subconscious computer

Subconscious Computer and Negative Thinking

“I want to preach a sermon to everybody, from this test, ‘Consider the lilies of the field,’ because it has nothing in it disagreeable to anybody. It is not a sermon of threat or of warning, but of hope. The world today needs more hope. We are a hopeless lot. We are so, principally, because in so much of the past preaching we have been told how bad we are, and what would happen to us if we kept on in our badness. We are so little told that we heave in us lots of goodness and power. … People who think badly of themselves are pretty sure to do badly. Scripture remarks, ‘As a man or woman thinketh, so is he or she.’ It is when a man thins poorly of himself, that he goes off and gets drunk, or does some mean thing. The pride that makes a man value himself is the pride that keeps him from mean and degrading acts. Our race is now on the point of being woke up to the fact that every man and every woman are the possessors of more powers than now they dream of, and that, when they know how to use these powers, they will steer out of all evil into good.” ~Prentiss Mulford

Sermon of Warning

I wouldn’t have called Mulford’s warning a sermon. That name alone turns off many people these days. That is, in part at least, for the very thing Mulford is talking about. We have preachers who love to tell us how evil we are. How we need to repent. And those who are not telling their congregation such things, are saying it of others. The gays are evil, the Mexicans are evil, the feminists are evil, etc. Any group that they think is not a significant part of their congregation is a potential target for these sermons of hate. Yet, in truth, many of these preachers don’t even hate the ones they are calling evil. They do it simply because it is what their congregation wants to hear. When you tell the congregation what they want to hear, they are more generous in their donations. And sadly, preaching has become more about making money then teaching truth.

When We Believe

Preachers are certainly not the only ones telling us negative things about ourselves. Teachers, parents, government officials, and others contribute also. This might be acceptable of they followed the negative comments with some positive ones, but they rarely do. Even when they do, it may be that they emphasize the negative, or keep the positive to something minor. Just to give an example, which is certainly not something I believe, if someone says, “Mexicans are all knife-wielding murderers, but they dress well,” they have said something positive as well as something negative. But the negative part greatly outweighs the positive, so the overall message is negative.

As Mulford notes, the real danger in all of this comes when we actually start to believe the negative things others say about us, either as an individual or as some group we belong to. It is bad enough that just listening to the negative things others say about us can, to some degree, program out subconscious minds, but when we start to affirm those negative opinions, we are really programming the subconscious mind.

Subconscious Computer

As someone who spent most of his adult life programming computers for a living, I know them fairly well. The thing about computers is that they have no conscience, no morals, no ethics. None at all. They accept everything that is programmed into them and act accordingly. That is how our subconscious mind works as well. It doesn’t judge right or wrong. It accepts anything that it is told as long as it doesn’t conflict with firm beliefs that have been programmed into it. If you keep telling it that you are stupid, it programs you to be stupid. If you tell it you are violent, it programs you to be violent. It is an idiot servant that does whatever you tell it to do. If you tell it, “my parents were poor, my grandparents were poor, so I am doomed to be poor,” it believes you and accepts those instructions and starts doing everything it can to make you stay poor. It’s like we are working against ourselves. But there is a solution.

Reprogramming the Subconscious Computer

The subconscious computer of our mind can be reprogrammed like any other computer. If the programs running on it are not doing what you want them to do, you can modify them or replace them entirely. But here’s where we find a difference between the subconscious computer and something from IBM or Microsoft. With physical computers, it is often far easier to make changes to an existing program rather than replacing it entirely. With the subconscious computer, it is the opposite. It is generally better to completely replace the existing program. Here is why.

With an electronic computer, there is no resistance to change built into it. With the subconscious, there is. When you try to change the subconscious a little at a time, it can find those changes inconsistent with other programming, and reject them. That is why modern psychiatry treats a problem for years and still rarely succeeds in changing a person. They try to modify rather than replace. Other methods that replace have greater success. I have experienced such a method personally. Several years ago, I attended a weekend workshop for Psych-K, a program that uses a form of applied Kinesiology. In just one weekend, I was able to lose a fear of heights. That was because the method replaced the fear program with one of confidence.

Point of Being Awakened

Mulford is correct in saying that we are on the point of being “woke up,” as he put it. He was talking primarily about something mental, but the real awakening is more spiritual. While that subconscious computer does cause many of our problems, it gets much help from the conscious ego. But the best way to get both of those problems solved is awakening the spirit and soul. A fully awakened and conscious soul can take control of the mind. It can keep the ego on a lease, allegorically speaking. It can probably help control the subconscious computer as well. And since spiritual development is more important than physical or mental, it can help reprogram that difficult subconscious computer so that it places spiritual needs at the top of the priority stack.

