Well-Disposed Sun of Immense Energy

A Well-Disposed Sun

“The Sun is not a hot body, but a body of immense energy. I am not to discuss the inner aspect of that energy, to explain how it was developed and so on. … It is obvious that the Sun is well disposed to us from the energy it sends to the Earth, from the gifts which it prepares every day for us, because life is impossible without this energy. The solar energy is alive, conscious. If we start thinking about the Sun in that way, we shall be able to receive its energy and it will produce a consciousness and proper process of growth in us.

“What is the most important thing behind the Sun? The sunlight and warmth which created light thoughts and lofty feelings in a man. Behind the sunlight is one great, powerful hand which the people don’t see.

“You will have to study light and its influence upon your organism; you will study the influence of colors, of the living centers. Take the light of the Sun. Every day at certain hours of the day, at noon and even more in the morning, there come certain waves from the Sun which bring with them positive thoughts, intelligent thoughts. …

“No matter in what phase of life one may be be, young, adult, old, rich, poor, educated, or ignorant, they must be awakened. Who must awaken them? God must. Why? Because God is the Sun of Life.” ~Biensa Douno

The Immense Energy of the Sun

I think all of us are aware that the sun is a source of great energy. When speaking of the physical sun, we know that some of that energy is good for us, while other frequencies are harmful. But it actually is a well-disposed sun in that most of that energy is beneficial.

There has been some confusion about that in recent decades due to members of the medical community foolishly scaring us with tales of the sun trying to destroy us with harmful radiation, and advising people to hide in the dark as much as possible. The result of listening to this advice is that many now suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and we are learning that vitamin D is far more important than previously believed. Of course, the same foolish doctors say we should get vitamin D from pills, not through the natural process of sun exposure that has worked for man for millions of years. Continue reading “Well-Disposed Sun of Immense Energy”

brightness of the sun

Brightness of the Sun Brings Enlightenment

“According to the measure in which the air is irradiated by the brightness of the sun, so too the heat increases and brings al things to fruitfulness. When our reason and understanding are so enlightened, that they can recognize and distinguish Divine Truth, then the will, that is, the power of love, grows hotter and streams forth in abundant loyalty and love towards all men in common. For this gift, through the knowledge of truth which is imparted to us in its light, establishes in us a wide stretching love toward all in common. Now the most simple are also the most tranquil, and have the most peace to themselves; and are the most deeply immersed in God; and are most enlightened in understanding, and most fruitful in good works, and in outflowing love towards all in common. And they are hindered least, for they are most like unto God; for God is simplicity in His Being, clarity in His understanding, and outflowing and universal love in His works. And the more you are like unto God in these three things, so much the more closely are we united with Him. Fr this reason we must remain simple in our ground, and must apprehend all things by means of enlightened reason, and … universal love.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Brightness of the Sun

When we speak of the brightness of the sun, we have to understand that there are two suns. There is the material sun and the Spiritual Sun. When a spiritual teacher, spiritual master, or guru speaks of the sun, it is most likely the Spiritual Sun that is meant. There are two reasons why they didn’t just say that. One is that they don’t want the uninitiated to understand as such power can be very dangerous in the hands of such people. Two, they didn’t want the authorities to know what they were talking about as it might be considered heresy.

Heat Brings Fruitfulness

Actually, it isn’t the heat that brings fruitfulness (growth), but the light. The heat of the sun is certainly necessary for physical life on Earth, but it is the light of the sun that is important for growth of knowledge and consciousness. And it is the Light of the Spiritual Sun that is important for spiritual growth, and spiritual Knowledge (Gnosis). This true Brightness of the Sun awakens the spiritual faculties in us and provides the energy needed to rise to higher and higher levels of consciousness. It is also this Spiritual Brightness of the Sun that is slowly transforming the material world back into a spiritual world, as it was intended to be from the beginning. And it isn’t just our sun doing this. The brightness of the Sun is shared with all suns, all stars, and they are all helping transform the fallen universe of matter. Most of the beings and things in this universe will have no say in it. Man is different. We can embrace this change, and help it happen, by taking in the spiritual brightness of the sun, or we can resist it and cling to materialism. Those who cling to materialism will soon be lost as the world they are clinging to ceases to exist. Make the smart choice and embrace the change. Continue reading “Brightness of the Sun Brings Enlightenment”

