invisible beings

Invisible Beings of Spirit and Truth

“It is worthy of notice that, while rejecting as a superstition of Occultism, and religion too, the theory of substantial and invisible beings called Angels, Elementals, etc. – without, or course, having ever looked into the philosophy of these incorporeal entities, owing to observation and discovery, should have unconsciously been forced to adopt and recognize the same ratio of progression and order in the evolution of chemical atoms as occultism does. … Let it be remembered that Fire, Water, and Air, or the ‘elements of primary Creation’ so-called, are not the compound elements they are on Earth, but noumenal homogeneous Elements – the Spirits thereof. Then follow the septenary groups or hosts. Placed on parallel lines in a diagram with atoms, the natures of those beings would be seen to correspond in their downward scale of progression to composite elements in a mathematically identical manner, as to analogy. This refers only to diagrams made by the Occultists; for were the scale of Angelic Beings to be placed on a parallel line with the scale of the chemical atoms of Science – from the hypothetical helium down to uranium – they would of course be found to differ. …

“In esoteric philosophy, every physical particle corresponds to and depends on its higher neumenon – the Being to whose essence it belongs; and above as below, the Spiritual evolves from the Divine, the psycho-mental from the spiritual.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Invisible Beings

There are even today many who still can’t accept that there could be invisible beings. Yet it is not so strange as it sounds. Even if we look just on the physical level, we find some exotic fish, squid, and other sea creatures that are almost completely transparent. They may not be totally invisible, but they are difficult to see if you are not looking for them.

That last sentence may be key to it more than anything else. There are so many things around us to see, even just on the level of matter, that it is impossible to “see” all of them. That is because seeing a thing involves the mind as much as the eyes. Your eyes may see something, but if your mind doesn’t care, or doesn’t believe in it, it doesn’t register on your conscious mind.

If you are interested in art, but not in flowers, and you walk through a garden that is full of artworks, you might be able to answer many questions about what artworks you saw, but couldn’t answer a single one about the flowers. So to you, the flowers are invisible.

But beyond that type of invisible beings are those that are invisible because they are not material. Spiritual beings cannot be seen by the physical eyes unless they wish to make themselves visible. Even then, you are probably not seeing them, but actually “seeing” an image they have sent into your mind, they may not be their true form.

It is possible to see these being, and in their true form, but not with the eyes of the physical body. Instead we must use the spiritual sight of the soul. The soul must, of course, be awakened first. A sleeping soul sees little. Continue reading “Invisible Beings of Spirit and Truth”


Titanic Materialism and Bacchic Spirituality

“Man is a composite creature, his lower nature consisting of the fragments of the Titans and his higher nature the sacred, immortal flesh (life) of Bacchus. Therefore man is capable of either Titanic (irrational) or a Bacchic (rational) existence. The Titans of Hesiod, who were twelve in number, are probably analogous to the celestial zodiac, whereas the Titans who murdered and dismembered Bacchus represent the zodiac powers distorted by their involvement in the material world. Thus Bacchus represents the sun who is dismembered by the signs of the zodiac and from whose body the universe is formed. When the terrestrial forms were created from the various parts of his body the sense of wholeness was lost and the sense of separateness established. The heart of Bacchus, which was saved by Pallas, or Minerva, was lifted out of the four elements symbolized by his dismembered body and placed in the ether. The heart of Bacchus is the immortal center of the rational soul.

“After the rational soul had been distributed throughout creation and the nature of man, the Bacchus Mysteries were instituted for the purpose of disentangling it from the irrational Titanic nature. This disentanglement was the process of lifting the soul out of the state of separateness into that of unity.” ~Manly P. Hall

Composite Man

Man is indeed a composite creature and in several different ways. On a purely physical level, composite man is made up of many organs and other parts. These many parts need to function together in harmony for the health and growth of the whole. When they don’t, we get an illness or abnormal growth.

Another level of composite man could be called a multi-dimensional man. The physical makes up only one part of this composite. The other parts are the mind, the spirit, and the soul. In the above quote, Hall is reducing this to a lower level and a higher. The lower level is the physical body and mind, the higher is the spirit and soul.

Titanic or Bacchic

Today most people would think of the ship that sank when you mention “Titanic”. That isn’t what Hall means, but it does fit. Those who live a Titanic (materialistic) life are creating a Titanic (ship) disaster of themselves. Of course, they don’t think they are creating a mess of their lives, but they are. They are favoring the temporary over the permanent. The good news is that it is never too late to turn around and head in the other direction. But you do have to do it before the death of the physical body.

While Mr. Hall calls these two choices irrational and rational, it is more accurate to call them material and spiritual. The Titanic types cling to the irrational/material despite its rather obvious failures. The rational/spiritual move beyond the limitations of the Titanic to the Bacchic or spiritual.

Titan Zodiac

I had never thought of the Titans relating to the twelve signs of the zodiac, yet it makes perfect sense. In a time when everyone believed in many gods, assigning a god to each of the zodiac signs would help people relate to them. And since many saw the forces of the stars and the cosmos as irresistible forces that compelled them to do things against their will, those attributes were also assigned to the Titans.