worldly thoughts

Worldly Thoughts Drag Us Down

“The thoughts of the world drag the mind down to earthly and corruptible things, and do not suffer it to love God or to remember the Lord. And oftentimes, on the other hand, the unlearned man goes to prayer, and bends the knee, and his mind enters into rest, and deep as he may dig and get below, the wall of evil that withstands him breaks down, and he enters into vision and wisdom, where potentates and wise men and orators cannot penetrate to understand and know the delicacy of his mind, since he is engrossed in divine mysteries. One who is inexperienced in judging of hearts does not know how to value them, for lack of experience. Well, Christians abhor the glorious things of the earth, and account them but dung in comparison with the magnificence of those things—a magnificence which works effectually in them. …

“The adversary never ceases from warring. Satan is merciless in his hatred of men; therefore he never shirks from warring against every man. But he is not seen to set upon all to the same degree.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Worldly Thoughts

Yes, worldly thoughts can drag down the mind. More importantly, they can drag down the spirit and soul. But we can’t live in a material world and not think about material things. We would not be able to hold a job, have a home, or even eat if we never thought about worldly things. The trick for the spiritual person is to function in the physical world, but without becoming attached to it. We must think about worldly things, but not let them rule the mind.

Corruptible Things

Macarius calls those worldly things “corruptible”. Usually, we only see that word used in reference to people. Children can be corrupted into becoming thieves or murderers. But things are corruptible because they rot, they age, they rust away. Nothing physical is permanent. Even mountains are worn down by wind and rain. So we don’t want our worldly thoughts to become attached to the temporary and corruptible.

The Unlearned Man

The person who is not well educated often has an advantage when it comes to awakening his spiritual self. He has fewer beliefs and preconceptions that serve to block out the truth that doesn’t agree with those beliefs. The other side of that coin, however, is that the educated person can more easily understand the material that comes through to him when his spiritual faculties are awakened. So both have advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps a good solution would be for the well-educated person to work together with the unlearned one. Then both could learn and comprehend the new spiritual things they are learning. Continue reading “Worldly Thoughts Drag Us Down”

thought vibration

Thought Vibration and Dealing with It

“In the first place, though we are constantly affected more or less by the multitude of psychic vibrations beating upon us, still the greater part of them do not consciously impress us. For an example, we have but to consider how few of the sounds or sights of a busy street are impressed upon our consciousness. We here and see only a few of the things which attract our attention and interest. The rest are lost to us, although our eyes and ears receive them all. In the same way, we are impressed only by the stronger vibrations which reach us, and then only by those which we have attracted to ourselves, or which prove attractive to us by reason of our own likes and dislikes.

“In the second place, the effect of certain thought vibrations is neutralized by the effect of the vibrations of thoughts of an opposite character. Just as a mixture of black and white produces the neutral color of gray.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Psychic Thought Vibration

Thoughts do create energy, and energy does work. The idea that you can make anything you want become real, known today as “manifesting,” is popular. The quote concentrates more on how incoming thought energy affects each of us.

Could you imagine how horrible it would be if every thought we received was allowed to affect our behavior? The guy across the street thinks that he needs to go to the library, and the thought hits you and you turn and head to the library. But you only get a few feet, and another thought hits you and you turn to the donut shop instead. Then before reaching Donut Dude’s, you jump into a cab and head off to work because of another thought picked up. At this rate, you would never get anywhere. Fortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Just as street noise gets all mixed together into a fairly neutral drone that we hardly notice, the thoughts of hundreds of other people bombarding our subconscious mind constantly become so mixed together they become jumbled and meaningless. That is a good thing. The only thoughts that do have an effect are those which we strongly agree with, and those that are sent with must stronger energy than average.

Universal Thought Vibration

So many people today have fallen for the idea that the universe exists for no other purpose than to be our servant and do whatever we want it to do. And, of course, it will do that without any charge whatsoever.

If a person standing on a street corner in a city is bombarded with the conflicting thoughts of hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals, think how much more confused it is for this being they call “the universe”. Billions of people are sending thoughts out into the universe. Yet, the universe, which is believed to be able to do anything, is supposed to sort them all out and make them all happen. What happens when they conflict? If a thousand are wishing to be president, they can’t all get their wish granted. How doe this Mr. Universe decide?

The Universe is Conscious

If you do believe that this Universe can do such wonderful things than you have to believe that this Universe is intelligent, conscious. That, at least, is true. In fact, the Universe, which is just the name some people use for God when they fear religion for some reason, is All Consciousness. The source and be-all of consciousness. We are mere bricks in the wall of consciousness. The universe is the entire wall. So guess what? If that great consciousness wants something to happen, it will. It doesn’t have to get your permission. It doesn’t care if it conflicts with your personal wishes. It’s thought vibration creates everything. And Universe will do exactly as it pleases. It isn’t because it is bossy or arrogant. It is because it is all-knowing. When you know everything, you know what is the right thing to do in any situation. So God/Universe does what it knows should be done. It takes no orders from us. But if you do want God’s help, here is the way to get the help you need. Say “God, (Universe, if you prefer) give me what I most need at this time.”

