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Living Book of the Spiritual Sun

Living Book of the Sun

“He who cannot accept truth looks only on the surface and makes conclusions which his mind can accept. The same thing happens with him who does not understand the Sacred Book of Life. He is content to seek the superficial truth – he is not ready to seek its real content. As the book is a living and sensible book for one who understands it, so is the Sun a living and sensible book, which only a few can read and understand. Every morning the sun rises and a voice from the invisible world asks if you have read your page for today. The Sun is a book in the pages of which God every day writes something new. You may say that the Sun is something that has no intelligence. The Sun exists – it has abundant light which causes the fruit to ripen, the flower to bloom, the snow and ice to melt – how can it be said that it has no intelligence? The light that the Sun sends to all the plants indicates that there are living beings in the Sun with a high level of intelligence and the ability to reason. Whatever the speculations about the Sun may be, it is important for man to know how to make use of the Sun’s light and warmth and to achieve something from it. One day his eyes will open and he himself will be able to investigate. Therefore I say that man has a great future ahead of him.” ~Beinsa Douno

Looking at the Surface

Many will not believe what Douno is saying about them looking only at the surface truth, and not going deeper to the real truth, yet what he says is correct. And it isn’t limited to the average person who doesn’t care to dig any deeper than what he needs to function in his daily life, get his job done, etc. Even scientists who think they are studying things all the way to the depth of molecules and atoms are still only looking at the surface. The level of matter is but one dimension of being. There are other dimensions above it and when you look at only that part that is in the dimensions of matter, you are looking only at the surface. You are studying the ten percent of the iceberg sticking out of the water and ignoring the ninety percent that is below the surface of the water. With a limited view like that, you may find some truth, but it will be limited, partial, and probably temporary.

As Douno also points out, even those who look beyond matter into the realm of spirit, but do so with an attitude of expecting it to be virtually identical to the dimensions of matter will not understand what they are seeing, feeling, and hearing. They will look at spiritual things with their physical senses and not be able to comprehend them because they will be seeing them in a very distorted way. Only the spiritual faculties of Man can truly see, feel, and hear the spiritual, but they must first be awakened as they are dormant when we arrive in the physical world. Continue reading “Living Book of the Spiritual Sun”

rays of the sun

Rays of the Sun for Spiritual Health

“The rays of the Sun are a bearer of great good. And each ray that comes out of God brings great blessing to the people. It is alive. I am not saying that the Light is only a vibration, motion of the air – this is the outer part of the matter. The Light is a force that is alive and reasonable, that penetrates into the human being and revives them.

“Modern people live in great chaos – they do not know how to plan their work and as a result spend a lot of energy to accomplish poor results. If you want to work efficiently, the moment you wake up and you are still lying in your bed, thank God for everything He has given to you. You will ask, ‘Where is God?’ God is in the Sun, in the sky, in the Earth, in the water, in the air, in the wind, in the rocks, in the plants, in the animals, in humans – God is everywhere. …

“He who cannot accept truth looks only on the surface and makes conclusions which his mind can accept. The same thing happens with him who does not understand the Sacred Book of Life. He is content to seek the superficial truth – he is not ready to seek its real content. As the book is a living and sensible book for one who understands it, so is the Sun a living and sensible book, which only a few can read and understand.” ~Biensa Douno

Rays of the Sun

While Douno doesn’t seem to distinguish this, there is a difference between the sun and the Sun. The “sun” is the physical body in the sky at the center of our solar system. The “Sun” is the Spiritual Sun which is the spirit of the physical sun. Both of those suns can be bearers of good, but when it comes to spiritual development, it is the Spiritual Sun that provides that good. There is some good in the physical sun, but it is for the physical body and the mind. The physical sun does not benefit the spirit and soul.

Ray Out of God

This ray out of God can only be within the Spiritual Sun. It does bring great blessings, but only if you receive those rays and absorb them. Many people hide from those rays or block them with inappropriate thinking and behavior. Many receive them but are not willing or ready to utilize the energy in them, so the rays pass through them and do nothing. You have to accept the rays with gladness, humility, and a desire to do good in the world. Then the rays of the Sun are absorbed into the spirit and soul and the spiritual energy centers. Continue reading “Rays of the Sun for Spiritual Health”


Ignorance of the Divine Spark and Awakening It

Human Ignorance

“Humans are generally ignorant of the divine spark resident within them. This ignorance is fostered in human nature by the influence of the false creator and his Archons. … Not all humans are spiritual and thus ready for Gnosis and liberation. … Gnostics do not look to salvation from sin (original or other), but rather from ignorance of which sin is a consequence. Ignorance – whereby is meant ignorance of spiritual realities – is dispelled only by Gnosis.

