Philosophy, Physical and Spiritual

“The philosophy of psychic, spiritual, and mental relations with man’s physical functions is in almost inextricable confusion. Neither the old Aryan, nor the Egyptian psychology are now properly understood. Nor can they be assimilated without accepting the esoteric septenary, or, at any rate, the Vedantic quinquepartite division of the human inner principles. Failing which, it will be forever impossible to understand the metaphysical and purely psychic and even physiological relations between the Dhyan-Chohans, or Angels, on the one plane, and humanity on the other. No Eastern (Aryan) esoteric works are so far published, but we possess the Egyptian papyri which speak clearly.

“Occultists will demur to this statement, for it is based on the erroneous conception that Prana and Atma or Jivatma are one and the same thing. The author supports the argument by showing that with the ancient Hebrews, Greeks and even Latins, Ruach, Pneuma, and Spiritus – with the Jews undeniable, and with the Greeks and Romans very probably – meant Wind; the Greek word Anemos (wind) and the Latin Anima ‘Soul’ having a suspicious relation.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Confusion in Spiritual Philosophy

There is little doubt that there is a great deal of confusion in spiritual and religious philosophy. There are a number of reasons for this. Perhaps the primary one is that languages designed to describe the physical are inadequate to explain the spiritual. As a result, the prophets and others who have spiritual visions can only give them an approximate description using the written or spoken word. Another is the tendency to interpret everything according to what you already know or believe. A good example of this is the way that members of certain Christian churches see the face of Jesus in any shape that vaguely resembles a bearded man. The interesting thing is that if you compare a number of these images, you will see that they don’t look very much alike, yet all are assumed by those people to be Jesus. The same thing happens in interpreting words and phrases that can have several meanings. Continue reading “Philosophy, Physical and Spiritual”

soul seeks God

Soul Seeks God for Enlightenment

The soul seeks God in faith not by the reasoning of the mind and labored efforts, but by the drawings of love; to which inclinations God responds, and instructs the soul, which cooperates actively. God then puts the soul in a passive state, where he accomplishes all, causing great progress, first by way of enjoyment, then by privation, and finally by pure love.

“What do we understand by the Interior Way? It is to seek the kingdom of God within us (Luke 17, 21). We find this kingdom only where God has placed it, within the soul. It becomes necessary, then, to withdraw the eyes of the soul from external landmarks and observations, which man, in the pride of reason, has located around us, and rest the eye in faith, on the Word of the Lord. – ‘Seek and ye shall find.’ This seeking involves an interior activity of the soul; a desire, a determination, and searching after what is hidden.

“When the soul has thus earnestly sought the Kingdom of God within, this Kingdom is developed little by little. Interior recollection becomes less difficult and the presence of God more perceptible and agreeable. Formerly it was supposed that the presence of God was only the thought of God, and that it was necessary to forcce the mind—to concentrate the thoughts with violence to find God. … God, seeing the heart of him who seeks Him within, draws near to him, and teaches him a just moderation in all things.” ~Madame Guyon

Soul Seeks God

It is true that the soul seeks God and Heaven, the Kingdom of God. Some will then ask, “what about atheists? Why don’t their souls seek God?” The answer is that only the awakened soul seeks God. As long as the soul is allowed to stay dormant, in a state much like a coma, it doesn’t seek anything. So the first goal of the mystic, or spiritual aspirant, is to awaken the soul. That is what it truly means to have a spiritual awakening. Simply becoming aware that there is more than just the realm of matter to reality is just the first step of awakening, but many more are needed for that awakening to happen. Once it does, the soul will seek God, even if the mind doesn’t believe in Him.

The mind may think of God and wish to know God, but it is the soul that must truly seek and find God, for God is spirit and the soul is spirit. Like seeks like, like understands like. The mind is not a spirit and therefore can only accept God in a superficial way. But if the awakened soul seeks God and finds Him, the soul can communicate some of that truth back to the mind. That is how Gnosis happens. Continue reading “Soul Seeks God for Enlightenment”

spiritual mind

Spiritual Mind and Physical Mind

“Nearly all of us … have had experiences which will enable us to comprehend something of the Sixth Principle – have had glimmerings of consciousness which helps us to understand something of the Spiritual Mind. A tendency toward the occult – the hunger of the soul for more light are indications that the Sixth Principle, Spiritual Mind, is beginning to shade into our consciousness, and, although it may be ages before we awaken into full Spiritual Consciousness, we are still being influenced and helped by it.