“But,” you might ask, “what about those who insist that manifesting their thought vibrations has worked for them on several occasions.” The answer is that it is often just a coincidence. But when it is really manifesting, the one granting your wish isn’t God, the Universe, or even a genie. It’s the Devil or Demiurge. This is especially true if you are asking for material things. The Lord of matter, called the Demiurge by Gnostics, is happy to grant such wishes. And put it on your tab. And when He decides your bill is due and he comes to collect, he will choose what he wants in payment, not you.

psychic vibrations

Psychic Vibrations and the Truth About Manifesting

“The next question asked by the thoughtful new student is this: If persons are constantly sending forth psychic vibrations and if such vibrations persist for some time, why are we not overwhelmed with the force of them; and why are they not all so mixed up as to lose all their effect. I shall now answer this very important question.

“In the first place, though we are constantly affected more or less by the multitude of psychic vibrations beating upon us, still the greater part of them do not consciously impress us. … We are impressed only by the stronger vibrations which reach us, and then only by those which we attract to ourselves, or which prove attractive to us by reason of our own likes and dislikes.

“In the second place, the effect of certain thought vibrations is neutralized by the effect of the vibrations of thoughts of the opposite character. Just as the mixture of black and white produce the neutral color of gray, so do the currents of opposing thought vibrations tend to resolve themselves into neutral vibration which has little or no effect upon those coming in contact with them.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Thoughtful Student

The thoughtful student of a spiritual school should ask questions. In fact, the students of just about any school should ask questions. That is how we get the information that is of most interest to us. It is also one way in which the instructor can judge the effectiveness of his teaching. And the term “Thoughtful Student” does imply that the person is able to think, and not just memorize facts and opinions presented by the teacher.

Psychic Vibrations

One question the thoughtful student should have when reading the quote above is What’s the difference between thoughts and psychic vibrations. The answer is nothing. It’s just that in this section Atkinson wants to emphasize that thoughts have power. They affect other people and the world around us. They even affect animals and plants. So in that sense, they can be called psychic. So psychic vibrations are thoughts, especially directed thoughts.

Directed Thoughts and Manifestation

For at least the last several decades, many writers and motivational speakers have promoted the concept of controlling our world by controlling our thoughts. They create programs and concepts such as Positive Thinking, Visualizing, and manifesting. Manifesting seems to be the currently popular variation.

While I haven’t read the many popular books on the subject of manifestation, I get the concept from discussions in social media groups. Most of those groups are supposed to be spiritual. Somehow, these people think that manifestation is a spiritual “gift”. It is not that manifestation doesn’t work, it is that it is oversimplified to the point of being nonsense.

Directed thought can help us get what we want. But as noted in the above quote, there is a huge catch to it. The catch is that your thoughts are not traveling through a thought vacuum. They are traveling with the thoughts of millions of others.

Let’s look at a simple example. Suppose there are only two people. And in the area where they live, there is an area of fruit trees. They both like to eat the fruit from the trees. Now suppose they are both equal in mental strength. And suppose both are greedy. They each want that grove of fruit trees for themselves. They both practice manifestation exercises. They both send out thought that the grove belongs to them alone. What happens? Nothing. Because their thoughts conflict, they cancel each other out and nothing happens. Now think of similar situations with millions of people sending out conflicting thoughts. That is why manifesting fail for the vast majority who try it. It isn’t because you are doing it wrong.

But there is a way for manifestation to work. First, build up your mental strength and psychic vibrations by taking in more energy. Second, work with a group of others to try to manifest the same thing. And the most powerful of all, try manifesting according to the plan of God. Nothing can make your manifesting efforts more effective than having God and the Angels on your side.

Those We Attract

Atkinson says the psychic vibrations that will affect us are those that are strongest, and those we attract to ourselves. This is a very logical conclusion. Suppose you have two magnets and a piece of iron. Hold one of the magnets to the piece of iron, and they are pulled together with a certain amount of strength. But put the south pole of one magnet close to the north pole of the other, and they are pulled together with a lot more strength. So the thoughts and vibrations you attract will mostly be those you agree with or those you desire.

Here’s where it gets tricky, though. You will also attract to your thoughts and vibrations that agree with your beliefs. It doesn’t matter if those beliefs are true or false, they attract anyway. Therefore, you often find your false beliefs being backed by the thing you attract to you. And true information that conflicts with your beliefs rarely reaches you. So you continue is holding the false belief. That is why most spiritual schools teach that you must develop an open mind and get rid of beliefs for which you have no actual proof.

Group Effort

The most effective way to get manifestation to actually work is to do it as a group effort. It also helps if some members of the group are advanced spiritual adepts. They know how to bring in extra energy from the sun and use it to make their psychic vibration far more powerful than those of the average person. And those people will naturally be following the Will of God, so as already mentioned, that will give them assistance from the spiritual worlds of light. This is a combination that not only works, but it is also unbeatable.

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