children of the sun

Children of the Sun, Truth, and Wisdom

“When their guide and leader left, the people knew themselves as children of the sun. They were warlike and subdued other people in its name, and brought them under its rule. …

“Then some priests among those followed the rule of the sun stole its spirit and brought it down, so that it enlivened the statues and images of their gods. Thus the spirit which enlivens all the lesser gods is but the one spirit held in captivity, and not many as the people think.

“Then came the Wise Ones from the East and they caused the people to have other thoughts. They were men who knew the ways of Heaven and asked of the people, ‘Is the sun spirit indeed supreme? Is this not a thing requiring much thought? Consider its movements, are they not more like those of one who is directed in his comings and goings? … Is it not like a boat controlled by the will of man, rather than a free-ranging god? Is it not more like a slave under the direction of a master?’ These things disturbed the hearts of the people. Some pondered upon them, but others, in the manner of men, cried death to those who deny the truth of these things.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (MAN:2:9-11)

Children of the Sun

It should be a compliment to say that these people were children of the sun. However, in this case, it isn’t. Assuming that their guide was a true spiritual guide and teacher, he would have taught them about the importance of the sun, and the difference between the physical sun and the spiritual sun. He would never have told them that the sun was a god. Yet it seems that they came to believe that the sun was a god. Thus they were led astray just as much as those who deny that the sun has any spiritual powers at all. And while the quote doesn’t say it, it is likely that they saw only the physical sun, not the spiritual. That tends to make people more materialistic, more warlike. That is what the quote indicates happened to these people, whoever they were. Continue reading “Children of the Sun, Truth, and Wisdom”

sun servant

Sun Servant Bringing Truth and Civilization

“In the days before Harekta came, all was barren and desolate. Nought divided the wilderness from the swamp lands filled with reeds. Thus here were no cattle or sheep, and the land knew not the hand of man, it lay untilled and unwatered.

“No land was sown, for they who dwelt in it knew not the making of waterways, nor did they know how to command the water an make is flow at man’s behest. There were no cities, and men dwelt in holes in the ground, or where the rock was cleft. They walked in their nakedness, or clothed themselves with leaves or bark, while at night, they covered themselves with the skins of wild beasts. … They had none to rule over them, nor had they leaders to guide. … They were truly unenlightened in those days.

“Then came the servant of the Sun, and he it was who brought the people together and put rulers over them. … He showed them, man and woman, how to dwell together in contentment. … He instructed men in the sowing of corn and the growing of herbs. … He instructed men in the working of gold and silver, and the making of vessels from clay. …

“Then, when he departed he bade the people not to weep, for thought he went to his father, the sun would adopt them as his children and all could become sons of the sun.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (MAN:2:3-7)

Barren and Desolate Land

It is hard for many to accept that the land could have been barren and desolate in the time of cavemen. We tend to think that being barren and desolate is the result of man’s folly and interference with the natural order of things. But what most don’t understand is the time of the cavemen was such a period. It wasn’t before any human enterprise, but a fallen world after a great disaster, natural or man-made. There were great civilizations and great cities that were destroyed leaving only a few alive to live as primitive cavemen.


It’s not clear what the author of this section of the Kolbrin Bible meant by wilderness, which he says nothing divided from the swampland. I would think swampland is a type of wilderness, though it could also be a forest, desert, etc. In any case, it clearly means some type of undeveloped land. Undeveloped to the extent that it wasn’t even used for grazing land or for farming. But as I pointed out above, there were civilizations before the cavemen that were destroyed. This wilderness, then, might have been land that once was used by man before the destruction that turned civilized people into cave-dwelling barbarians. Continue reading “Sun Servant Bringing Truth and Civilization”

glorious light

Glorious Light of Beauty and Truth

“Light reveals the glories of the external world and yet is the most glorious of them all. It gives beauty, reveals beauty and is itself most beautiful. It is the analyzer, the truth-teller and the exposer of shams, for it shows things as they are. Its infinite streams measure off the universe and flow into our telescopes from stars which are quintillions of miles distance. On the other hand it descends to objects inconceivably small, and reveals through the microscope object fifty millions of times less than can be seen by the naked eye. Like all other fine forces, the movement is wonderfully soft, yet penetrating and powerful. Without its verifying influence, vegetable, animal, and human life must immediately perish from the earth, and general ruin take place. We shall do well, then, to consider this potential and beautiful principle of light and its component colors, for the more deeply we penetrate into its inner laws, the more will it present itself as a marvelous storehouse of power to vitalize, heal, refine, and delight mankind.” ~Edwin D. Babbitt

