motion without time

Motion Without Time in Spiritual Worlds

Acts and Motion Without Time

“Just as Act is timeless, so there is no reason why Motion also should not primarily be timeless, time attaching to it only in so far as it happens to have such and such an extension.

“Timeless change is sanctioned in the expression, ‘as if change could not take place all at once’; if then change is timeless, why not motion also? Change, be it noted, is here distinguished from the result of change, the result being necessary to establish the change itself.

“We may be told that neither Act nor Motion requires a genus for itself, but that both revert to Relation. Act belongs to the potentially active, Motion to the potentially motive. Our reply is that Relation produces relatives as such, and not the mere reference to an external standard; given the existence of a thing, whether attributive or relative, it holds its essential character prior to any relationship so then must Act and Motion, and even such an attribute as habit; they are not prevented from being prior to any relationship they may occupy, or from being conceived in themselves. Otherwise, everything will be relative, for everything you think of—even soul—bears some relationship to something else.” ~Plotinus

Acts Without Time

It seems to be a contradiction to says that acts can happen without time, yet that is the case. When we are trapped in the realm of time, the world of matter, it is difficult to see how that is possible. We see that in order to act, there has to be a change, and time is nothing more than a convenient way to measure the constant change that is taking place around us. But what is true in the realm of matter is not true in spiritual realms. In those worlds, there is no time, no growing old, no death. Yet one must be able to perform acts in those realms or they would have no function, no purpose.

Motion Without Time

If it is difficult to consider that acts can happen without time, it is even harder to see motion happening without time. Once again, however, it does happen. The realms of spirit do not change in the same way that the physical world is constantly changing, yet motion does exist there. It may be a different kind of motion, yet it is motion. In some cases, this motion is constant, never changing, so not really a change at all. The flow of God’s Light is such a motion. It is constantly moving, yet is not subject to time. What is called The Breath of God, the life force that flows from God, is another motion. This motion is also constant and not subject to time. Continue reading “Motion Without Time in Spiritual Worlds”

good without God

Good Without God Doesn’t Work

“The Working of Blessed Love. It were bitterer than death to me if ever I did that which is good, without God.

“This is the nature of the great love which is of God. She does not flow forth in tears, but burns in the great fire of heavenly glory. And thus she spreads to the farthest distances, and yet remains in herself steadfast and still. She rises up into the nearest converse with God, and remains in herself in the lowest measure. She grasps the most, and retains the least. O blessed Love, who are they who know thee? They are those through whom the light of God glows and burns. They dwell not in themselves. The more they are tried, the stronger they grow. Why so? Because the longer they are in conflict, yet abiding in love, the more glorious is God to their souls, and the more do they see themselves to be unworthy and vile. Why so? Because the greater the love, the greater is holy fear; and the fuller the comfort, the stronger the dread of sin. The loving soul does not fear with terror, but she fears nobly. There are two things over which I cannot mourn enough—one is, that God is so forgotten in the world; the other, that His people are so imperfect. Therefore many fall, because the godly have fallen before them. How God speaks to the Soul in Three Places. In the first of these places does the devil also speak, which he cannot do in the other two. The first place is the mind of man, and this stands open not to God only, but to the devil and to all creatures, who enter in as they will, and hold converse with the soul through the mind. The second place in which God speaks, is in the soul itself. And into the soul none can enter but God only. When God speaks to the soul, it is without the aid of the senses. It is in a mighty, strong, and swift communication, in a speech the mind cannot comprehend, unless the mind is so humbled as to take the lowest place amongst created things. The third place where God speaks with the soul is in heaven, when God draws the soul up thither, and brings her into His secret place, where He shows her all His wonders. Of False Love.” ~by Mechthild of Magdeburg

Good Without God

Why would Mechthild say that it would be worse than death to her if she ever did good without God? Because when humans try to do good without God they do what they think is good, but often isn’t. It may be good for them as individuals but is bad for others. Or it may be good for people, but is harmful to the environment. Of course, atheists would argue otherwise, but studies show they are wrong. While they may claim you don’t need to believe in God to be a good and moral person, studies show that while first generation atheists maintain much of the morality of their religious parents, by the third generation much of the morality is either completely lost, or followed only when convenient.

