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Raiment of Light from Watching the Sunrise

“Every morning the Sun rises and beings from the invisible world ask you: ‘Did you read the page of the book fixed for today?’ The Sun is a book, and God writes something new in it every day.

“Light is a sign of love. When the sun shines on us that shows that God is sending us light. …

“Beautiful is the raiment of every living being who rises early before sunrise and works with love. If one does not rise early and does not work, he will be ordinary and poorly attired. All living beings are expected to do some work. The more conscious they are, the greater is the effort that they must apply. …

“When you want to benefit from the energies of nature, receive them directly from the source and not indirectly.” ~Biensa Douno

Sun Gazing at Sunrise

Sun-gazing (or sungazing) has become popular in recent years. In many cases, however, people are doing it without really knowing how or why. Most are gazing strictly at the physical sun. While that can have some benefits for the physical body and the brain-mind, It doesn’t really help the spirit and soul. To awaken and develop the spirit and soul requires gazing at the spiritual sun rather than the physical. Unfortunately, Douno rarely says that in his writings. He simply capitalizes “Sun” so you know he is not talking about the ordinary, physical sun. But if you don’t know why he is doing that, you might not understand his point.

Technically, sun gazing can be done at any time of the day. It is best, however, to do it at sunrise. That is when the frequencies of light are the most spiritual. The second best time is at sunset. So if you can’t always get up early to do it at sunrise, sunset is an acceptable alternative. But you should make sure that at least some of your sungazing is done at dawn. Too much evening sun will make your energies unbalanced and you may get angry or depressed. Continue reading “Raiment of Light from Watching the Sunrise”

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Welcome Sunrise for a Better Physical and Spiritual Life

“In spring and in summer from 22nd March each year it is recommendable for man to go early to bed and to rise early to welcome the sunrise and accept his part from it—like the bees gather the nectar from the flowers. …

“As we expose ourselves to the Sun, so must we live in the divine love.

“Food, water, air and light are healing factors. The solar rays, absorbed with love, are most beneficial to the body. They act soothingly upon the soul and refreshingly upon the spirit.

“It is better to go barefoot and perceive the energy of the earth. This would heal you.

“Keep always your head erect. Why? Because that way you allow for the energies coming from the Sun to pass freely through your lungs.” ~Biensa Douno

Welcome Sunrise

In a sense, we always welcome sunrise. Most of us, anyway. But Douno is talking about something more than just being grateful that the sun has risen again. Even just casually observing a sunrise isn’t enough. We need to welcome the sun, to greet it and thank it for appearing again. We need to thank it for sending us healing light. We need to recognize it as a conscious being, not simply an object.

Then beyond the physical sun, there is the spiritual sun. Just as the physical sun is important or the health of the body, so is the spiritual sun important for the health of the spirit and soul.

In Divine Love

We do need to welcome sunrise with love in our hearts and souls. This isn’t always easy given the world of anger, greed, and fear that we currently live in. The good news is that while the majority are trapped in the illusions, a few are awakening and becoming loving people who live according to the rules of love rather than fear and greed.

People who are spiritual and loving can absorb the light from the spiritual sun. Those who are not loving can’t. The light just passes through them and has no effect. Loving people are also better able to absorb the healthy frequencies from the physical sun rather than the harmful ones. Continue reading “Welcome Sunrise for a Better Physical and Spiritual Life”

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Sun Rises Again Spiritually and Physically

“The Sun does not need philosophers to prove that it exists. How big it is, what does it do, there is no need to prove this. Philosophers are necessary when the Sun sets down. Prophets are necessary when the Sun sets down. Mothers and fathers are necessary when the Sun sets down. When the Sun rises everybody must be at work. A new credo is necessary. …
“If a person meets the Sun every day continuously for a whole year in a proper way. No matter if the weather is clear, cloudy ad rainy, or there are snowstorms and tempests, he or she could become ingenious.
“From the Sun descends regular, rhythmical and harmonious energies, but here we influence them with our thoughts.” ~Biensa Douno

The Sun

When spiritual teacher like Douno capitalize “Sun,” it is clear to most spiritual students that they are not talking about the same thing as when they say “the sun”. While “sun” refers to the physical star that is closest to our planet, “Sun” is it’s spiritual counterpart. It is this spiritual Sun that does not need philosophers or prophets to explain it, when it is “shining”. But the Spiritual Sun is not subject to the limits of time and space. Therefore, it doesn’t rise and set in the same way as the physical sun.

A Time For Philosophers

When everyone obeys the law, there is little need for police or judges. If everyone knows the truth, there is little need for philosophers or prophets. But humans do break laws and do deny truth. Sometimes, it is the politicians who make a concerted effort to hide truth and wisdom from the average person. They fear we will not need them if everyone becomes wise and knowledgeable. They choose to protect their personal position in the material world over protecting the rights of the people they claim to represent.

Other times, it is the priests and ministers of the major churches and religions who suppress the truth. Simple, comfortable religious practices, where people simply worship but do nothing to make themselves more spiritual is used to control and to suppress truth. It keeps those churches and priests in power.

Often times, it is both. When a church teaches what the government wants the people to here, that church is given certain privileges that others don’t get. When a particular politician or political party helps out a church, that church is likely to recommend voting for those people. Then there are the cases where a despotic politician makes it clear that if a powerful church doesn’t teach what they approve, that church will be eliminated. Some churches give in and change their teachings, other don’t and are destroyed. Continue reading “Sun Rises Again Spiritually and Physically”

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Random Thoughts 4-19-2015

Yesterday, April 18th was true Easter on our calendar. That is because the first Eater occurred on April 18th and there is no reason to move it around to match the weekend of Passover since the two events are not connected in any way. I know some people still believe that the Last Supper was a Passover meal, but it wasn’t. Passover is held by a Jewish family at home and bitter herbs are eaten, not bread and wine. Jesus and the apostles held the Last Supper in a public meeting room and ate bread and wine.


I am rather surprised that Aaron Hernandez was found guilty. The evidence was overwhelming, but circumstantial, and it is unusual for a celebrity to be convicted on circumstantial evidence.


I wonder if anyone is really surprised by this story that shows that the NRA hid evidence that owning guns does not make you safer but, on the contrary, dramatically increases the odds that you will get shot.


SO the idiots at the FDA who blindly approve any frankenfood Monsanto’s mad scientists create, have told the makers of Kind bars to change their labels because, according to the FDA, they contain too much fat to be labeled healthy! The fat in those bars is natural, healthy fats found in nuts, a main ingredient of those bars, that most nutritionists now say are very healthy, but the makers of plastic low-fat TV dinners can still call their abominations healthy because they are low fat. What nonsense!

Continue reading “Random Thoughts 4-19-2015”