Well-Disposed Sun of Immense Energy

A Well-Disposed Sun

“The Sun is not a hot body, but a body of immense energy. I am not to discuss the inner aspect of that energy, to explain how it was developed and so on. … It is obvious that the Sun is well disposed to us from the energy it sends to the Earth, from the gifts which it prepares every day for us, because life is impossible without this energy. The solar energy is alive, conscious. If we start thinking about the Sun in that way, we shall be able to receive its energy and it will produce a consciousness and proper process of growth in us.

“What is the most important thing behind the Sun? The sunlight and warmth which created light thoughts and lofty feelings in a man. Behind the sunlight is one great, powerful hand which the people don’t see.

“You will have to study light and its influence upon your organism; you will study the influence of colors, of the living centers. Take the light of the Sun. Every day at certain hours of the day, at noon and even more in the morning, there come certain waves from the Sun which bring with them positive thoughts, intelligent thoughts. …

“No matter in what phase of life one may be be, young, adult, old, rich, poor, educated, or ignorant, they must be awakened. Who must awaken them? God must. Why? Because God is the Sun of Life.” ~Biensa Douno

The Immense Energy of the Sun

I think all of us are aware that the sun is a source of great energy. When speaking of the physical sun, we know that some of that energy is good for us, while other frequencies are harmful. But it actually is a well-disposed sun in that most of that energy is beneficial.

There has been some confusion about that in recent decades due to members of the medical community foolishly scaring us with tales of the sun trying to destroy us with harmful radiation, and advising people to hide in the dark as much as possible. The result of listening to this advice is that many now suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and we are learning that vitamin D is far more important than previously believed. Of course, the same foolish doctors say we should get vitamin D from pills, not through the natural process of sun exposure that has worked for man for millions of years. Continue reading “Well-Disposed Sun of Immense Energy”

contemporary society

Contemporary Society and Powerful Solutions

“Contemporary society has always been suffering from the desire for too much money. And recently the Bulgarian state has issued so many banknotes, but where is the active circulation? There should be effective money. The products of nature, however, are always effective. If there are wheat, fruits, and potatoes – there is culture. Without them there is no culture. Culture is determined by Cosmic Love, sent to us from above. Do not think that the Sun and the other planets do not take part in our lives. The Sun is most of all interested in us and every year it sends a credit of a thousand millions to Bulgaria. If you go to the Sun, you will see that its inhabitants have energy of many thousand millions for the culture of Bulgaria, for Love, for religious beliefs and for spiritual elevation in the Way of Truth. Observing the Sun today with a telescope, we say: ‘The Sun is fire’. I do not agree, because fire is a weak energy. There is energy on the Sun, but it is not fire. It is something more powerful which could not be expressed in words. The Sun is not a hot body, but a body of immense energy.” ~Beinsa Douno

Contemporary Society

Contemporary society suffers from many things, a desire for too much money and wealth being just one of them. Douno talks specifically about Bulgaria because that is where he lived, but it could be anywhere in the world, especially Europe and America.

Bank Notes in Active Circulation

What Douno means when he says there is an abundance of banknotes, but little active circulation is that the central banks in many countries are issuing huge amounts of paper money that is far more than could ever be backed by silver or gold, as money always was until a few decades ago. Now if a government wants more money in circulation, they just ask the bank to print it. It actually has no more real value than Monopoly play money. The value comes in the backing of the governments for the currency. So when governments start to collapse, so does the economy of the nation and other nations that may depend on it.

As for active circulation, the biggest problem there is that we have the super-wealthy who hoard vast amounts of money and wealth just to spite the rest of us. We have television shows where hoarders are treated as someone with an illness, and they are offered help in ending their hoarding. Why is hoarding money an exception? Because money hoarders have a lot of political power. Plus contemporary society doesn’t seem to think hoarding money is an illness as with all other kinds of hoarding. Continue reading “Contemporary Society and Powerful Solutions”

sun as udgitha

Sun as Udgitha – the Spiritual Sun

Now the meditation (on the Udgitha) with reference to the gods is described. One should meditate on him who gives heat (i.e. the sun) as Udgitha. Verily, when he rises, he sings aloud for the sake of all creatures. When he rises, he dispels darkness and fear. Verily, he who knows the sun as being endowed with these qualities, Now the meditation (on the Udgitha) with reference to the gods is described. One should meditate on him who gives heat (i.e. the sun) as Udgitha. Verily, when he rises, he sings aloud for the sake of all creatures. When he rises, he dispels darkness and fear. Verily, he who knows the sun as being endowed with these qualities, becomes the dispeller of darkness and (the consequent) fear. … That which is Saman, even that is Udgitha. Therefore, while one neither breathes out nor breathes in, one sings the Udgitha. Therefore whatever other actions require strength, such as the kindling of fire by friction, running a race towards a goal, the bending of a strong bow, are all performed, while one neither breathes out nor breathes in. For this reason one should meditate on Vyana as Udgitha. Now, one should meditate on the syllables of ‘Udgitha’—namely, the syllables ‘ut’, ‘gi’ and ‘tha’. Prāna is ‘ut’, because through Prāna one arises (ut-tisthati). Speech is ‘gi’, because speech is called word (girah). Food is ‘tha’, because upon food all this is established (sthitam). Heaven is ut, the sky is gi, the earth is tha. The sun is ut, the air gi, the fire, tha. … For him, speech yields the milk which is the benefit of speech. And he becomes rich in food; and an eater of food, who knows thus and meditates on the syllables of ‘Udgitha’, namely, ut, gi and tha.” ~Chandogya Upanishad

