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Great Book of Doves: a Brilliant Symbol

“Many centuries before Helena Blavatsky, in the pre-Christian times of Kievan Rus, there were legends that have descended to our days concerning the existence of the Great Book known as the Book of Doves. There are more than twenty versions of legends about it, many of which were altered to fit the Christian worldview. The prominent Russian artist Nicholas Roerich, who is known to have had access to the same sources as Blavatsky, even created two paintings dedicated to the legend of the Book of Doves. According to tradition, this Book fell from the Heavens on the White Mountain to the burning Alatyr Stone on the White Island of Buyan, which is ‘destined to rest amidst the bottomless ocean ever since the beginning of time.’28 It was written in the language of the birds by one of the Supreme Gods of the Slavic mythology, who later became associated with Christ. Hence the Book’s name, which could also mean ‘profound’ or ‘wise’ in the Old Slavic language. Legend has it that many kings from all over the world came to see it, but no one could read it. And those few people who could, ‘read the Book for exactly three years and read exactly three pages.’29 In every myth, the Book of Doves is called the Mother of all books, for ‘the entire Wisdom of the World is concealed in it, and it contains knowledge about the origin of the world and humanity.” ~Zinovia Dushkova

Great Book of Doves

I had never heard of this Book of Doves until I read the above quote. I find it intriguing that there are legends and poems about this book, yet no copies of the book are found. Perhaps that is because it was a secret book held closely by mystery schools and never shared. It may be because this legendary book is pure fantasy. Or perhaps like many other legends and myths, it is but a symbol of something quite real. We might track down what it might symbolize by looking at the usual symbology of references to books and doves.

Dove Symbology

I don’t think anyone can doubt that doves are often symbolic references to something else. The dove of peace is used to symbolize the end of a war or an agreement that prevents war. Other references say that it symbolized, in some places, the mother goddess. Relating to that interpretation, it can also symbolize, fertility, procreation, or other aspects of the feminine. And when we see fertility symbols, we must remember that they are often used to also represent the rebirth or awakening of the human soul. In Christianity, it often represents the holy spirit or one who has been spiritually awakened by the holy spirit. Due to the tale of Noah sending a dove out to find dry land after the flood, it has also come to symbolize a message from God.

Another site about symbols says the dove is often a symbol of freedom and loyalty. Also, they say, many cultures considered it a symbol of eternal life. It also symbolizes innocence and affection. Several of the ancient Greek gods had a dove as their symbol.

Book Symbology

Some book symbolism is obvious. Books are used in teaching and in self-education, therefore, they often symbolize learning. Saints and holy persons are often depicted holding a book, usually open. This is symbolic of education or gaining knowledge and wisdom. If the book is a Bible, it may symbolize devotion to God. A number of educational companies have a book in their logo. Books can also represent truth or judgment. A book with a judge’s gavel is almost as common a symbol of law as are old fashioned scales.

Books are a form of record keeping. As such, they may symbolize access to some hidden source of historical knowledge, sometimes very ancient knowledge. They can symbolize self-expression and communication. That can be communicating with others or your own higher (spiritual) self. To dream of a library or room full of books indicate that you are seeking hidden knowledge, or that you should be. Dreaming of a scrapbook might mean that you are too caught up in the past and need to let go. Dreaming of a cookbook might mean that you need to find (cook up) a solution to a problem.

Book of Doves Symbolism

So when we put all of these symbols for books and doves together to get the symbolism for the Book of Doves, we get a great picture. Knowledge, truth, learning, peace, growth, and rebirth. Those are the most common words we see in the symbols of each. We get a picture of something that is educational but on a spiritual level. It is an education of truth and wisdom rather than one promoting the Great Illusion of the material world. It is that book that educates the soul rather than the brain-mind.

To me, this can only mean one thing. The Book of Doves is a symbol of the Spiritual Sun. It is the light of the spiritual sun that awakens and nourishes the spirit and soul. It is that light that transmits universal truth and wisdom to us. These transmissions of light can be understood only by an awakened soul. This sounds much like what the Book of Doves is said to be in the legends.

This awakening of the soul by the spiritual light is what Jesus and others meant by rebirth. “We must be born again,” means a spiritual rebirth, the awakening of the spirit and soul. This certainly ties in with the symbolism of the dove. This light educates the soul with truth and wisdom, no deception possible. So when you put this all together, I don’t see how this Great Book of Doves can be anything else but a reference to the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness.

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The Great University of the Coming Golden Age

“The great university will be divided into grades, admission to which will be through preliminary tests or initiations. Here mankind will be instructed in the most sacred, the most secret, and the most enduring of all Mysteries—Symbolism. The initiate will be taught that every visible object, every abstract thought, every emotional reaction is but the symbol of an eternal principle. Here mankind will learn that Chiram (Truth) lies buried in every atom of Cosmos; that every form is a symbol and every symbol the tomb of an eternal verity. Through education—spiritual, mental, moral, and physical—man will learn to release living truths from their lifeless coverings.

“The perfect government of the earth must be patterned after the divine government by which the universe is ordered. In that day when perfect order is reestablished, … men will no longer seek for happiness, for they shall find it welling up within themselves. … Then shall sages sit upon the seats of the mighty and the gods walk with men.” ~Manly P Hall

The Great University

This university will have a spiritual orientation rather than a material one. It will be a university that meets the original definition of that word, which is a school that teaches universal truth. It will be controlled by spiritual masters rather than politicians and corporate leaders. They will not have the task of turning people into compliant workers, but of helping them awaken their creative spiritual powers. It will help lead them on the path, but it will not walk it for them. Each of us must eventually walk the True Path himself. The True Path, not one we make up ourselves in our own limited mind.