When I took a class in Systems Analysis (what they called Efficiency Expert in the 1950s and 1960s) one of the things the teacher taught us about solving a problem for a person or a business is to make sure the solution does not create problems that are worse than the problems you are trying to fix. The environmentalists back then clearly were not Systems Analysts and did not follow that concept when they advised us to stop using paper bags and switch to plastic. We know now in hindsight that plastic bags are far more environmentally destructive than the paper ones were.

But even a trained systems analyst using pure science can make mistakes. But a mystic like Mechthild with a direct connection to God will not because God always knows the answer, so we should never try to do good without God. Continue reading “Good Without God Doesn’t Work”

two wills

Two Wills, Two Souls to Guide Us

“Know then, my beloved son, that if thou wilt keep the Light of Nature within its own proper bounds, and make use thereof in just subordination to the Light of God; thou must consider that there are in thy soul two Wills, an inferior will, which is for driving thee to things without and below; and a superior Will, which is for drawing to things above. These two wills are now set together, as it were, back to back, and in a direct contrariety to each other; but in the beginning, it was not so. For this contraposition of the Soul in these two is no more than the effect of the Fallen State; since before that they were placed one under the other, that is, the superior Will above, as the Lord, and the inferior below, as the subject. And thus it ought to have continued. Thou must also further consider, that answering to these two Wills there are likewise two eyes in the soul, whereby they are severally directed; for as much as these eyes are not united in one single view, but look quite contrary ways at once. They are in a like manner set one against the other, without a common medium to join them. And hence, so long as this double-sightedness doth remain, it is impossible there should be any agreement in the determination of this or that will.” ~Jacob Boehme

Light of Nature

What Boehme s calling the light of nature is normal, physical light. This could be light from the physical sun, from the stars, from fires, or from bioluminescence. It even includes artificial light from light bulbs and LEDs. While they are not natural, they are part of the physical world and the light they produce is the physical kind.

Light of God

This is the other kind of Light that is far too often ignored. It is spiritual light and comes only from spiritual things. Its ultimate source is God, but God channels it through angels, stars, and even our souls. From our perspective here on Earth, the primary direct source of this Light is the Spiritual Sun. Continue reading “Two Wills, Two Souls to Guide Us”

trusting the spirit

Trusting the Spirit Brings Greater Insights and Knowledge

Trusting the Spirit

“When man learns of the existence of his spiritual mind and begins to recognize its promptings and leadings, he strengthens his bond of communication with it, and consequently receives light of a greater brilliance. When we learn to trust the Spirit, it responds by sending us more frequent flashes of illumination and enlightenment. As one unfolds in Spiritual Consciousness he relies more upon this inner voice, and is able more readily to distinguish it from impulses from the lower planes of the mind. He learns to follow Spirit’s leadings and to allow it to lent him a guiding hand. Many of us have learned to know the reality of being ‘led by the spirit.’ To those who have experienced this leading we need not say more, for they will recognize just what we mean. Those who have not yet experienced it must wait until the time comes for them, for we cannot describe it, as there are no words to speak of these things which are beyond words. … Spirit, Man’s seventh principle, is the Divine Spark – our most precious inheritance from the Divine Power – a ray from the Central Sun.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Trusting the Spirit Isn’t Simple

We must trust the spirit, but doing so isn’t simple. Every flash of inspiration that comes to us may seem to be coming from the Spiritual Mind (also known as the Soul), but many are actually coming from the lower mind, or worse yet, from outside influences that are often less than benevolent. Knowing which of these inner voices or gut feelings are coming

wispering devil

The Devil Whispering in Your Ear — Image by © Peter Holt/Illustration Works/Corbis

from the spirit takes practice, but it is worth the effort.

I know from personal experience that several important decisions in my life came from intuition, so I  know that trusting the spirit works.

After working for one company for seventeen years, the project I had been on was ending, and we all needed to find new ones—in the same company, or another one. I had a gut feeling that it was time to move on, and starting looking for jobs in other companies. It turned out that a year later, the company I had been working for was bought out and one-third of the employees were laid off. And when I finally retired ten years later, the company I was working for then had a pension plan. The one I had previously been working for did not.

And when I decided that I wanted to find a spiritual school and get serious about spiritual studies, a magazine ad for Cosolargy jumped out at me, so I applied. I have been a member of Cosolargy for nearly 30 years now, and that was definitely an intuitive decision where my trust in spirit paid off. Continue reading “Trusting the Spirit Brings Greater Insights and Knowledge”