the desire of the soul

The Desire of The Soul Awakened

The Desire of the Soul When Awakened

“The Soul’s Desire sent Forth to Seek the Beloved One.
Thus spake the soul to her desire—
‘Speed forth afar and see Where may my Belovèd be,
And say to Him, “His love I crave.”’
Then fled the swift desire afar,
And rose beyond sun, moon, and star,
And called before the heavenly door,
‘Lord, open unto me!’
Then spake the Host—
‘What need hast thou,
That thou dost thus implore?’
‘O Lord, I come with the prayer of one
Who weepeth upon the earth alone—
The fish on the sand must pine.’
‘Go back! no door is unbarred to thee
Till thou bring the sorrowful soul to Me,
For the need is Mine.’
Then sped the messenger swiftly home, and said—
‘The Master calleth Come! Arise and shine!’
Then she as on summer winds doth rise
In joyful flight through the starry skies,
And there meet her angels twain;
For God hath sent two angels fleet,
The well-belovèd soul to meet.

“And they ask—
‘What seekest thou thus afar?
With the dark earth art thou clad.’
The soul said—
‘Greet me better than so,
For to Him who loveth me well I go,
And I am no more sad.
Lo! dimmed as ye near the earth below,
Is the sweet light of your eyes;
And with light of God do I shine and glow
As aloft I rise.’
Then with an angel on either hand,
The soul sped through the skies,
And when she came to the angel land,
To the country of Paradise,
She was a stranger guest no more,
For to her was opened the heavenly door,
She saw the Beloved Face.
Forth flowed her heart in weeping blest,
She said, ‘My Lord, I have found my rest
In the glory of Thy grace.
I needs must praise Thee and adore,
For evermore, for evermore.
Whence came I here?
I am lost in Thee;
I can think no more of the earth below,
Nor of the sorrow and weeping there.
I had thought to tell Thee my grief and woe,
But, Lord, I have seen Thee, and nought I know,
But that Thou art fair.’” ~Matilda of Magdeburg

The Desire of the Soul

The awakened Soul actually has two desires, though they are so closely related, they can be considered one. The first desire is to return home. That is, to return to the worlds of spirit where the spirit and soul originates. Home to the soul is not a place in the physical world, nor is it the physical body of the person it is in. The second desire is to return to God, the Beloved One, the Originator of all Souls. Since God is found in that highest of spiritual dimensions that most of us call Heaven, this seeking to rejoin with the creator is also part of the desire to return home to the realms of spirit. Continue reading “The Desire of The Soul Awakened”

radiant infinite being

Radiant Infinite Being of Light

“‘The radiant infinite being who is immortal and moves alone, preserves the unclean nest (the body) with the help of the vital force, and roams out of the nest. Himself immortal, he goes wherever he likes. ‘In the dream world, the shining one, attaining higher and lower states, puts forth innumerable forms. He seems to be enjoying himself in the company of women, or laughing, or even seeing frightful things. ‘All see his sport, but none sees him’. They say, ‘Do not wake him up suddenly’. If he does not find the right organ, the body becomes difficult to doctor. Others, however, say that the dream state of a man is nothing but the waking state, because he sees in dream only those things that he sees in the waking state. (This is wrong) In the dream state the man himself becomes the light. ‘I give you a thousand (cows), sir. Please instruct me further about liberation’. After enjoying himself and roaming, and merely seeing (the result of) good and evil (in dream), he (stays) in a state of profound sleep, and comes back in the inverse order to his former condition, the dream state. He is untouched by whatever he sees in that state, for this infinite being is unattached. ‘It is just so, Yajnavalkya. I give you a thousand (cows), sir. Please instruct me further about liberation itself.’ After enjoying himself and roaming in the dream state, and merely seeing (the results of) good and evil, he comes back in the inverse order to his former condition, the waking state. He is untouched by whatever he sees in that state, for this infinite being is unattached. ‘It is just so, Yajnavalkya. I give you a thousand (cows), sir.” ~Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Radiant Infinite Being

The radiant infinite being that preserves the physical body can be none other than the Soul. It preserves the body only in the sense that being spiritual and permanent, the soul holds the body together. Without the spirit and soul, the physical body would be like Jello without a Jello mold. The spirit has certain energies that keep the body from disintegrating much faster than it does. It happens anyway, but far more slowly.

