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Spiritual Task of Spiritual Man

“Man’s task must be entirely sought for on this earth, and everyone desiring to shirk his earthly task and to escape into another world may be certain he will never reach his goal. Yet what the senses perceive is only part of the world, and it is in the spirit world that the beings dwell who express themselves in the facts of the physical world. Man must become a partaker of the spirit in order to carry its revelations into the physical world. He transforms the earth by implanting in it what he has ascertained in the spiritual world. That is his task.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Spiritual Catch-22

You would think that the more you want to become spiritual and be pure spirit, the more you will accomplish toward that goal. But the catch is you have to do much of the work while still here in the physical realm,and help other do the same. If you don’t than as Steiner says, your quest to reach higher realms will fail.

There is a simple reason for this requirement (or spiritual task) which few are willing to accept: Heaven’s Gate will not open for one individual. It won’t even open for a group. It will open only for the entire human race, or at least all who are willing to accept that they are actually spiritual beings.

Spiritual Beings

Nearly everyone understands that spiritual beings live in the spiritual worlds or dimensions. What many don’t understand is that there are different types of spiritual beings in different dimensions. Just “above” us in the forth dimension we find spiritual beings who have much influence on us. Many foolish people seek out these forth dimension beings thinking they are making spiritual progress by doing so. But the forth dimension is the realm of demons, devils, and dark beings. They are not there to help you grow. They are their to help keep you trapped in the third dimension while living off your life force like spiritual vampires.

The fifth dimension is also home to spiritual beings. It is higher than the forth dimension and the beings in it are of a higher caliber in several ways. This is the realm of angels and light beings. These are the beings who want to help us advance spiritually. These are the one to seek out. That is our spiritual task. But they only help and advise,they won’t do all the heavy lifting for you. Continue reading “Spiritual Task of Spiritual Man”