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Give Thanks to God and to The Spiritual Sun

“In the first year, mistress of treasure and filled with blessings, let the Cherubin give thanks with us, they who bear the Son in glory, …
In the second year let the Seraphim multiply thanksgiving with us; …
In the third year, let Michael and his hosts give thanks with us; …
In the forth year let all the heavens give thanks with us! …
In the fifth year let the Sun that burns the earth with its heat—give thanks to our Sun that he straitened His largeness—and tempered his force that the eye might endure to see Him; the inward eye of a pure soul; blessed be His radiance!” ~St. Ephraim the Syrian

Give Thanks to God

W have many things to be thankful for, even those of us who suffer greatly in the world of matter. On the level of matter: we may be poor, but we can be thankful for a healthy body; we may be uneducated, but we can be thankful for common sense and intuition that helps guide us. On a higher level, even if we are poor, uneducated, and not particularly strong or healthy, we can be thankful for our immortal spirit and soul. Of course, it is hard to be thankful for them if we let them lie dormant and never make the effort to—with God’s help—awaken them and make use of them. Continue reading “Give Thanks to God and to The Spiritual Sun”


Gnostic Prayer of Thanksgiving

“This is the prayer they offered:
We thank you,
every soul and heart reaches out to you,
O name free of trouble,
honored with the designation God,
praised with the designation Father,
To all and all things come fatherly kindness
and affection and love.
And if the instruction is sweet and simple,
it grants us mind, word, and knowledge:
mind, that we may understand you,
word, that we may interpret you,
knowledge, that we may know you.
We are happy,
enlightened by your knowledge.
We are happy.
You have taught us about yourself.
We are happy.
While we were still in the body
you have made us divine through your knowledge.
The thanksgiving of those approaching you is only this:
that we know you.
We have known you,
light of mind.
Life of life,
we have known you. …
Eternal constancy of the father who conceives,
so have we worshiped your goodness.
We ask one favor:
we wish to be sustained in knowledge.
We desire one protection:
that we not stumble in this life.”
~The Prayer of Thanksgiving from the Nag Hamadi Codex

Thank You Word Cloud in vector formatI know this isn’t Thanksgiving, but we have reasons to be thankful at all times. Besides, I just read this prayer, so I’m going to write about it. For those of us seeking spiritual enlightenment, we especially have reason to thank God and Christ for all they give us. It appears that some part of this prayer are addressed to Christ, while other lines are addressed to the Father.

The prayers starts by saying that souls and hearts reach out to God. This is, of course, very much true. It is impossible to have an awakened soul and not feel obligated and thankful to God so those who deny that God exists (with no proof, of course) are saying that they have failed to awaken their souls and are therefore no more than simple animals, without realizing it. Continue reading “Gnostic Prayer of Thanksgiving”


Thanksgiving 2014

I have much to be thankful for, as do all of us if we think about it and look at the positive rather than the negative:

For starters, of course, I am thankful to be alive at age 66. Many don’t make it that far.

I am thankful that I have made it this far in fairly good health. I do take drugs for high blood pressure (more on that later).

I am thankful that I had the good sense to recognize at the beginning of this year that I was getting dangerously obese. Further, I am thankful that I had the good sense and willpower to do something about it. I joined a fitness center where I work out 3 times a week, stopped eating junk food and switched to a diet of mostly fresh organic fruits and vegetable and lean meat and fish (also organic when I can find it). A few months ago, I added long walks to this lifestyle change. I have lost 70 pounds and feel much better. I stopped taking one of the two blood pressure drugs several months ago and I’m now taking only half a pill of the other each day, yet keeping my pressure down simply because of the weight loss and some breathing exercises that lower blood pressure and also help you lose weight.

I am thankful for good friends and relative. myspace graphic comments
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