“And as a terminal downbeat observation: Death does not automatically bring about liberation from bondage to the realms of the Demiurge. … It is implicitly understood in most Gnostic teachings that those who have not made effective contact with their transcendental origins while they were in embodiment would have to return into the sorrowful condition of earthly life.” ~Bernard Simon

Ignorance of the Divine Spark

Much of humanity is ignorant of the Divine Spark within. They generally fall into two groups. One group believes in God and is often quite religious, but doesn’t see and need for spiritual self-development. The other doesn’t believe in God or anything spiritual. Both are living in some degree of ignorance.

Ignorance is Sin

Mr. Simon says that, according to the Gnostics, that salvation (or forgiveness) of sin was not the path to Heaven and enlightenment, but rather to be free from ignorance, which causes sin. That is true of most Gnostic groups and it is true of Cosolargy, which I follow. Gene Savoy, Sr said:

Man punishes himself because he breaks the supernatural laws of the cosmos. Man suffers because of his ignorance of God and His laws. Ignorance is the only sin for which man must atone.”

Why is ignorance the only sin that matters? Because one you overcome ignorance, you stop sinning, it is that simple. When you were an infant, you may have touched a hot stove and got burned. Not badly, but enough so you knew it wasn’t a good thing to do. But because you didn’t quite put the stove and the burning pain together as connected yet, you may have made the same mistake a day or two later. But after getting a few mild burns (hopefully, your parents had you protected from the hotter areas where you could get serious burns!), you got the connection and stopped touching it.

Death and Liberation

A common belief of those living in spiritual ignorance is that when you die, you go on to Heaven or some variation of the Christian Heaven. You need not do anything special, you don’t have to earn this high privilege, you just have to die. If that were true, the idea that suicide is wrong would make no sense at all. Why should anyone be deprived of the right to rush off to heaven whenever they choose?

The answer, of course, is that death is not a ticket to Heaven. It isn’t even a ticket to an afterlife, at least not in the sense that most of us expect an afterlife to be. Those who die without doing what is necessary to get into heaven will find that their soul will separate from them, and return to heaven without them. The soul is like a guest living in your spiritual guest room. If you don’t go through the process that allows you to become one with the soul as taught by mystics and mystery schools for ages, the soul moves out and you do not go with it. Instead, your consciousness becomes part of the Gaia mind that controls the planet. You become, in a way, a piece of Mother Nature’s consciousness. That is not what I want when I die and I don’t think it is what anyone else wants.

I have heard of some Eastern Gurus telling people that when they die, their soul is like a drop of water falling into an ocean. Once that happens, it becomes just a part of the whole ocean. That is a good description of what happens to those who, out of ignorance, don’t integrate with their soul.

Escape from Ignorance

So don’t become a drop of water in the ocean, a tiny piece of the Gaia mind. Lose your ignorance by awakening and developing your soul. You do that primarily by taking in the light of the Spiritual Sun through a process called sun-gazing. But sun gazing alone won’t do it. It is more complicated, which is why those who are serious about ending their spiritual ignorance join a reputable spiritual school to learn the complete process one step at a time.

towards the sun

Look Towards the Sun for Wisdom

“When you raise your eyes towards the Sun, your heart and your whole being will leap. Some people say that the Sun is a fiery celestial body. Every morning I witness how the Lord takes the Sun as a great lighted candle and makes His rounds all over. He comes from the East! This is how I see the Sun. Behind this Sun there is something still greater and more glorious. Similarly, behind our lives something great is hidden. Behind the ordinary manifestation of life there is something else, which every one of you is conscious of. This is the Divine in the human being.

“When love comes to us, we become strong, cheerful and happy. When we love somebody or something, we look like a sunny day with a bright sky, when the sun shines and the weather is warm and serene.

“Whoever is sensitive can turn their backs to the east and feel when the first Sun rays appear. Exactly at that moment, they will feel a slight, pleasant warmth in the solar plexus. The spine is capable of perceiving the warmth of the first Sun rays since all is connected to the sympathetic nerve system.” ~Biensa Douno

Raise Your Eyes Towards the Sun

Why should you raise your eyes towards the sun? Don’t the “experts” and authorities tell you not to do that? They say it is dangerous. In fact, they say,  all exposure to the sun is dangerous. It will turn your pale, thin skin dark and thick so it actually protects your body the way it is supposed to. We certainly don’t want that, do we?

But maybe the “experts” and authorities don’t actually have our best interests at heart. Maybe they have been led to believe things that are not quite true and they believe they are doing you a favor by forcing those false beliefs on you. In either case, the Sun is not your enemy. It is not out to kill you—unless you are a vampire or other creature of darkness. Seriously, don’t you notice that in legends and myths of Vampires, Werewolves, and other things of darkness, that most of those creatures fear the Sun and sunlight? This should tell you that sunlight, when used properly, is a good thing.

Of course, when Douno, like Gene Savoy, advised people to look towards the sun, he didn’t mean that you should stare at the sun. That will almost certainly cause eye damage and not be helpful at all. You look toward the sun without looking directly at it in the manner known to many as sun-gazing. Continue reading “Look Towards the Sun for Wisdom”