sun shines

Sun Shines to Dispel Darkness

“Shame on you because of the powers of your bodies, for they will mistreat you. “Shame on you because of the actions of the evil demons. “Shame on you who entice your limbs with fire. Who will sprinkle a restful dew on you, to extinguish the many fires within you, and your burning? Who will shine the sun on you, to dispel darkness in you, and hide darkness and filthy water? “The sun and the moon will give a fragrant aroma to you and the air, the spirit, the earth, and the water. If the sun does not shine upon these bodies, they will rot and perish just like weed or grass. If the sun shines on it, it grows strong and chokes the grapevine. But if the grapevine becomes strong and casts its shadow over the weeds and all the rest of the brush growing with it, and spreads and fills out, it alone inherits the land where it grows, and dominates wherever it has cast its shadow. So when it grows, it dominates the whole land, and it is productive for its master and pleases him greatly. He would have labored painfully to pull out weeds, but the grapevine by itself has disposed of them and choked them, and they have died and have become like earth.” Then Jesus continued and said to them, “Shame on you, for you have not accepted the teaching, and those who wish to accept it will suffer when they preach. You will persecute them, but you will rush into your own traps. You will cast them down to the lions and put them to death, daily, but they will rise from death.” ~The Book of Thomas

Powers of the Body

The powers of the body are not necessarily evil. But when you concentrate on using the powers of the body and don’t develop your spiritual powers, then they are. It’s somewhat like in Harry Potter when you drink Unicorn blood you will live “a half-life, a cursed life”. In this case, you are drinking from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is to say, the world of matter.

The realm of matter is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complete universe. There are more spiritual dimensions than material ones, so to ignore them is to ignore seventy percent of reality. And matter is both temporary and an illusion in some ways, so it is even worse than only seeing thirty percent. It is as if you are given the choice of a stone statue or an ice sculpture and you choose the ice. You might like the looks of the ice sculpture better, but in a few hours, it will melt and be gone. So care for the body, feed it and exercise it, but go beyond the physical to experience reality.

Action of Demons

Why should the action of demons shame you? It is because too many of us are willing to listen to the demons and creatures of darkness and do their bidding, whether we are aware of it or not. Doing the work of the demons is another way of saying that you are materialistic. Demons and devils rule in the world of matter. Angels and Beings of Light rule in the spiritual dimensions. We do have to live out our lives in the world of matter, but we don’t have to embrace it as a loving friend. So the demons shame us by simply getting us to do their bidding.

Sun Shines

Thomas asks, “Who will shine the sun on you, to dispel the darkness in you?” The answer, of course, is God. God’s Spiritual Light that awakens the spirit and soul shines on us through the spirit of the sun (or Sun of Righteousness). But it is up to us to turn to that light and take it in. It is also up to us to have the right attitude when we do so. The Light of the Spiritual Sun will awaken our spiritual faculties only if we send it positive and benevolent thoughts. It is, in a sense, an exchange of energy rather than just taking energy on our part. We are intended to be participants in the universe, not just pieces of driftwood going with the flow and having no goals.

Weeds and Grapevines

The section about weeds and grapevines seems a little confused. Let’s try to sort out the allegory of it.

If the sun shines mostly on the weeds, it means that the material sun is dominant and the servants of demons and matter, the weeds, will be strong and control the world. We are definitely seeing that in the world today and in recent centuries.

If the sun shines primarily on the grapevines, it means that the spiritual sun is dominant and the servants of God and Truth, represented by grapevines, will be a dominant force in the world. Such a world has existed in the past, and it can once more. Some of the great spiritual leaders say we are now at the dawn of a new Spiritual Age or Golden Age which will allow the spiritual to rule. It may not seem that way, but we must remember that it is always darkest and coldest just before the dawn. And this new age isn’t just coming to planet Earth. The entire physical universe is being slowly transformed. A lot of what is being called global warming is really the entire universe changing. We can embrace the change and become part of it, or we can fight the change and die along with the realm of matter. When the sun shines on our spirits and souls, they gain eternal life.


One added point about sunlight for those concerned about covid-19. When the sun shines on us it emits radiation that can help kill any virus in us or on us. It also helps strengthen our immune system. So don’t hide from sunlight if you want good health. The idea that we should have weak, pasty, ghost skin that never sees sunlight is total nonsense.


