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Spacetime Illusions and Spiritual Reality

“My soul spoke to me and said, ‘Do not measure time by saying, “There was yesterday, and there shall be tomorrow.”’
And ere my soul spoke to me, I imagined the Past as an epoch that never returned, and the Future as one that could never be reached.
Now I realize that the present moment contains all time and within it is all that can be hoped for, done and realized.
My soul preached to me exhorting me not to limit space by saying, ‘Here, there, and yonder.’
“Ere my soul preached to me, I felt that wherever I walked was far from any other space.
Now I realize that wherever I am contains all places; and the distance I walk embraces all distances.

“My soul instructed me and advised me to stay awake while others slept. And to surrender to slumber when others are stir.
Ere my soul preached to me, I saw not their dreams in my sleep, neither did I observe my vision.
Now I never sail the vessel of my dreams unless they watch me, and they never soar into the sky of their vision unless I rejoice in their freedom.” ~Kahlil Gibran


In science, the fusing of space and time in one model is called Spacetime. Considering them together is a sensible thing to do because they are related. Time is the most difficult part of it, but we recognize time primarily in two ways. We recognize it in change such as aging, growing, rotting, rusting, etc. We also recognize it in movements around the material universe. Physically, we can’t move from one location to another instantly. The duration of the movement is the second way we recognize time.

Time cannot exist without space. Space probably cannot exist without time. So we should thing of them as aspects of the same thing, the spacetime universe of matter.

Spiritual Universe

In the realms of spirit, neither space nor time exist. Spacetime is a thing of matter. Spirits do not age, decay, or die. Time has no meaning there in the sense of change. And spirits being beyond spacetime, they can be in any place instantly. They can be everywhere at once, or nowhere. Continue reading “Spacetime Illusions and Spiritual Reality”

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Timeless Man and The Illusions of Time

“Time is only an illusion produced by the succession of our states of consciousness as we travel through eternal duration, and it does not exist where no consciousness exists in which the illusion can be produced; but ‘lies asleep.’ The present is only a mathematical line which divides that part of eternal duration which we call the future, from that part which we call the past. Nothing on earth has real duration, for nothing remains without change—or the same—for the billionth part of a second. …
“The real person or thing does not consist solely of what is seen at any particular moment, but is composed of the sum of all its various and changing conditions.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Time Illusion

That time, as we think of it, is an illusion has been covered before on this blog. But I have some new information to add to the discussion.

First is how to define that moment of time which we call “the present”. Like Blavatsky, I have previously said that we can break time up into billionths of a second, so the present must be shorter than that. In actual fact, science has now defined a duration for the present, and that duration is three seconds. They come to that conclusion because they found that what happens around us in a period of about three seconds is all put together to form one image, one idea. It is that image created in the brain that we call the present. And by the time the brain has assembles that moment for us, the actual world has already moved on, continuing to change forever. But then Madame Blavatsky moves on to talk about what this means in defining object, animals, and people. Continue reading “Timeless Man and The Illusions of Time”

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Traveling Soul, Infinite Spirit, Being Everywhere

“The Incorporeal governs the Corporeal, and is, therefore, present everywhere, although not as space, but in power. The corporeal existence of things cannot hinder the incorporeal from being present to such things as it desires to enter into relation with. The Soul has therefore the power to extend her activity to any locality she may desire. She is a power which has no limits, and each part of her, being independent of special conditions, can be present everywhere, provided she is pure and unadulterated with matter. Things do not act upon each other merely by the contact of the corporeal forms, but also at a distance, provided they have a soul, because the higher elements of the soul are everywhere.” ~Porphyry

Traveling Soul

Porphyry says the soul can extent her activities to any location. This is true, in a sense. Actually, since the soul is pure spirit, and spirit is not limited by time and space, the soul is always everywhere. At least, the awakened soul is. But just as we can focus our attention on one thing, or in one direction, so can the spirit and soul.

If, for some reason, the soul wanted to know what was happening on the moon, it would simply concentrate on that location, and know. If it wanted to know what a person living in another country was doing, it could concentrate on that person, and know.

Were science smart enough to use this ability of the soul, we could save a lot of money, yet progress faster. Spiritual persons could describe what was happening on another planet without having to send rockets. And if it is necessary to send rockets, a spiritual person could “travel” in spirit to the location first so the crew would know what to expect and be ready for. Continue reading “Traveling Soul, Infinite Spirit, Being Everywhere”


Spherical Consciousness

“After changing from linear to spherical perception (the first part of spherical-holographic perception), reality functions differently. For starters, there is no outside world! Everything is inside your sphere with you, interconnected by a field of consciousness-and-energy with no separating boundaries. And everything is personal, highly efficient, and lovingly supportive. What was important in your life previously is still there, but it has a quality of heightened reality.

“You experience being a multifaceted, multidimentional self who never leaves your home frequency. You don’t have to go anywhere to know and have what you want. … The process is lightning fast because everything is in the present moment. You are no longer hollow but joyfully ‘full of yourself,’ and you’re able to know anything because the answers are in you, right now. You are the newborn, risen phoenix.” ~Penney Peirce

SphericalPerception1The idea of spherical consciousness or spherical thinking is so different from the linear thinking that we all practice that it is very difficult for us to even understand the concept. The way to get just a glimmer of what spherical consciousness is like is to look at a few simple questions and how you might answer them using linear consciousness and spherical consciousness. Continue reading “Spherical Consciousness”