beach, “No Way!”. It makes me think of the famous tale of the Greek woman who was the widow of a senator and had been allowed to take over his job after he died. This required her to be in areas of the city of Athens where women generally didn’t go. So one morning, when she was walking to the Senate building, three teenage athletes came running around the corner of the building, naked as the day they were born. As was standard for Greece in those days, athletes always performed and practiced nude. But women were not allowed in sporting events. The boys thought it was safe to be running in an area where women didn’t go. But when they accidentally exposed themselves to a woman, they were subject to being sentenced to death for their grievous crime! Fortunately for them, the woman came to their defense, pointing out that she was the mother of several boys, so had seen naked boys before, plus there were nude statues of men and boys all over the city (much like the statue of David used to illustrate this post). She got them freed. Continue reading “Naked Bodies are Things of Beauty”

unreal world

Unreal World of Appearance and Opinion

An Unreal World of Appearance

“Why take as our standard a material world where existence is affirmed by nothing more trustworthy than the sense impressions of ‘normal men’; those imperfect and easily cheated channels of communication? The mystics have always declared, implicitly or explicitly, their distrust in these channels of communication. They have never been deceived by phenomena, nor by the careful logic of the industrious intellect. One after another, with extraordinary unanimity, they have rejected that appeal to the unreal world of appearance which is the standard of sensible men; affirming that there is another way, another secret, by which the conscious self may reach the actuality which it seeks. More complete in their grasp of experience than the votaries of intellect or of sense, they accept as central for life those spiritual messages which are mediated by religion, by beauty, and by pain. More reasonable than the rationalists, they find in that very hunger for reality which is the mother of all metaphysics, an implicit proof that such reality exists; that there is something else, some final satisfaction, beyond the ceaseless stream of sensation which besieges consciousness. ‘In that thou hast sought me, thou hast already found me,’ says the voice of Absolute Truth in their ears. This is the first doctrine of mysticism. Its next is that only is so far as the self is real can it hope to know reality.” ~Evelyn Underhill

World of Appearance

Many people do not realize that the world we live in, the world of matter, is not what is seems to be. That is not just the beliefs of mystics, but science—or at least the science of Quantum Physics—agrees with them. It isn’t that the physical world doesn’t exist, but what it actually is may be quite different than what we think it is.

As Ms. Underhill says, the existence of things in this world is affirmed by nothing more than the opinions and the physical senses of ordinary men. Senses and beliefs which are easily fooled. So it is an unreal world because it isn’t what the vast majority of us think it is, not because it doesn’t exist. Of course, there are some spiritual schools and gurus that say that anything that is temporary is unreal, so in that sense, the realm of matter is an unreal world. Continue reading “Unreal World of Appearance and Opinion”