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Look at the Light of the Spiritual Sun

“As an adolescent, I had a summer job working as a volunteer companion in a nursing home for the aged. … By the first day of actual patient contact, I was very anxious.

“My first assignment was to visit with a ninety-six-year-old women who had not spoken for more that a year. A psychiatrist ad diagnosed her as having senile dementia, but she had not responded to medication. The nurses doubted she would talk to me. … We would string beads together. …

‘I knocked on the closed door of her room. There was no answer. Opening the door, I found myself in a small room lit by a single window which faced the morning sun. Two chairs had been placed in front of the window. In one sat a very old lady, looking out. The other was empty. … I went to the empty chair and sat down.

“For awhile I tried to find a way to open a conversation. … The silence in the room was absolute. Somehow it just seemed rude to speak. Finally I gave up and just sat with with the basket of glass beads in my lap for the full hour. …

“Taking hold of the basket again, I prepared to leave. … Turning to the old women, I asked, ‘What are you looking at?’… Slowly she turned toward me and I could see her face for the first time. It was radiant. In a voice filled with joy she said, ‘Why, child, I am looking at the Light.’” ~Rachel Naomi Remen

Silence Speaks

Silence isn’t nothing. It is a thing in itself. Parents know that silence from an infant probably means trouble. Likewise with a puppy. With older people, it often means they are bored, depressed, or simply occupied with something and don’t want to talk about it. But when silence extends into days, weeks, even months, there may be a serious problem. In the elderly, this usually is interpreted as a form of dementia. Nearly all forms of odd behavior are considered dementia in the elderly. It often isn’t true.

We forget that in some parts of the world, and in some religions, it is not uncommon for a monk to take a vow of silence. Those who do so may go for years, even decades without speaking a word. The medical community does not label them as demented. They shouldn’t do with the elderly either.

Look at the Light

It was easy to assume the old woman was staring off into space unaware of what was happening. Silent because she didn’t even know she was being visited. But when asked a simple question instead of being treated like a demented person, she responded. She responded brilliantly.

When you are very old, you no longer have the luxury of pretending you will live forever. You know your physical body is mortal and will die soon. You learn to accept that. So idle chitchat no longer appeals to you. Perhaps knitting doilies or stringing beads also seems pointless. Some part of you now knows that the only thing that still matters is preparing your immortal spirit and soul for what is coming. And even if you have never been spiritual, you know that you need to turn to the light. The old woman wasn’t demented. She was wiser than her doctors.

We don’t know the woman’s background. Perhaps she had been a very religious person. Perhaps she had never concerned herself with death and the afterlife until she realized it was knocking at her door. What we do know is that she finally had tie wisdom to look at the light. Not just any light, of course. Not a flashlight. Not a lamp in her room. That would have been to no avail. She was looking at the light of the sun. Watching the sunrise. Doing what St. Francis was doing when he had his spiritual awakening. Looking at the sun that awakened Jacob Boehme, and many others. The sun the Essenes and Pythagoreans faced each morning at sunrise. They all knew they had to look at the Light.

Look at the Light of the Spiritual Sun

Looking at the light is good, but not all light is the same. Not even all light from the sun. That is because there is more than one sun. Beyond the physical sun, there is a spiritual sun. It is this spiritual sun that awakens the spirit and soul. There are benefits in gazing at the physical sun for the physical body (if done correctly and safely, of course), but to benefit the spirit and soul we must look to the spiritual sun.

And your attitude when looking at the sun matters also. If you are angry, sad, jealous, or otherwise in a negative state, you will get little benefit from the sun. You have to be at peace with yourself, with others, and with the world. That doesn’t mean you have to accept that everything that is happening in the world is acceptable. It means you know it is temporary and can be stopped. But the way to stop the evils in the world of materialism is not with more materialism. You have to awaken your spiritual faculties and help others do the same. That happens when you look to the spiritual sun with an open and peaceful mind and heart. Look at the light with a benevolent attitude and a desire to grow. Don’t wait, like the old women in the story until you are old and dying.

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Raiment of Light from Watching the Sunrise

“Every morning the Sun rises and beings from the invisible world ask you: ‘Did you read the page of the book fixed for today?’ The Sun is a book, and God writes something new in it every day.

“Light is a sign of love. When the sun shines on us that shows that God is sending us light. …

“Beautiful is the raiment of every living being who rises early before sunrise and works with love. If one does not rise early and does not work, he will be ordinary and poorly attired. All living beings are expected to do some work. The more conscious they are, the greater is the effort that they must apply. …

“When you want to benefit from the energies of nature, receive them directly from the source and not indirectly.” ~Biensa Douno

Sun Gazing at Sunrise

Sun-gazing (or sungazing) has become popular in recent years. In many cases, however, people are doing it without really knowing how or why. Most are gazing strictly at the physical sun. While that can have some benefits for the physical body and the brain-mind, It doesn’t really help the spirit and soul. To awaken and develop the spirit and soul requires gazing at the spiritual sun rather than the physical. Unfortunately, Douno rarely says that in his writings. He simply capitalizes “Sun” so you know he is not talking about the ordinary, physical sun. But if you don’t know why he is doing that, you might not understand his point.