Adonis as the Spiritual Sun

“The Mysteries of Adonis, or Adoni, were celebrated annually in many parts of Egypt, Phoenicia, and Biblos. The name Adonis, or Adoni, means ‘Lord’ and was a designation applied to the sun and later borrowed by the Jews as the exoteric name of their God. Smyrna, mother of Adonis, was turned into a tree by by the gods and after a time the bark burst open and the infant savior came forth. According to one account, he was liberated by a wild boar which split the wood of the maternal tree with its tusks. Adonis was born at midnight of the 24th of December, and through his unhappy death a Mystery rite was established that wrought the salvation of his people. In the Jewish month of Tammuz (another name for this deity) he was gored to death by a wild boar sent by the god Ars (Mars). The Adoniasmos was the cerimony of lamenting the premature death of the murdered god. …

“Adonis was originally an androgynous deity who represented the solar power which in the winter was destroyed by the evil principle of cold – the boar. After three days (months) in the tomb, Adonis rose triumphant on the 25th day of March, amidst the acclimation of his priests and followers. …

“In the Mysterie of Adonis trhe neophyte passed through the symbolic death of the god and, ‘raised’ by the priests, entered into the blessed state of redemption.” ~Manly P. Hall

Birth of Adonis

I have known for some time that the Greek god Adonis represented the Spiritual Sun, but this story of his being born from Smyrna after she had been turned into a tree is new to me. It is a strange tale that is undoubtedly symbolic rather than literal. So let’s look at some of the symbols involved in the tale.

Birth of Adonis

The Tree

A tree can symbolize a number of things. I think in the case of Adonis, we can say that this tree is none other than the Tree of Life. After being thrown out of Heaven by our own actions, humanity has no direct access to this spiritual “tree”. We can access it only through an intermediary. The primary intermedia between man and the Tree of Life is the Spiritual Sun, which Adonis represented.

The Birth

God was never born. Spirits and souls are not born. They exist outside the limitations of time and space, so the very idea of birth is meaningless to them. So why would Adonis, who represents the Spiritual Sun, have a birth? The idea is that while the spirit of the sun is immortal, it doesn’t always shine down on us from within (or around) the physical sun. And when it does, it isn’t always with the same energy, the same vigor. So you could say that when the spiritual sun is not shining on us at all or is very weak, it is, from our point-of-view, dead. When it starts shining on us again, it can seem to be  birth from our perspective. So much as birth in a dream is symbolic of a major change coming, the birth of Adonis represented a return of the Spiritual Sun to full vigor. Birth in general represents a renewal. So being born from the Tree of Life is instruction for us to do the same.

Androgynous Deity

It seems surprising that Adonis was originally an androgynous god since he is generally depicted as very masculine and muscular. A very handsome man is still sometimes called an Adonis. But it actually makes perfect sense that a god should be androgynous or asexual. First, a god has to serve both men and women, so the god should have aspects of both male and female. Second, a creator god can only create from some aspect of himself, so there must be both aspects within him. Third, a god creates without sex so while he may mentally have an androgenous mental attitude, he is probably more asexual. In other words, there is no reason for a god to have sex, so being male or female doesn’t really apply to a god. This is especially true of the One true God, the God of Spirit and Light.

fifth race

Fifth Race and Sixth Race Man

“It comes to this: Mankind in its first prototypal, shadowy form, is the offspring of the Elohim of Life (or Pitris), in its qualitative and physical aspect it is the direct progeny of the ‘Ancestors,’ the lowest Dhyanis, or Spirits of the Earth; for its moral, psychic, and spiritual nature, it is indebted to a group of divine beings. … Collectively, they are the handiwork of hosts of various spirits; distributively, the tabernacles of those hosts; and occasionally and singly, the vehicles of some of them. In our present all-material Fifth Race, the earthly Spirit of the Fourth is still strong in us; but we are approaching the time when the pendulum of evolution will direct its swing decidedly upwards, bringing humanity back on a parallel line with primitive third Root-Race in Spirituality. During its childhood, mankind was composed wholly of that Angelic Host, who were the indwelling Spirits that animated the monstrous and gigantic tabernacles of clay of the Fourth Race. … The ‘tabernacles’ have improved in texture and symmetry of form, growing and developing with the globe that bore them; but the physical improvements took place at the expense of the spiritual inner man and nature.” ~H. P. Blavatsky


Blavatsky talks about humanity in its current state and form as the “Fifth Race”. We in Cosolargy don’t talk about various races or levels of man, but of suns representing ages of Man. We are in the Fifth Sun now and at the beginning of the sixth and final sun. Humanity has descended further and further over millions of years until he is nearly all material with but a small part of spirit. If we descend one more level, we will be pure matter with no hope of turning around and returning to spirit.


The first version of Man was the creation of Elohim, which is one of the names of the real God, the God of Spirit, the God Jesus called “Father”. I don’t like the description Blavatsky gives us a “shadowy form” to this early prototypal human. We think of shadow figures as being demons and devils and early man was far from being that! A better way to say it is that we were less substantial and more spirit then. We were more light and less darkness, more energy and less matter. After the Great Fall, represented allegorically in both the story of Adam & Eve and the tale of the fallen angels led by Lucifer, Man was banished to Earth. Not an Earth of spirit, but one of matter. Since it is difficult, if not impossible to live in a material world when you are mostly spirit. Humans began to change. Over millennia, they became denser, more material, and therefore less spiritual.

