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Sun Energies, Earth Energies, and the Benefits of Both

“The Sun energies are positive and have a beneficial impact on people; earthly energies are negative and impact people adversely. The former energies help the advancement of the person, and the latter – the fall. Connect with the energies coming from above, not with the lower energies of the Earth. Thise forces which oppose human progress, aim to cut off the communication between the higher energies of the Sun and the people, in order to place people exclusively under the influence of the lower earthly energies. As long as the Sun energies prevail over the earthly currents in people, they have the ability to free themselves from the illusions of the world, from the distorted situations in their lives. … The Sun will bring the pure, holy life to the Earth.” ~Biensa Douno

Positive and Negative Energy

There are energies which are positive, and others which are negative. It is an oversimplification, however to simply say that the energies that come from the sun are positive, while those that are from the earth are negative. What’s more, what energies we receive are as much a matter of what we attune ourselves to as it is a matter of what energies are available in a particular place.

Earth Energies

While earth energies may be mostly negative, at least from a spiritual point of view, there is positive energy to be found here. The famous oriental

polarity and balance

Worlds of polarity

Yin-Yang symbol shows that the positive is never purely positive. Likewise, the negative side always has a little positive in it.

From a different point of view, that of a being with a physical body, some earth energies can be positive. In fact, some researchers have found that if we simply start walking around outside barefoot for perhaps thirty minutes a day, we would take in earth energies that can heal many negative physical conditions. For more on that, I recommend reading “Earthing”.

But on the negative side, earth energies do tend to make us more matter bound and more materialistic. Continue reading “Sun Energies, Earth Energies, and the Benefits of Both”

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Summer Sun Draws You Higher and Into the Light

“When summer draws near and the sun rises higher, it draws the moisture out of the earth through the roots, and through the trunks of the trees, into the twigs; and hence comes foliage, flower, and fruit.
“So likewise, when Christ the Eternal Sun rises and ascends, so that it is summer in the adornment of our virtues, He gives His Light and His heat to our desires, and draws the heart from all the multiplicity of earthly things, and brings about unity and inwardness; and makes the heart grow and bring fourth the leaves of inward love, the flowers or ardent devotion, and the fruits of thanksgiving and praise, and makes these fruits to endure eternally.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Summer Sun

I’m not sure science would agree with Ruysbroeck about the sun drawing the moisture from the roots of the tree up into the branches. Nonetheless, it makes a good allegory for how the spiritual sun affect our spirit and soul, which Ruysbroeck calls the “heart”.

It is true that the days are longer in the summer, and the sun shines brighter in the summer (generally). Also, we are more willing to go out into the sun, whether practicing sungazing techniques or not, in the warm spring and summer weather than we are in winter. Since the days are longer, it also gives us more opportunities to get out in the sun.

Even people who do not practice sun-gazing tend to feel better in sunlight. Sunshine makes us happy. A lack of it causes the condition knows as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a form of depression. But as important as sunlight is to the physical body, the light of the Spiritual Sun is even more important to the spirit and soul. Continue reading “Summer Sun Draws You Higher and Into the Light”

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Divine Sunlight from the Spiritual Sun

“The mind of the contemplative, purified, disciplined, deliberately abstracted from images, is inundated by the divine sunshine, ‘the Light which is not God, but that whereby we see Him’; and in that radiance achieves a hurried but convincing vision of Supreme Reality. But ‘even though the eagle, king of birds, can with his powerful sight gaze steadfastly upon the brightness of the sun; yet do the weaker eyes of the bat fail and falter in the same.’ The intellectual vision is dazzled and distressed, like a man who can bear the diffused radiance of sunshine but is blinded if he dares to follow back the beams to the terrible beauty of their source.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Divine Sunlight

There is a Divine Light which come to us from the sun, but that does not mean all sunlight is Divine Light. Many frequencies of light and energy come to us from the sun and most of them are not divine in the sense that is meant in the quote.

That light which is “not God, but that whereby we see Him,” is not physical light, but spiritual. Being spiritual that Divine Sunlight comes from the spiritual sun, not the physical.

The Eagle and the Bat

The references to the eagle and the bat are allegorical. While what is said may be true on a literal and physical level, that doesn’t matter. It is the spiritual interpretation that is important.

On a spiritual level, the eagle is an allegorical representation of a spiritual student. A student who has been well trained and is ready for what Reality has to offer. He has rid himself of false beliefs and limitations as much as possible. She has no preconceived notions of God and the spiritual realms accept that they are superior to the physical. This eagle is ready to look at the sunshine and follow back the beams to the spiritual sun. And once having done that, the eagle student can go even further over time until he reaches the true source in God.

The Bat, on the other hand is a materialist. She does not really believe in anything spiritual. He sees God as an old man sitting on a cloud rather than as a spiritual being of Pure Light. She believes the tales told by state-approved churches about how serving others on the material level is what being “holy” is all about. He thinks he need to do nothing to awaken his spiritual faculties. Like the bat, he lives in the dark, and the bright light blinds him. Such a person must approach spiritual development slowly and deliberately with the help of a good teacher. It isn’t that this person can never become spiritual, he just has to work at it longer and with greater care. And initially, this person needs to be convinced that developing spiritually is important. That is often the hardest part. Continue reading “Divine Sunlight from the Spiritual Sun”

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Sun Forces and How to Use Them

“I ask how can you find what you lack? If you lack heat, where can you find it? In the sun. If you lack light, where can you find it/ In the sun. You will say that any burning or heating body gives light. We also have, for example, heat coming from a lit oil lamp, from a candle, or a burning piece of wood. Right, but that heat is secondary. Solar energy is the energy stored in candles, wood and other combustible bodies. … Solar energy represents the most pleasant warmth and the purest light. Primary warmth and light comes from the Sun. …
“Never keep your head facing downward to the ground, as you will connect with the forces of the Earth. … Keep your head up, so that you will connect your thoughts with the forces coming from the Sun.” ~Biensa Douno

Sun Forces

There are many forces coming from the sun. Mr. Douno talks about heat and light, but there is much more than that. Even science recognizes that many types of radiation comes from the sun besides visible light. Ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays are also streaming at us from the sun. X-rays, gamma rays, microwaves and other radiation comes to us from the sun. But I believe Douno is speaking of something else.

Spiritual Sun Forces

On what can be considered a more spiritual level, there are other sun forces to deal with. In Cosolargy, they have been given names and you can read ore about them on the Cosolargy website. There are forces that help us grow, spiritually as well as physically. There are counter forces the try to pull us further down into the abyss of matter and destruction.

But on a completely different level, there is a spiritual Sun just as there is a material one. Like everything else in the universe, the sun has a spirit. And that spirit is giving off a different kind of heat. That sun is giving off a different kind of Light. This is the heat and light that awakens the spirit and soul if used correctly. This is the light that true sun gazing is all about. Continue reading “Sun Forces and How to Use Them”