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Spiritual Nobleman Gains Spiritual Truth

“Eckhart quotes John, 19:12, ‘A certain nobleman went out into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return.’ ‘The nobleman’ means, according to Eckhart, ‘a person who submits completely to God, giving up all he is and has’; ‘to go out’ means that he ‘has nothing more to do with vanity … to the extent that he is now pure being, goodness, and truth’; and then he has ‘daybreak knowledge in which creatures are perceived without distinctions.’ But, according to Eckhart, this knowledge is not enough, the nobleman is to be completely free of all forms of knowledge. And then Eckhart continues, ‘There will be no blessings except a man be conscious of his vision and knowledge of God …’.

“Eckhart is here deeply involved in contradiction, He praises knowledge, then repudiates it, and finally takes it up again as the thing desired. … The soul must ‘look at God without anything between’ and ‘receive its being and life and draw its essence from the core of God.’ … Eckhart seems to be using knowledge in two different senses, one is the relative and the other is the absolute. Hence this apparent confusion.” ~Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki (inner quotes by Meister Eckhart)

Spiritual Nobleman

The spiritual master known as Meister Eckhart says that the nobleman referred to in John 19 is actually the spiritual adept, the one who submits completely to God. This doesn’t mean a loss of self or the destruction of the individual ego as some claim. It simply means putting God’s Law and God’s Divine Plan above personal desires and wishes. Today, this idea is laughed at by many. We pay homage to one who is willing to give his life for his country, but laugh at the person who dedicates their life to God.

Into a Far Country

The far country reached by the spiritual nobleman is the spiritual dimension. Close or far in the physical sense has no meaning here. Physically, they are located right here, everywhere, so there is no physical distance at all. Yet they are distant places to us because we have sunk so far into matter that many cannot even accept the existence of the spiritual anymore. On a mental and vibration level, we have moved far away from such places. We moved, they didn’t. To get back to the far country, we need to become open-minded again, especially about spiritual matters, and we need to raise our frequencies. We raise our frequencies by taking in energy and the best energy to take in flows from the spiritual sun. Continue reading “Spiritual Nobleman Gains Spiritual Truth”

Dynamic geometry

Dynamic Geometry and Learning Truth

“Teachers in the centers of education throughout the ancient world, such as that founded by Pythagoras at Croton, understood that is is impossible for anyone to learn anything until he has experienced its truth for himself, and therefore set their pupils to practice the arts of dynamic geometry and numerology in order to exercise the faculty of intuition, through which may be apprehended the essential laws of cosmic motion. In these institutions personal opinions and systems of belief, however ingeniously contrived, were disregarded. The conflict of ideas was seen as one manifestation of the perpetual interaction of elemental forces, and decisions were not reached simply in accordance with the expediency of the time; every feature of existence was determined by reference to a living canon of proportion, formed after the perfect model of the cosmos, and also reflecting the structure of the human mind.” ~John Michell

Teachers of Experience

The primary function of the teachers in the ancient mystery schools was to show their students how to learn truth through experience. For the most part, the students were not taught spiritual facts, but instead were taught to awaken their own spiritual faculties so they could learn those facts through experience. There are two primary reasons for doing it this way. First, the student is more likely to accept the truth if he experiences it for himself. Second, the words to properly express the truth simply don’t exist. Language was created to deal with the world of matter, not spirit. When you try to explain spiritual things in language that doesn’t fit, you get distortion and misunderstandings.

Dynamic Geometry

What does Michell mean by “dynamic geometry”? How can geometry be dynamic? It is dynamic when it is more than just a branch of mathematics.cross of forces

In the Pythagorean school, geometry was studied as a spiritual subject as well as a physical one. The shapes of geometric figures was considered to be the language of the soul. Viewing certain shapes helped waken the dormant spiritual faculties in man. These faculties, in turn, often communicated with the brain-mind using geometry.

I remember having dreams where the sky was full of flying saucers and they were forming groups in basic geometric shapes. I had that dream several times, which is usually an indication that the dream is conveying important information. Yet they all happened long before I learned that geometry is the language of the soul. The earliest known symbol for God uses two simple geometric shapes. Its a circle representing the sun with a simple cross over it. Ancient writings often mention various shapes, and few realize that it is an attempt to communicate something to the soul.