Spirits of the Earth

What Blavatsky is calling the Spirits of the Earth are better known as the Fallen Angels, Devils, or Demons. Nowadays. We are probably not dealing with the original fallen angels at all, but with their offspring. Satan, for example, is not Lucifer under another name. Satan is the son of Lucifer. But I am confused by her also referring to these Earth Spirits as “Dhyanis” which seems to mean a spiritual master or highly advanced spiritual being, I.E. a Buddha.

Fifth Race

Blavatsky calls this Fifth Race of humanity “all-material”. Fortunately, that is not accurate. We are but one small step from being all-material, but we are not there yet. This is fortunate because it means it is still possible for us—with a lot of help from God and Ascended masters—to turn around and head back towards being creatures of Spirit or Light. The Sixth Sun, also known as the Sun of Righteousness, has dawned and is gradually changing us and the world we live in. The Fifth Race of Man is starting to become the Sixth Race. But this can happen in any of three ways.

  • We can sit back in neutral gear and wait to see what happens. Sadly, that is how many live these days including many who believe they are being spiritual by acting like a piece of driftwood.
  • We can fight the change and try to remain material and materialistic like the people who insist on staying in a house that is being slowly covered with water in a flood.
  • Or the best choice, we can embrace this change and work hard to help it come about in ourselves, in others, and in the world. The ones who do that are the Servants of God, the Chosen of God, the Soldiers of Light.

So don’t stay trapped as part of the Fifth Race any longer than you have to. The new Golden Age will be spiritual and it will need spiritual leaders. Be one.


Sunrise Energizes even when Cloudy

“Even in cloudy weather you should go out before the sunrise and concentrate your thought in the direction of the rising sun. The clouds only obscure your sight of the rising Sun, but its energies penetrate through them. No external force is able to counteract the solar energies. That is why I recommend all anemic and weak people go out half an hour before sunrise, to perceive the early solar energies. The dawn gives a man such energies which no other power is able to give him.

“If someone is indisposed, let him take a sunbath: if he has lost his energy, let him stay longer under its shine; if he cannot decide how to work, let him go out under the sun rays to warm up.

“If between the energies of the Sun and the energies of your organism a proper exchange takes place, you would always be healthy.

“The greater the quantity of gold in the blood, the healthier is man. Sicknesses are due to insufficient quantities of gold in the blood. In order to increase this gold, man should lead a pure and noble life. Gold is the symbol of the Sun, of vitality, of health and purity.” ~Biensa Douno

Cloudy Sun Gazing

Many sun gazers think they should not sungaze when it is cloudy. That may be fine if it is cloudy only one day in ten, but if it stays cloudy for several days at a time, you need to practice your techniques, even through the clouds. You should not skip several days in a row or your energies will be reduced.

Concentrate Your Thought

Douno is correct in saying that we should concentrate our thoughts when we do sungazing. But what thoughts we concentrate is even more important than the mere act of concentration. They need to be positive thoughts, loving thoughts, universal thoughts. Best of all, they should be thoughts of linking your spirit and soul with the spiritual sun. That is far more important than just getting energy from the physical sun. Visualize yourself entering the sun ,becoming one with it. Even when you can’t see it, you know it is there.

No External Force

Douno says that no external force can counteract, or completely block, the solar energies. That may well be true, but he doesn’t mention internal force. If we are full of negative thoughts, hateful or greedy thoughts, or thoughts of disbelief, we alter or block that beneficial energy. This is why most spiritual gurus, even those who don’t mention the sun, want us to have an open mind and a positive mind. Only such a mind can take in those energies from the spiritual sun just as they are.

Before Sunrise

It is a good idea to began your sunrise ritual before the sun has actually risen. A full half hour may be a little too much for modern man, however. We have gotten to used to instant gratification and become bored and distracted quickly. I thing five or ten minutes before sunrise is good. That is what we do in Cosolargy. But continue the sun gazing for five to ten minutes after the sun has risen. For those not accustomed to sun gazing, never stare at the sun. squint a little and look to one side. Better yet, get proper training from a qualified teacher.

Exchange Energies

The best flow of energy between us and the sun occurs when we make it a mutual exchange of energy rather than just taking in energy. We send energy to the sun at the same time that we take in the sun’s energy. We should do this not only with the sun, but with all beings. Send energy to a tree and ask it to share its energy with you. Don’t get upset if it doesn’t, maybe it is low on energy at the time. Send energy to your pets and even wild animals. Most will send energy back to you. This is the natural way to learn from each other because that energy carries information. So when you send energy to the sun, be sure to fill it with positive thoughts and information. That information will be broadcast by the sun to other beings. If we all started to practice this, much disease and ignorance would be eliminated. The sunrise awakens us in many ways.