Bacchus and the Sun

So in this myth, Bacchus represents the sun and the powers that defeat the Titans. These are the spiritual powers that exist outside of the realm of matter. They cannot be significantly affected by the forces of matter because they live outside of it. The human spirit and soul are the same. They are spiritual, not physical. They are above the control of the powers of matter. Yet the Titans of matter can control us if we don’t bother to awaken those spiritual faculties that lie dormant within us. That is where the sun comes into it. It is the light of the sun, especially the spiritual sun, that awakens those dormant faculties. And until they are awakened, they cannot save us from the Titans.

We can all be Titanic (temporary) or Bacchic (eternal), but we have to make the choice and work at it. It isn’t a gift just handed to us on a silver platter. Nor do we gain it just by wishing on a star to manifest it. Wanting it is a good start, but we have to also take action to make it happen.

Heart of Bacchus

It is clear from the description that what was called the Heart of Bacchus is actually the Divine Soul of humans. This soul is not rational in the sense that we normally use the word today. But it is, when awakened, a source of higher consciousness. Many people seek to bring the mind to those higher levels with limited success. The mind can only go so far. But these higher levels of consciousness are natural to the soul. The solution, therefore, is to awaken and develop the soul rather than wasting all your time on the Titanic powers of the world of matter and mind.

two suns

Two Suns, Two Currents of Power

“People expect the Sun to rise so that they can enjoy its light and heat. According to me it does not matter it it is only the external Sun which has risen if the outer sun has risen but the inner human Sun has not done so, nothing is gained. It is a significant moment when the rising of the outer Sun corresponds to the rising of the inner Sun. This is a real sunrise. … There is no greater joy than seeing both within and without. Great is the joy of the human being and of the whole of heaven when all people on earth understand and know their creator. …

“When a man raises his hands with palms towards the Sun this may warm his whole body since the warmth moves all around the body along the nerves.

“There are two currents, two kinds of energies. When the solar energy the leaves develop well, the branches grow—there is a growth upward. When the current of the earth is stronger, then the roots develop well.” ~Biensa Douno

Two Suns Rising

I often write about two suns: the physical and the spiritual. But here Douno is speaking of a different pair of suns: the inner and the outer. The outer sun is, of course, that one shining in the sky. The inner sun is the pineal gland, often called the third eye. But this inner sun has two natures just as does the outer sun. The pineal gland is also the location of a spiritual energy center. So we are really talking about four suns, two physical and two spiritual.

Two Suns Rising Together

What Douno means when he says that it is best if both suns rise together, is that sun gazing has limited benefits if the inner sun, the pineal gland, is not as open to it as the body and mind.

Snakes gaze at the sun. So do frogs and some birds. But they do not awaken their souls by doing so. That is partly because they are incapable of doing it with an open inner sun. They do so with no intent of growth, especially spiritual growth. Humans are different. We are capable of intent. We can visualize that light of the external sun, both the physical and spiritual, entering our eyes and filling our pineal so it opens like the lotus that is often used to represent it. Continue reading “Two Suns, Two Currents of Power”

absolute truth

Absolute Truth and Sham Reality

“A direct encounter with absolute truth appears to be impossible for normal non-mystical consciousness. We cannot know the reality, or even prove the existence, of the simplest object: through this is a limitation which few people realize acutely and most would deny. But there persists in the race a type of personality which does realize this limitation: and cannot be content with the sham realities that furnish the universe of normal men. It is necessary, as it seems, to the comfort of persons of this type to form for themselves some image of the Something or Nothing which is at the end of their telegraph lines: some ‘conception of being,’ some ‘theory of knowledge.’ They are tormented by the unknowable, ache for first principles, demand some background to the shadow show of things. In so far as man possesses this temperament, he hungers for reality, and must satisfy that hunger as best he can: staving off starvation, through he may not be filled.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Absolute Truth

Truth is truth most of us say. But there are really two kinds of truth. Actually three if you accept the philosophy of those who say that if you tell a lie enough times that most people accept it, it becomes truth. One type of truth is that on the level of matter only. These are the truths that are usually the result of scientific research. They are generally true within the limits of the material universe but ignore the other dimensions of reality. They are, therefore, a limited truth. Absolute truth is that which includes the spiritual dimensions of reality. The various dimensions are not entirely separate and do affect each other. If you look at only one or two, you get a view that is limited, partial. This results in inaccurate conclusions. The most glaring example of this is the “truth” that reality is made up of solids, liquids, and gases. That truth holds up only in a reality that is pure matter. No such reality exists. When you include the spiritual dimensions, you find that the solid, liquid, gas description of matter is too limited.

For starters, matter is an illusion. It really exists, but it isn’t what we think it is. So if we say that it is solid, liquid, and gas, it is true only on a surface level. There are other levels below that. Only when you are aware of all the levels can you know the absolute truth. Only when your soul has been awakened and is fully conscious can you know absolute truth with no questions, no doubts. Continue reading “Absolute Truth and Sham Reality”