Glorious Light

The quote is from a book that was published over one hundred years ago. It is surprising, in a way, that Mr. Babbitt understood light so well when few others did. Today, research has shown that not only was he correct, but that light is even more amazing and more powerful than he thought.

Universe of Glorious Light

After decades of study and experimentation, quantum physicists have come to the conclusion that our apparently solid universe of matter is a total illusion. It is actually nothing more than a hologram made entirely of light. That deserves to be repeated: the material universe is just light! The chair you are sitting on is a ball of light. The computer (or cell phone) you are reading this on is a ball of light. You are a ball of glorious light.

One thing we have to understand about holograms. A hologram is a lot like a mirror. It is a reflection of something real. Something more real than the reflection. So the physical universe, if we accept that it is a hologram, must be a reflection of something else. That something else is the eternal universe of spirit. To be more accurate, there are nine primary dimensions to the total universe. The physical dimension is a reflection of higher ones that are spiritual. But here is the catch: the spiritual realms are made of light also! They are made of light that is more properly called glorious light that its dimmer cousin found on the level of matter. So we could say that the physical universe is a reflection of the Glorious Light of Heaven and God, the source of all light and all reality. Continue reading “Glorious Light of Beauty and Truth”

children of God

Children of God Awakened by the Sun

“It is troublesome thing to mortify the evil Will of Self; none are willing to do it. We would all gladly be the Children of God, if we might be so with the rough garment of fallen nature about us. But this cannot be. This world passeth away, and the outward life must die; what good can the adoption of the mortal body of flesh and blood only do me?

“If we would inherit the Fillation, we must also put on the New Man which alone can inherit it, as being like the Deity. God will have no sinners in Heaven, but only such as have been born anew and become Children, and to have put on Heaven.

“Therefore it is not so easy a matter to become a Child of God, as men imagine. Indeed, it is not a troublesome thing to him that hath put on the Fillation, whose light shineth; for it is joy to such a one. …

“A man must wrestle till the dark center that is shut up tight breaketh open, and the Spark lying hid therein kindles and from thence the noble Lily-branch sprouts, as from the divine grain of mustard-seed as Christ saith. A man must pray earnestly with great humility, and for a while, become a fool of his own Reason, and see himself void of understanding therein, until Christ be formed in the new incarnation.” ~Jacob Boehme

Will of Self

When referring to the Will of Self, Boehme does not mean the ego or will in a general sense, but very specifically the type of will common in a narcissist where the person wants the entire universe to conform to his ideas rather than the other way around. The human will is not necessarily arrogant, but it is in many. If properly tamed and controlled by the higher Self, it is a useful tool while we are in the realm of matter. Without a will, we accomplish nothing, we have no desire to accomplish.

Children of God

When Boehme wrote this several hundred years ago, he was probably correct in saying that all wanted to be the Children of God. Those days are over. Today, a large part of the population question the very existence of God. Others believe in God, but think they have no responsibility to behave in any particular way, or to accomplish certain deeds to be welcomed by God into heaven.

But those of us who take God seriously and want to be part of His Kingdom, the quest to become true Children of God remains strong. We know that being children of God is not about where you were born, what church you go to, or how many crystals you own. The children of God are those who take seriously the teachings of the spiritual masters who started most major religions and the ancient mystery schools. The don’t worship Jesus, they follow His teachings. They don’t spend an hour a week in church and the rest of the week being a devoted materialist. They don’t just sit on the sofa dreaming about going to heaven so they can manifest it, they go out and follow the path all the ancients knew to get there. Continue reading “Children of God Awakened by the Sun”