Technically, sun gazing can be done at any time of the day. It is best, however, to do it at sunrise. That is when the frequencies of light are the most spiritual. The second best time is at sunset. So if you can’t always get up early to do it at sunrise, sunset is an acceptable alternative. But you should make sure that at least some of your sungazing is done at dawn. Too much evening sun will make your energies unbalanced and you may get angry or depressed. Continue reading “Raiment of Light from Watching the Sunrise”

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Positive Energies of the Spiritual Sun

“The energies of the Sun are positive and act favorably on people. The earth energies are negative and act unfavorably on people. The former energies help humanity to rise, and the latter to descend. Try to tune into the energies that come from above.

“The first violinist in nature is the Sun. The first ray of the sun is the first aria. … The sun is a book, and God write something new in it every day.

“Light is a sign of love. When the sun shines on us that shows that God is sending us light. …

“The Divine world has only one direction, only one point, one source from which all things proceed. This point is called ‘the Eternal East,’ the point of the eternally rising Sun.” ~Biensa Douno

Positive and Negative Energies

While it is essentially true to say that solar energy is positive and earth energy is negative, it can be misleading to put it that way. For one thing, it seems to imply that if one leaves the Earth, he would leave negative energies behind. But there are, in fact, negative energies on the moon, on Mars, on all planets. There may even be negative energies in the sun and the stars, but they are not as strong as the positive ones.

To put it more accurately, there are positive energies that pull us up. Up towards Heaven and higher levels of consciousness. Up towards God. There are also energies that pull us down toward matter and death. That is why it’s a struggle to grow. But we can resist those energies that pull us down. We can also help by taking in energy from the spiritual sun to help pull us up. We also attune better to the higher energies by being positive and living according to the laws of God and nature rather than those of greedy and power-hungry men.

Music in the Sun

Douno is speaking allegorically when he says the sun is the first violin and the first aria. What he is saying is that the beneficial energies coming from the spiritual sun sooth us and awaken us much like good music does. Nonetheless, people do often report hearing pleasant music in their heads while doing spiritual sun gazing techniques. It may sound like violins or harps, which is probably how the idea of angels playing harps started. Others report pleasant scents like tropical flowers coming from the sun. Not surprisingly, the ancient god Apollo was not only god of the sun, but god of music and prophecy as well.

Book in the Sun

Again, Douno is not speaking literally. He is saying that the sun, especially the spiritual sun, is a source of information. He is saying we can gain great knowledge by “reading” this “book”. What makes this book special is that it updates automatically with the latest changes in the universe. It also automatically reveals to us only what we are ready to receive and comprehend. So two people can be sun-gazing at the same time and in the same place, yet receive different information from that “book”. The other magical thing about this source of information is that it contains only truth. Not opinion, not agreed-upon beliefs, but truth. Of course, the sun is not where this information originates. It starts with God, then is sent by His light into the suns and stars of the universe.

If that all sounds a little crazy and unscientific, consider this. Modern science, specifically quantum physics, says the universe is really just a great hologram. Further, the scientists say, the light in that hologram carries information. So science has figured out what the spiritual teachers have known for centuries.

Light is Love

Yes, light is love because it is God’s love for us that causes Him to send that spiritual light with the power to redeem us. Of course, we do have to choose to be redeemed and work at it. We have all heard people being said to glow when they are in love. And the halos of saints are the light of God’s love shining on them and through them.

Eternal East

The Divine Light has one direction and one source. One could argue that the light must move in all direction out from the source. But what Douno is saying, is that “outward” is one direction. There would be no point to light looping back to the source, which is God. On the other hand, that Divine Light is the true stairway to heaven. So if we want to return there, we must accept that light and follow it back to the Source.

Sun of Life, Sun of Righteousness, Always Shining Sun

Sun of Life Brings Knowledge and Understanding

“What is the most sublime of concerts? The sunrise. God is the Sun of Life When this Sun awakens, you will see and understand the world in the right way.

“If you wish to remain free, be like light. Light is free. If you wish to be strong think of light. Light is strong and alive. Love light and be free.

“For those who are able to see, everything in living nature is light. Everything on earth, all minerals, plants, animals, as well as the bodies of men, are nothing more than light. …

“When we say that people should lead pure, sacred and wise lives, we have in mind that they should tap the appropriate energies of the Sun.” ~Biensa Douno

Concert of the Sun

It may seem strange to refer to the sunrise as a concert, but it isn’t. Many who practice spiritual sun-gazing (not the same as gazing at the physical sun) hear divine sounds while doing so. We could also say that a concert is about hearing pleasant frequencies, frequencies that help us vibrate higher. Such frequencies come to us from the spiritual sun, even when we don’t hear them.

Sun of Life

I don’t think we can say that God is the Sun of Life, except in the general sense that God is everywhere and part of everything. But we can certainly say that the essence of God is in the spiritual sun. That is why for ages mystery schools have taught students to gaze at the sunrise. They do that not to take in the light of the physical sun—although that can have some benefits for the body—but to get the light of the spiritual sun that Douno calls the “Sun of Life”. In our present time, we can also call it the Sun of Righteousness, for that sun promised by the prophet Malachi shines on us now. The trick, of course, is knowing how to look toward the physical sun and “see” beyond it to the spiritual sun. That requires training from a good spiritual school. Continue reading “Sun of Life Brings Knowledge and Understanding”