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Strength of Character, Warmth, and Living in Light

“Money is not the most important thing in life. It is just a tool. The most important thing in life is to have light. The second most important thing is warmth, and the third most important is strength.
“Everything in the world that happens without love is a crime. Everything in the world that happens with love is a divine blessing. … Where Love, Wisdom, and Truth take part, it is God’s blessing. …
“It is easier to correct the bad in you than in others. … The strong man is the one who knows how rectify the invisible mistakes he makes Everyone who rectifies receives reward. When they get rectified, he won’t be judged for them.” ~Biensa Douno

Money, Money, Money

Much of our modern society is based on money. Our social structure, in most cases, is not based on what family you were born into but how much money you have. Even reporters talk of “Middle Class,” “Upper Class,” and so on as if we had a cast system based on degrees of wealth.

But this materialistic structure is not based on any reality, but on fantasy. This is especially true today when the money we use all the time has no backing. It is not stated to be worth a particular amount of gold or silver. It simply has a value printed on and we accept it. We are told it has this value by the central bank of our country and we accept that. But the central bank is not a government agency as many believe, but a private corporation. And virtually all of the central banks in the world are controlled by one super wealthy family.

But that is not really what Douno is talking about. Even if we were still using real gold and silver for money, those metals are not truly things of great value.

Living in Light

Mr. Douno says the most important thing is to “have light.” He doesn’t mean a flashlight you bought at the hardware store. He doesn’t even mean the light of the physical sun. What he means is spiritual light. The light that comes to us through the spiritual sun. As least it does if we take the time to look for it.

This Light is the most important because it awakens and nourishes our spiritual faculties. It raises our frequencies and gives us the energy needed for spiritual growth. That is even more true now that the Sun of Righteousness is shining down upon us. Continue reading “Strength of Character, Warmth, and Living in Light”

impervious student

Impervious Student in an Imperfect World

“The student is impervious to all influences which would divert him from the goal he has set himself, as long as he can regard it as the right goal. For him, obstacles contain a challenge that impels him to surmount them, but never a reason for giving up. …
“The student suppresses all superfluous criticism of everything that is imperfect, evil, and bad, and seeks rather to understand everything that comes under his notice. Even as the sun does not withdraw its light from the bad and the evil, so he, too, does not refuse them an intelligent empathy. Should some trouble befall him he does not proceed to condemn and criticize, but accepts the inevitable, and endeavors to the best of his ability to give the matter a turn for the best.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Impervious student

While much of what Rudolf Steiner wrote is great, I think this claim is a bit of an exaggeration. Perhaps his intention was to avoid students having fears and doubts, so he told them this. It is true that having a goal you truly believe in makes it much more difficult for the dark ones to turn you away from that goal, but it is not impossible. To believe that you are truly an impervious student is as bad as believing that evil and dark beings and forces don’t exist.   They love when we believe that, as it makes it much easier for them to control us. Only the most advances students who no longer have a physical body are truly impervious. Continue reading “Impervious Student in an Imperfect World”

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Strengthen My Desire to Understand

God, strengthen My Desire to Understand Your Purpose

“O Great God unbounded by earthly limitations, Your Will is an eternal mystery and Your deeds confound the minds of men. … Ancient Lord of Life and Light, Creator of the tree of Life, … help my soul  to rectify its evil deeds and balance them with good. … O God who is great, have compassion on my littleness. Bear patiently with my blundering, and overlook my ignorance. Your reach is so great, and mine is so small, help me to know You for myself. I am helpless and lost. Hail to the Supreme Power and Spirit! … Strengthen my desire to understand Your great purpose. … In reverence and humility my spirit awaits Your command, my Creator and my Light. Hail to the Supreme Power and Spirit.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:21:1-6)

I think it’s reasonable to say that this is a prayer not likely to be spoken by egotistical people, and definitely not by a materialist. Nowhere here is God being asked for a new car, house, or winning lottery number. But the author of this quote knows that those are not things to ask the true God for. Material things are the realm of the fallen angels, of Satan, so if you pray for such things you are praying to Satan, the only lord capable of granting them (at a price, of course). Let’s take a look at the quote line by line and note that I use the ellipsis (…) a lot in the quote to indicate that I have cut out some things. This was not to change the meaning, but to limit the length of the quote and to place emphasis on the most important parts of this chapter of the Kolbrin Bible. Continue reading “Strengthen My Desire to Understand”