light of eternity

Light of Eternity and the Now-Moment

“All these Zen mondo may sound nonsensical and the reader may come to the conclusion that when the subject is ‘living in the light of eternity’ they are altogether irrelevant. It is quite a natural criticism from the point of view of an ordinary man of the world. But let us listen to what Eckhart, one of the greatest mystics in the Christian world, states about the ‘now-moment’ which is no other than eternity itself:

‘The now-moment in which God mad the first man and the now-moment in which the last man will disappear, and the now-moment in which I am speaking are all one in God, in whom there is only one Now.’

“I have been reading all day, confined to my room, and feel tired. I raise the screen and face the broad daylight. I draw a long breath, fill my lungs with fresh air and feel entirely refreshed. … Who would say that I am not living in the light of eternity? I quote again from Eckhart:

‘In eternity, the Father begets the Son in His own likeness. “the Word was with God and the Word was God.” like God, it had his nature. Furthermore I say that God has begotten him in my soul. Not only is the soul like him, and he like it, but he is in it, For the Father begets His Son in the soul exactly as He does in eternity and not otherwise. … What is more, He begets me not only as His Son, but as Himself, and Himself as myself, begetting me in His own nature, His own being. At that inmost source, I spring from the Holy Spirit and there is one life, one being, one action. All God’s works are one and therefore He begets me as he does His Son and without distinction.’” ~D. T. Suzuki

Light of Eternity

There is only one Light of Eternity and that is the Light that emanates from God Himself. It is the Light of Eternity because it always existed and always will. Any physical light is temporary. Even the stars and the sun die, as do all things physical, but not the Light of Eternity because it isn’t physical, it is spiritual. Like all things that are part of the spiritual worlds, this Light exists outside of any of the limitations of time and space.

The Now-Moment

What Suzuki is calling the “now-moment” is a way of saying an eternal now. In other words, there is no before, no after, no yesterday, no tomorrow, there is only an eternal now. This is definitely true on a spiritual level, but it may not be true on the physical, material level. At the very least, we have to admit that for the sake of human sanity, it is best for us to look at time as linear rather than an eternal now-moment in which all things are happening simultaneously.

The now-moment does make it easier to understand some things, though. Many people say that if the material world is not the creation of God, but of the Demiurge, why doesn’t the true God fix it? The answer is that God did fix it in the Light of Eternity and the now-moment, but for those still living with linear time, that correction hasn’t happened yet. Others say why doesn’t God end disease, hunger, death, greed, etc. Again, the answer is that He did in the eternal now-moment and in the Light of Eternity, but to those of us dealing with linear time, it is in the future. So it isn’t God that is failing us in these matters, it is those of us trapped in and promoting linear time that keeps such things alive.

Old Souls

One of the expressions you hear a lot in New-Age Spirituality is “I am an old soul,” or “he/she is an old soul.” Yet quite often, those same people will promote the idea that time is an illusion. This is the spiritual equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. If there is no linear time in the spiritual realms—and there isn’t—then no soul is any older than any other soul, no soul is more experienced than any other soul. All souls are part of the one, all souls exist in the Light of Eternity and the now-moment.

In His Likeness

I have covered this in older posts, but I will mention it again. The statement found in the Bible that God created us “In his likeness” does not mean that we look like God. For starters, God didn’t create us as physical beings. He did not create our physical bodies so the appearance of those bodies is not at all like that of God. We might say that our souls look like God, but that is not really relevant. What the saying really means is that God created “us” in his mind, in his thoughts. He thought about us, and we came into existence. It doesn’t refer to appearance at all. And when we say God created “us”, it means our spirits and souls, not our bodies. He created us in the now-moment using Light of Eternity. And he wants us to, in a responsible way, use that Light of Eternity to be co-creators with Him.

motion without time

Motion Without Time in Spiritual Worlds

Acts and Motion Without Time

“Just as Act is timeless, so there is no reason why Motion also should not primarily be timeless, time attaching to it only in so far as it happens to have such and such an extension.

“Timeless change is sanctioned in the expression, ‘as if change could not take place all at once’; if then change is timeless, why not motion also? Change, be it noted, is here distinguished from the result of change, the result being necessary to establish the change itself.