Hidden Truth

Truth does lie hidden in every atom, in every beam of light. Truth is often right in front of us. But symbols hide its true meaning. The allegory in the Bible,

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Monstrance By LaRedCultural – Own work

the Upanishads, and other sacred writings. The symbolism in objects, such as the monstrance found in many Christian churches. They use it but don’t realize that it is a symbol of the spiritual sun.

Foolish people laugh at the incredible tales found in the Bible, thinking they are meant to be taken literally. They don’t understand that it doesn’t matter one way or the others if these tales are literally true or not. The symbolism hidden within those tales is what matters. Much like the symbolism hid within all great myths such as the myth of the Hero, which I covered in a recent post.

Most of all, though, virtually everything in the realm of matter is a symbol. That is because matter is temporary, not real. Therefore, it must symbolize something real that is generating it, or that it was generated from. It is our job to learn to see beyond the symbols to the reality they represent. The great university will help us understand those symbols and allegories. Continue reading “The Great University of the Coming Golden Age”

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Image Reminders for Mind and Soul

“The initiates of old warned their disciples that an image is not a reality but merely the objectification of a subjective idea. The images of the gods were not not designed to be objects of worship but were to be regarded merely as emblems or reminders of invisible powers and principles. Similarly, the body of man must not be considered as the individual but only as the house of the individual, in the same manner that the temple was the House of God. In a state of grossness and perversion man’s body is the tomb or prison of a divine principle; in a state of unfoldment and regeneration it is the House or Sanctuary of the Deity by whose creative powers it was fashioned. ‘Personality is suspended upon a thread from the nature of Being,’ declares the secret work. … The immortal is the reality; the mortal is the unreality.” ~Manly P Hall

Images and Symbols

In an age when many people never visit parks or other countries in person, but instead view videos online, or read the Facebook posts of those who do, it is not surprising that they can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is merely symbols or images of reality. In a sense, of course, an image is a kind of reality. But the reality of a photo of a rose is not the reality of an actual rose. Even if you could make the photo three dimensional and add the scent of a rose, it would still be just an image.

Image Reminders

When we do go on a trip, we are likely to take photos. These photos are used to show others where we went, but also as reminders to ourselves in the future. A reminder is not the thing itself, however. Looking through our vacation photos is not the same as retaking the vacation.

When it comes to the mostly invisible world of spirit, we are more prone to confuse images with reality. Since we can’t see the reality of angels, we start worshiping the statues and paintings of them. Paintings and statues which, by the way, almost never depict angels as they really are (hint: they are not people with bird wings on their backs). Likewise, people start worshiping statues of God and saints as if the image was the actual thing. When I visited Vatican City many years ago, I saw an old copper statue in St. Peter’s with it’s feet nearly worn off. That is because many worshipers visiting the place will put their hands on the feet while they pray. They can certainly see that they are damaging the statue by doing so, yet they continue. They can understand the physical reality of a statue better than the abstract concepts behind it, so they are really praying to the statue, even if they deny it. Similarly, in a Greek monastery, I saw elderly woman shoving tourists aside so they could get close enough to touch a painting of an important saint and pray to him. They need to touch the image, but not the actual saint. Again, confusing the symbol with the think itself. Ann religion is not the only place we find this. Continue reading “Image Reminders for Mind and Soul”

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Dragons, Snakes, Serpents, and Energy Flow

“Whatever religion—Judaeo-Christian or otherwise—we might subscribe to, there are certain images that have a particular resonance with what, thanks to C.G. Jung, is now known as the Collective Unconscious.
“The snake or serpent is such a potent image in creation myths that it is found in almost every religious and belief system. …In Celtic myth, the world originated from an egg which came from the mouth of a serpent. … In the mythology of most of the world’s peoples, a serpent or dragon is linked to the origin of the world and to creation—it is the primordial being, the still undivided unity that held sway before the creation of the world.” ~Bernard Simon

Creation of the World

We must understand that when these myths talk about the creation of “the world” by a snake, serpent, or dragon, they are talking about the creation of the physical world or the realm of matter. In other words, they are saying that this serpent was responsible for the Great Fall. When Man, symbolically represented by Adam and Eve, were thrown out of Heaven by Angels, it was not as usually depicted by artists. Angels did not go after them with swords and chase them off. It was an automatic process. A reaction to an action. As we might spit out something foul-tasting, they were rejected from heaven by no longer fitting in there. And this process, initiated by the Serpent, included the creation of the lower realms of matter. Spiritual realms existed long before the Great Fall and will exist long after that error is corrected. The serpent, snake or dragon is generally considered an evil being, and rightly so. It is therefore logical that the worlds or dimensions they created are not good and not what God intended.


In Chinese mythology dragons are symbols of great power, especially power over water, rain, and storms. Vietnamese and Korean dragons are also associated with water and power over it. In European tales, they are usually guarding a treasure, and are often defeated by a hero or saint. Thus they are symbols of sin, evil, and ferocity. While not usually mentioned, their guarding of a treasure indicate they also symbolize greed and materialism.

The dragon is also, in some places, a symbol of good luck and good fortune. This is, however, only on a material level, never spiritual. So again we see the dragon representing the values of materialism and greed. Continue reading “Dragons, Snakes, Serpents, and Energy Flow”