eye of God

Eye of God in the Spiritual Sun

Eye of God

“‘Let me hear whatever any one may have told you’. ‘Barku, the son of Vrsna, has told me that the eye (sun) is Brahman’. ‘As one who has a mother, a father and a teacher should say, so has the son of Vrsna said this—that the eye is Brahman. For what can a person have who cannot see? But did he tell you about its abode (body) and support?’ ‘No, he did not’. ‘This Brahman is only one-footed, O Emperor’. ‘Then you tell us, Yajnavalkya’. ‘The eye is its abode, and the ether (the Undifferentiated) its support. It should be meditated upon as truth’. ‘What is truth, Yajnavalkya?’ ‘’The eye itself, O Emperor’, said Yajnavalkya; if a person, O Emperor, says to one who has seen with his eyes, “Have you seen?” and the latter answers, “Yes, I have”, then it is true. The eye, O Emperor, is the Supreme Brahman. The eye never leaves him who, knowing thus, meditates upon it; all beings eagerly come to him; and being a god, he attains the gods’. ‘I give you a thousand cows with a bull like an elephant’, said Emperor Janaka.” ~Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

The Sun As the Eye of God

This Upanishad says that the “eye (sun) is Brahman,” or as I would say it, the sun is the eye of God. That should not be taken in a very literal sense, since God has no physical body and no eye in the normal sense of what we think of as an eye. Yet it is true because the sun is a link, a portal, between Heaven and Earth, between the physical and the spiritual. So God doesn’t “see” us through the sun, but he does sense us with spiritual senses. Likewise, we can sense God and communicate with Angels and other high-level beings by using the sun as if it is the Eye of God. Of course, this won’t work if you are dealing only with the physical sun. You need to go beyond ordinary sun-gazing with the physical sun to spiritual sun-gazing with the spiritual sun. The sun, of course, has a spiritual self, as do all beings and things. It is because of that duel nature that it can act as a portal between the realms, a window between heaven and earth, the Eye of God. Continue reading “Eye of God in the Spiritual Sun”

being energy

Being Energy, Being Solar, Being Spirit

“Being energy the vibrational frequency of our intentions, thoughts, and actions determine the experiences of the life we live. This is an absolute truth. When truth is discussed within spiritual realities, it takes on an absoluteness. This absoluteness is part of the quantum level of understanding. Spiritual truths and knowledge, when fully understood, stabilize your consciousness from within and create a firm foundation. This allows you to climb to higher truths and realities that are spiritual and existing as a part of the soul’s consciousness. Our consciousness has the ability to know and understand truth at a quantum level and the ability to duplicate perfectly what these quantum truths are. Quantum spiritual truths will create a completeness in the ability to know within our consciousness. When information is being gathered and accepted, at a quantum level, your inner knowingness will allow you to receive and understand, with perfect duplication, any new quantum information that you are accepting as a part of your realities. As your realities adjust innately to quantum realities and truths, your ability to understand these new truths will be crystallizing, allowing you to process automatically what is being said, with a completeness. Understanding and completeness are stages of learning that eventually become quantum realities and truths. The ability to know and understand at a quantum level creates a completeness and clarity to help you reawaken the consciousness of the truths within you. It is this very stage of complete understanding that is creating the future for absolute and unlimited knowledge.” ~Teresa Reed Conroy

Being Energy

Yes, thoughts, emotions, and desires are energy. And like all energy, they do work; they affect change in things. So as Conroy says, they “determine the experiences of the life we live.” But here is what it gets tricky and where the “Manifest what you want” crowd goes wrong: Everyone’s thoughts and emotions are affecting the world around us, not just our own. Even the thought of those who don’t believe such things, even angry and jealous thoughts, rise up to the sun, where they are amplified and reflected back to Earth and the other planets. Therefore, it should not surprise anyone that what the sun is reflecting to us most of the time is causing storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and other unfriendly phenomena. It isn’t that the sun hates us, it is simply reflecting back at us what we sent to it. Continue reading “Being Energy, Being Solar, Being Spirit”