“We may be told that neither Act nor Motion requires a genus for itself, but that both revert to Relation. Act belongs to the potentially active, Motion to the potentially motive. Our reply is that Relation produces relatives as such, and not the mere reference to an external standard; given the existence of a thing, whether attributive or relative, it holds its essential character prior to any relationship so then must Act and Motion, and even such an attribute as habit; they are not prevented from being prior to any relationship they may occupy, or from being conceived in themselves. Otherwise, everything will be relative, for everything you think of—even soul—bears some relationship to something else.” ~Plotinus

Acts Without Time

It seems to be a contradiction to says that acts can happen without time, yet that is the case. When we are trapped in the realm of time, the world of matter, it is difficult to see how that is possible. We see that in order to act, there has to be a change, and time is nothing more than a convenient way to measure the constant change that is taking place around us. But what is true in the realm of matter is not true in spiritual realms. In those worlds, there is no time, no growing old, no death. Yet one must be able to perform acts in those realms or they would have no function, no purpose.

Motion Without Time

If it is difficult to consider that acts can happen without time, it is even harder to see motion happening without time. Once again, however, it does happen. The realms of spirit do not change in the same way that the physical world is constantly changing, yet motion does exist there. It may be a different kind of motion, yet it is motion. In some cases, this motion is constant, never changing, so not really a change at all. The flow of God’s Light is such a motion. It is constantly moving, yet is not subject to time. What is called The Breath of God, the life force that flows from God, is another motion. This motion is also constant and not subject to time. Continue reading “Motion Without Time in Spiritual Worlds”

future trouble

Future Trouble Has Future Solutions

“Let not things future trouble thee. For if necessity so require that they come to pass, thou shalt (whensoever that is) be provided for them with the same reason, by which whatsoever is now present, is made both tolerable and acceptable unto thee. All things are linked and knitted together. And the knot is sacred, neither is there anything in the world, that is not kind and natural in regard of any other thing, or, that hath not some kind of reference and natural correspondence with whatsoever is in the world besides. For all things are ranked together, and by that decency of its due place and order that that each particular does observe, they all occur together to the making of one and the same cosmos or world: as if you said, a comedy piece, or an orderly composition. For all things throughout, there is but one and the same order; and through all things, one and the same God, the same substance, the same law. There is one common reason, and one common truth, that belongs to all reasonable creatures, for neither is there save one perfection of all creatures that are of the same kind, and partakers of the same reason.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Future Trouble

Worrying about the future serves no purpose. That is the primary message of Aurelius in this “meditation”. He is saying that when you think about possible future events, future trouble, you are mixing apples and oranges. You are looking at the future event while considering how to handle it with your knowledge and abilities of today. He is saying that such an approach is bound to result in worries and concerns over future trouble when it shouldn’t. By the time the future event arrives, your skills, abilities, and knowledge will have changed. Events change as we change, and vice-versa. Continue reading “Future Trouble Has Future Solutions”


Unattainable Time, Persistence of Illusion

Unattainable Time

“Time is illusive, that is unattainable. If we try to take hold of it by looking at it from the outside, then we cannot even have ordinary refreshments1. When time is caught objectively in a serialization of past, present, and future, it is like trying to catch one’s own shadow. This is negating eternity constantly. The unatainable must be grasped from the inside. One has to live in it and with it. While moving and changing one must become the moving and changing. Emerson in

Brahma, sings of the eternal as ‘one’ in the changing and moving forms of time:

‘They reckon ill who leave me out: When me they fly. I am the wings; I am the doubter and the doubt. And I the hymn the Brahman sings.’

“Where the doubter and the doubt are one, there is Brahma as ‘the pattern of the eternal nature,’ which is God Himself. When the doubter and the doubt are separated and placed in the serialism of time, the dichotomy cuts into every moment of life darkening forever the light of eternity.

“’Living in the light of eternity’ is to get into the oneness and allness of things and to live with it.This is what the Japanese call ‘seeing things sona-mama‘, in their suchness, which in William Blake’s terma is to ‘hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.’” ~Daisetz Suzuki

Time is Illusive

Most of us take it for granted that time can be conveniently divided into past, present, and future. But when you try to get into detail, things get illusive. Specifically, when you try to define “the present”. I remember reading recently that according to one person, the “present” can be defined as a period of a few seconds. That is because it takes a few seconds after something occurs for our eyes to see it, transmit the images to the brain, get them interpreted, and react. But that seems to limit the definition of the present to human response. What about a computer that can execute thousands of commands in a second? If it just finished executing an instruction, doesn’t that instruction now become the past? In any case, my point is this. As technology has improved we can cut time into smaller and smaller pieces. This is resulting in what is called the present to get shorter and shorter. In addition, it is true that we are not aware of a thing until a second or two after it happens. So we can’t know anything about the present, only the recent past. So the idea of living in the present only is technically impossible. At best, we must live in the recent past. Continue reading “Unattainable Time, Persistence of Illusion”