power of helpful thought

Power of Helpful Thought for Good

Power of Helpful Thought

“The corner-stone in the power and charm of a persons thought is this, expressed in words, ‘I want to help you in whatever way I can. I want to help build you up. I want to help you to better health, to better business, to the place where you really belong, to the position where your talents may most shine.’ If this thought is sincere, it carries immense power. It will always be drawing more power to you, because every additional person’s goodwill you so draw and fasten to you is an additional unseen rill of life feeding yours. It is a rill of substance, thought unseen, as real as the elements we do see. Goodwill of others is constructive thought. It helps build ua up. It is good for your body. … It is the real ‘elixir of life.’ The more of such thought you attract to you, the more life you will have. …

“ if you send out a contrary order of thought, you draw to you from them the poisonous ans destructive elements.These will hurt your body. Persons in this way are literally hated to death. The ill-will of many people fixed on one man can injure that man’s health. It has killed many. It can injure no one if they oppose it with the thought of goodwill.” ~Prentice Mulford

Power and Charm of Thought

Many people don’t realize that what you are thinking when you interface with other people is just as important as what you say and do. While the effect of negative thought may not be obvious and dramatic, there nonetheless is an effect. And if you are speaking in a positive way to a person, yet thinking negative thoughts about them, they can often sense this on a subconscious level and will realize that you are not being sincere.

It is understandable why people say positive things when they are thinking contrary thoughts, but it should be avoided as much as possible. We live in a society where being honest and saying what you think is not encourages if it isn’t positive. Instead, we are taught to say something positive, no matter what we think. This turns us into a race of hypocrites. What should be done is for each of us to examine our negative thinking and try to correct it so our thoughts will be just as positive as our words. That is what the power of helpful thought is all about. Continue reading “Power of Helpful Thought for Good”

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Divine Thought Brings Divine Change

“If you perceive a single Divine Thought in yourself, it is worth not a million, but billions. In the future, it will be a tremendous fortune.

“If you want honor from people, honor them. If you want Love from people, love them.

“Think about God every day. Not about what He is. Just think about Him, because when you do, something nice will come in you. Just think of the Lord. He is the best. He is the image of Love, like the sun that rises. Do not think that he will judge you. If you remember Him every day, right away something will come in you that will stimulate your heart. After your heart gets stimulated, then your mind, your soul, and your strength will get stimulated.

“You have painted a picture. Critique the picture, but not yourself. Do not critique your gift! Make another picture and correct yourself. You cannot correct and critique each and every action of yours, but of yourself ever say ‘I am an ungifted person’ or ‘ I am a bad person.’ You can say, ‘My deed could be bad in that particular case, but I am not bad. The picture may not be good, but that does not show that I am ungifted. I just have not paid enough attention.’” ~Biensa Douno

A Single Divine Thought

What is the difference between a Divine Thought and an ordinary thought? The source. A Divine Thought can come from a higher level being such as an Angel communicating with us. It can also come from us reaching a higher level of consciousness where we can obtain such knowledge directly. Either way, these divine thoughts are coming from something external, not internal. While going within may help us relax our mind so that we can more easily receive Divine Thoughts, those thoughts are still coming from outside ourselves.

If You Want Honor and Love

What Douno says here about honor and love is generally true, but not always. In any case, some might argue, “If you only get honor from those you honor, love from those you love, why should I go first? When others start to honor and love me, I will be the one to return it?” They would have a point based on what Douno says in the quote. But it is not that simple. It is not a matter of exchanging gifts like kids at a Christmas or Valentine’s Day party. What he is really saying is that if you wish to have honors, you must be an honorable person and if you wish to be loved, you must be a loving person. This is not a place where opposites attract. Instead, loving people are attracted to loving people, honorable people are attracted to other honorable people, spiritual people are attracted to other spiritual people. Continue reading “Divine Thought Brings Divine Change”


Thought-Substance is Powerful Energy

“When interest, sympathy, and good will meet to present pleasantly their opinions or thoughts on any special subject to each other, for an hour, there goes from that company a wave of thought-substance, which strikes other minds, and awakens or renews interest in that especial business, art, or cause, in proportion to the sensitiveness or capacity of such minds to receive thoughts. The new thought coming suddenly to you, comes because somewhere it is being talked out or agitated.

“The wave so caused acts n unseen elements precisely like that made by throwing a stone in calm water. The waves so radiate from the talk center; and they will continue to spread out in every direction. …

‘The same idea, or parts or shades of that idea, may float into a thousand minds within an hour, when once started, through a few people taking it. … Through thought-substance so sent far and wide you awaken desire or interest for the thing talked of.” ~Prentice Mulford

Wave of Thought-Substance

Mulford uses the term “thought-substance” to make it clear that thought is a substance. More accurately, it is an energy and energy does work. That is a basic law of science we all learned in grade school. Thought-substance or thought energy does work just as any other energy does. The main difference is that with most other kinds of energy, we are intentionally using that energy to do a specific task. We intentionally hit the nail with a hammer. The hammer doesn’t just jump up on its own and start hitting the nail. But with thought, most of us are unaware of the work being done by that energy.

A curious argument on the power of thought-substance exists today. While many insist that watching violent movies and television, or playing violent video games, leads to increased violence in our world, the makers of those products deny it. Yet, at the same time, meditation groups sponsor events where thousands of people meditate for peace together and the result is that crime and violence in the area drops dramatically. Unfortunately, that drop is temporary. Yet, it does demonstrate that thought energy does do work. And further, it shows that that energy can be directed to do a specific task. Continue reading “Thought-Substance is Powerful Energy”

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New Thought and the Laws of Thought

“New thought or idea brings strength o body as well as mind. For this reason,the real, active intellect of the world lives longer. … Increased knowledge of the laws of thought (that great silent force in nature) will, in the future, enable the spirit to use its body, not only in full, but ever-increasing possession of its mental and physical powers.

“People’s bodies decay and lose vigor through thinking continually the same set of thoughts. Thought is food for your spirit as much as is bread food for the body. Old thought is literally old, stale substance or element. It does not properly nourish the spirit. If the spirit is starved, the body will suffer. … If the spirit be sufficiently strong to assert its demands caused by the gnawings of its hunger, there will be perpetual unrest.” ~Prentice Mulford

New Thought

Since Mulford wrote the quoted text about a hundred years ago, there has been much progress in understanding thought. While much is still unknown, we do know a few things. One is that mental deterioration of the elderly can be slowed down, if not entirely prevented, by continually learning new things and using the brain. Another is that we tend to become stagnant, both physically and mentally, when we stop learning. Mulford says the active intellect lives longer. That is likely true.

More important than the length of life is the quality of it. In the business world, particularly in regard to job interviews, they say that managers must remember that one year of experience ten times over is not the same as ten years of experience. This is something often forgotten in modern interviews. What it means is that even if you have done something for ten years, doesn’t mean you have ten years of learning. You may have learned enough to do the job in one year, then stopped learning. This principle is even more important in life than in job qualifications. New thought means you’re not just recycling old ideas in a new package. Continue reading “New Thought and the Laws of Thought”