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Traveling Soul, Infinite Spirit, Being Everywhere

“The Incorporeal governs the Corporeal, and is, therefore, present everywhere, although not as space, but in power. The corporeal existence of things cannot hinder the incorporeal from being present to such things as it desires to enter into relation with. The Soul has therefore the power to extend her activity to any locality she may desire. She is a power which has no limits, and each part of her, being independent of special conditions, can be present everywhere, provided she is pure and unadulterated with matter. Things do not act upon each other merely by the contact of the corporeal forms, but also at a distance, provided they have a soul, because the higher elements of the soul are everywhere.” ~Porphyry

Traveling Soul

Porphyry says the soul can extent her activities to any location. This is true, in a sense. Actually, since the soul is pure spirit, and spirit is not limited by time and space, the soul is always everywhere. At least, the awakened soul is. But just as we can focus our attention on one thing, or in one direction, so can the spirit and soul.

If, for some reason, the soul wanted to know what was happening on the moon, it would simply concentrate on that location, and know. If it wanted to know what a person living in another country was doing, it could concentrate on that person, and know.

Were science smart enough to use this ability of the soul, we could save a lot of money, yet progress faster. Spiritual persons could describe what was happening on another planet without having to send rockets. And if it is necessary to send rockets, a spiritual person could “travel” in spirit to the location first so the crew would know what to expect and be ready for. Continue reading “Traveling Soul, Infinite Spirit, Being Everywhere”


My Trip to Peru


Peru2 019I participated in the Peru Sacred Places of Power Tour with Sean Savoy as our group leader. On August 3rd, we visited parts of Lima, the capitol city. We went first to the main square in downtown Lima where many government buildings and the main cathedral are located. As a writer, I of course made special note of the House of Literature there (see photo). We went to the catacombs at Saint Francis Church, which was interesting, but a little creepy. There are piles of human bones and skulls from thousands who were buried there.

Later, we visited Casa Luna, the home of the Luna family with a large private collection of nativity scenes. After touring the collection, we had an excellent lunch of Peruvian dishes. After lunch, we visited the archeology museum, but we didn’t get to see everything because we were behind schedule. Continue reading “My Trip to Peru”


Random Thoughts 8-31-2014

A lot of people are arguing that no laws were broken in the case of the nine-year-old girl getting trained to shoot an uzi automatic (Why? Are her parents hoping she will grow up to be a mercenary?) who lost control of the gun and shot the instructor. It may be true that no laws were broken, but that does not mean it is OK to give a rather frail little girl an automatic gun to play with. Too many people forget that just because it is legal to do something does not mean it is right to do it.

There is a lesson in the unfortunate death of Robin Williams that I haven’t heard anyone mention yet. A good lesson for the many young people who seem to have developed the attitude that life is all about fame and celebrity and we should do anything we can to make that happen. Williams had celebrity and fame, he was one of the most famous and most liked people in the world. Yet, all that fame and celebrity and millions of fans didn’t prevent him from becoming depressed. Fame and fortune may be nice, but they are not the answer to all our problems. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 8-31-2014”


Tour of Peru With Sean Savoy

I’m back from our trip to Peru. Instead of trying to quickly write a normal article, I’m just going to post a few more photos from our fantastic trip.

Peru 025 The Huacachina Lagoon. An Oasis in the desert of Peru. After walking around the lagoon for a while, we boarded an oversized dune buggy and rode around on the nearby sand dunes.





Peru 142Another shot from Machu Picchu. Unfortunately, I don’t have the memory to remember the names of each spot, but I know this is a temple. Of course, now one really knows the purpose of any of the ruins of Machu Picchu since there are no written records of this place.







Peru2 039A small part of a very large flock of pelicans on one of the Ballestas Islands in Peru.