We can exercise our intuition in many ways. Understanding the meaning of geometric shapes is just one of them, but an important one. Understanding how these basic shapes relate to the structure of the universe and the forces that control it is even more important. Intuition helps us understand dynamic geometry and dynamic geometry helps strengthen intuition. Continue reading “Dynamic Geometry and Learning Truth”

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Cosmogonies and Teachers of Righteousness

“The founders of the great cosmogonies did not give mankind these teachings from some vague feeling. They gave them for the good reason that they were initiates. Out of their knowledge dis they shape the moral teachings. They knew how these would act upon the finer nature of man, and desired that their followers should gradually achieve the development of this finer nature. … Self-perfection is by no means self-seeking, for the imperfect man is an imperfect servant of the world and of humanity. The more perfect a man is, the better does he serve the world.
“The founders of the great cosmogonies are therefore the great initiates. Their teaching flow into the souls of men, and thus, with humanity, the whole world moves forward. Quite consciously did they work to further this evolutionary process of humanity.” ~Rudolf Steiner

The Great Cosmogonies

Whether we are talking about the founders of great schools of philosophy like Pythagoras and Plato, or the founders of great religions like Jesus and Buddha, it is clear to those who are real students of spirituality that they were initiates. I don’t know what school, if any, Buddha belonged to, but it is fairly clear now that Jesus was a member of the Essenes. Some of them came here as initiates already, yet studied under existing schools to give legitimacy to their teachings.

But why call these schools cosmogonies? They are cosmogonies because they deal with the true origins of the universe, the dimensions of matter, and the dimensions of spirit. These people didn’t limit themselves to studying only the third dimension as most scientists do, so didn’t come to false conclusions that don’t explain the rest of reality. They are cosmogonies because they delve deeply into the origins of matter, the universe, and man. In so doing, they show us the path to returning to the realm of spirit where death and destruction do not exist. Continue reading “Cosmogonies and Teachers of Righteousness”

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Four Attributes of the Spiritual Adept or Student

“In esoteric training there is the question of four attributes which must be acquired on the so-called preparatory path for the attainment of higher knowledge. The first is the faculty of discriminating in thought between truth and appearance or mere opinion. The second attribute is the correct estimation of what is inwardly true and and real, as against what is merely apparent. The third rest in the practice of the six qualities …: thought-control, control of actions, perseverance, tolerance, faith, and equanimity. The fourth attribute is the love of inner freedom.
“A mere intellectual understanding of what is included in these attributes is of no value. They must be so incorporated into the soul that they form the basis of inner habits.”~Rudolf Steiner

Esoteric Training

A number of quotes that I have used on my blog recently mention Esoteric Training, Spiritual Training, or Mystical Training. This is something that should be noticed by all. None of the ancient mystery schools believed that it was likely that someone working entirely on his own would gain all the knowledge necessary to become fully enlightened. Yes, we all have to walk that path ourselves. In the beginning, however, we need teachers to show us the direction to start in, how to “walk” that path, and how to protect ourselves from those forces and beings that seek to stop anyone from following the path.

We need to be part of a spiritual community and students in a spiritual school.

Four Attributes

I’m sure there are other teachers who would disagree with Mr. Steiner on what the four attributes are and even how many there are. Exactly how you break it up doesn’t matter. What matters is making sure that you are doing all the things Steiner (and others) recommend for continued spiritual growth.

Discriminating Attribute

It is interesting that this should be what Steiner considers the first of the four attributes. Sadly, we are living in a time when many people cannot tell truth from fiction, fact from opinion. What is worse is that many don’t seem to care. As long as you tell them exactly what they want to hear, they don’t care if its true or not.

That attitude may work for the person wrapped up in the material world with no concern for what lies beyond. For the spiritual student, it is unacceptable. We need to use our mind and our intuition together to avoid the trap of living lies and opinions. Continue reading “Four Attributes of the Spiritual Adept or Student”