Him Who Gives Heat

The sun is the one that gives us heat, but it does much more than that. It gives heat, light, and other frequencies of radiation that make it possible for life of various kinds to exist on Earth. On another level not yet recognized by science, the sun acts as a reflector and controller using our thoughts. The thoughts and emotions we transmit hit the sun, are amplified, and reflected back to us. So if those thoughts are mostly violent, we end up with a violent world. If they are mostly fearful, we end up with a world of fear and suspicions. But if we change our thoughts, and send out mostly love and trust, that is the world we will have. And all that is just from the physical sun.

Beyond the physical sun, there is the Spiritual Sun. This is the sun that is important to spiritual people and spiritual teachers. It is this spiritual sun that is being called Udgitha in this Upanishad. This sun doesn’t heat the Earth, it heats the spirits and souls of Man and all life forms on Earth. It is this sun that awakens the soul from the deep, coma-like sleep that it is in when we are born on the material plane of existence.

Dispels Darkness and Fear

The Spiritual Sun dispels darkness by carrying the Light to us. Not light and darkness in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense. Spiritual darkness simply means ignorance of God. Spiritual Light means knowing and understanding God. God is spirit and Light and our true self is also spirit and Light. When we are linked to God and His Light, we are part of the infinite and permanent rather than just temporary physical beings. It is always amazing to spiritual people how much time and money some will spend to add five or ten years to their limited physical life, yet totally ignore their everlasting spiritual life.

The spiritual Sun also dispel fear because one who is awake and knows the truth has nothing to fear. Why fear something that happens to your temporary physical self? When you know that your true Self is spirit, the physical is not that important, and fear disappears.

Sun as Udgitha

As the quote says, we need to see the sun as Udgitha. But what does that mean? How do we see the sun as Udgitha?

First, look at the breakdown of the word in the quote. It is saying that when we say the sun is Udgitha, we are saying that the sun is energy, food, and The Word. In other words, the Spiritual Sun, or more accurately, the Light from that sun energizes the soul, feeds it with Divine energy, and delivers to it the Truth and Wisdom which is the true Word of God, not something written in a book. The sun as Udgitha is the sun as savior, as the Sun of Righteousness promised by the Old Testament prophet Malachi. That sun is shining on us now! Which means that the ship of truth and Light is now in port, allegorically speaking. So we can get on board now and truly learn for ourselves about the Spiritual Sun as Udgitha, or we can wait until that ship sails without us. The choice is ours.

last sun

Last Sun and the First Sun


“On the Last Sun of All

“Go out one night in the open, and turn your glance towards that space far, far away – towards those bright stars! This is the great future, waiting for you. There you can find all those great libraries, there lies hidden the great knowledge. These are cultures and cultures, and still more cultures; these are beings, hierarchies. You shall cross all of these far and wide; and after you live 100 million years in each solar system (having in mind that there are 100 million solar systems in our Universe), in the end of times, when we meet someday, you will tell Me about all those excursions you have made, and I will listen with greatest attention to all those magnificent things you will tell Me. Only then we shall understand each other.

“After you cross 100 million solar systems far and wide, you will come to Me, already matured with the experience and the Spirit of Wisdom. And then I will be on the last sun of all, and I shall summon you. And we shall look at each other with the glance of the Truth, and I shall reveal My Non-Created Face before you. Then you shall come to know the deepest Mystery of Life. Until then, I shall be waiting for you – this is My decision. Keep walking along the greatest Way of all – the Way of Discipleship.” ~Biensa Douno

The Last Sun

It is true that the stars are suns also, or it might be better to say the sun is just a star, much like any other star. And if you read this blog regularly, you know that I often quote from Douno on the importance of the Sun, observing the sunrise, and sun-gazing in general. So I am somewhat surprised that he is advising people to go out at night and look to the stars. But what he is talking about here is quite different than practicing spiritual sun gazing. He is not telling anyone to look at the stars, to take energy from the stars. That would be like telling someone to warm up with the flame of a match when there is a bonfire nearby. While the match might help warm your hands, the bonfire will do it better and faster. Likewise, the sun, being much closer to us than any other star, is sending far more transforming spiritual energy toward us than all the other stars together. What’s more is that since it is our sun, it is attuned to our frequencies and our needs. So turn to the first sun, our own sun, before you worry about the Last Sun somewhere far down the path. Continue reading “Last Sun and the First Sun”