“This spiritual unrest often causes us great discomfort, until we find ourselves on the right road to knowledge, and even thereafter we feel more or less unsatisfied by the few crumbs that drop to us from the table of Knowledge. But despair not, seekers after the truth; these pains are but the travail of spiritual birth – great things are before you – take courage and fear not.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Spiritual Mind

The first thing we all have to understand is that Spiritual Mind, or Spiritual Consciousness, is not a part of the regular mind of the physical being and world. Spiritual Mind is spirit, not physical at all. It is not an offshoot of the body or the brain. In fact, it existed long before the body and brain. It can, under the right circumstances, communicate with the brain-mind, but it is completely separate.

Hints of Awakening

Mr.Atkinson mentions interest in the occult, a hunger for more light – meaning spiritual, not physical light – is an indication that you are beginning to become spiritually awake. Beginning, but not their yet. In Cosolargy, anyway, this awareness that there is more to reality than matter and materialism is but the first step on a long path to spiritual awakening. We don’t consider a person to be awakened until the spirit and soul, which are in a dormant state when we arrive in the physical realm, wake up and become conscious. Anything less than that is not full awakening.

There are other hints of awakening besides the two mentioned by Atkinson. In my case, as with many others, it was a feeling, and finally a realization, that the teachings of my conventional church were not entirely true, nor complete. The traditional churches teach us something about God, but do not teach us how to develop our own spiritual faculties. Yes, they do teach us to be moral and good citizens – social teachings, not spiritual.

Another common trigger that sends people down the path of spiritual enlightenment and the awakening of the spiritual mind is death. Not death of themselves, but the death of a friend or a loved one. The best known example of this is Nostradamus, the physician who became a seer after the plague took his family from him. That didn’t happen overnight, but the tragedy of his life triggered his change of paths. Other tragedies such as disease, natural disasters, and wars (St. Francis of Assisi) can do the same. Continue reading “Spiritual Mind and Physical Mind”


Resurrection of Spirit After Physical Death

“Some ask whether one will be saved immediately, if the body is left behind. Let no one doubt. The visible parts of the body that are dead will not be saved. Only the living parts that exist inside will rise. What is the resurrection? It is the revelation of those who have risen. … It is no illusion. It is truth. It is more proper to say that the world is illusion, rather than the resurrection. …

“What am I telling you now? The living will die. How do they live in illusion? The rich become poor and kings are overthrown. All changes. The world is an illusion. Why do I seem to shout? The resurrection has nothing of this character. It is truth standing firm. It is revelation of what is, and the transformation of things, and a transition into freshness. Incorruptibility floods over corruption. Light rivers down upon the darkness, swallowing obscurity. The pleroma fills the hollow. These are the symbols and images of resurrection. They establish its goodness.

“Resurrection is here, O Rheginos, do not lose yourself in details, nor live obeying the flesh for the sake of harmony. … Though you have lived many years, why not look at yourself and see yourself risen now? You have the resurrection, yet you go on as if you are to die when it is only the part destined to die that is moribund. …

“These words I have received from the generosity of my lord, Jesus the Christ. I have taught you and your brothers and sisters, who are my children, about them, and have omitted nothing that may strengthen you.” ~The Treatise on Resurrection

No Resurrection for the Body

This Gnostic treatise makes it quite clear at the beginning. There will be no resurrection of the physical body. Not now, not ever. It is the spirit and soul that survives death and can, potentially, go to Heaven. It is the spirit and soul that can experience resurrection.

Living Parts

The treatise says that only the living parts will experience resurrection. This can be considered in two ways. First, if the physical body is dead, it is what is left alive, namely the spirit and soul, that will “rise”. Or to be more accurate, the spirit and soul will survive. Whether or not they rise to a higher dimension with you along with them depends on what you did to prepare for the eventual death of your body. If you followed the teachings of the ancients and awakened your soul and became a completely integrated being before death, then you complete being, minus the physical body which, after all, is not really a part of your true being, then you will rise along with the spirit and soul. If you haven’t done that, then you will fall to even lower dimensions before eventually returning to Heaven. Continue reading “Resurrection of Spirit After Physical Death”