He Goes Where He Likes

The Radiant Infinite Being can go where it wishes to because spirits are not confined in any way by the laws of space and time. Those laws apply to the physical only, or to those things that are part physical and part spiritual. While some think that humans are part physical and part spiritual, those parts are not blended together. The Spirit and Soul, and the physical body and mind remain separate like two beings living in the same place. So the Soul is free to go where it wishes without having to deal with the limitations of the physical body.

Man Becomes the Light

The quote says that in a dream state, man becomes the light. That doesn’t mean that w can only experience the Light of Spirit while sleeping. Nor does it mean that such states of higher consciousness are just fantasies from dreams. It means that when we are sleeping, our conscious, active mind is relaxed, and that permits the spiritual mind to move forward. It is as if a door has been unlocked or a barrier removed. The soul probably tries to communicate with the mind often, but usually fails, or has extremely limited success, because of the blocks set up by the mind. Some say that is why the ego must be destroyed, but they are wrong. Ego is necessary to function in the physical world. It needs to be controlled, subdued, not destroyed.

The good news is that it isn’t necessary to be sleeping to “become the light”. The Radiant Infinite Being can be set free and allowed to communicate with the conscious mind while fully awake. It just takes discipline and practice. A lot of practice. And shortcuts like drugs do not actually help at all, they merely make hallucinations and illusions seem to be a spiritual awakening. Fortunately, we are in the age of the Sun of Righteousness. That special variation of the Spiritual Sun is sending out spiritual light in greater amounts and higher frequencies than ever before. It will affect all of us, but mostly those who turn to it and absorb that Spiritual Light willingly. Your Radiant Infinite Being will really appreciate your doing that. So will your conscious self when your Soul reaches the highest levels of consciousness and you achieve the ultimate knowledge called Gnosis.

captive soul

Captive Soul Trapped by Matter and Darkness

“The Kingdom of Hell, and of fierce wrath, always gape after the Soul, and set their jaws wide open to devour the captive soul; which is held fettered with two strong chains; the one of the Kingdom of Hell; the other of the Kingdom of this World, and it is continually led by the heavy, lumpish, bestial, and sickly Body, as a thief who is often led to the place of execution, and still by a petition reprieved, and laid in prison again, and the poor soul must lie thus in prison the whole time of the body; where the Devil on the one side very suddenly rushes upon it with his devouring fierceness, wrath, and malice, and would carry it into the abyss. Then instantly the glistening world with pomp, bravery, covetousness, and voluptuousness of Perdition; presenting sickness and fear, and it is continually trembling and quaking; and when Man goes but in the dark, how is it amazed, and continually afraid that the executioner will take it, and do execution upon it!

“If we did well considering the abominations and great sins of man before God, … then we should scarce ever be merry in this world at all, if the spirit of this world did not cast foolish fancies and seeming joys and pleasures before us, in our imprisonment; ; or if the regeneration did not cause us to rejoice, that we shall be delivered out of this prison; for in this life we find nothing but abomination, sin, misery, and death.” ~Jacob Boehme

Devour the Captive Soul

The Kingdom of Hell does want to “devour” every soul. There is no doubt that Jacob Boehme is correct in saying that. It wants to claim as many souls as it can get. It is like a magnet drawing them to it. The good news is that an even more powerful force draws the soul towards heaven. More powerful, and yet, if we choose to embrace the clutches of Hell, hell will win the struggle and claim our captive soul—at least for a time.

The soul is a captive because it does not wish to be here, it did not choose to be here, and it is out of place here. The soul is a spirit and doesn’t do well in a physical world of matter. It is like a fish out of water, if not worse. This is why we enter this world with our spirit and soul in a dormant state something like being in a coma. It is not a healthy place for them. Nonetheless, we must awaken them and develop them while we are still trapped in a physical body. It is the only hope we have of freeing ourselves of the clutches of Hell and the fallen world of matter. Continue reading “Captive Soul Trapped by Matter and Darkness”

oneness of the self

Oneness of the Self and the Universe

“Perception of oneness of the Self in every being is the highest spiritual perfection. Sage Yajnavalkya said: A wife does not love her husband because of his or her physical satisfaction. She loves her husband because she feels the oneness of her soul with his soul. She is merged in her husband and becomes one with him . The foundation of Vedic marriage is based on this noble and solid rock of soul culture and is unbreakable. Trying to develop any meaningful human relationship without a firm understanding of the spiritual basis of all relationships is like trying to water the leaves of a tree rather than the root. When one perceives one’s own higher Self in all people and all people in one’s own higher Self, then one does not hate or injure anybody. Eternal peace belongs to those who perceive God existing within everybody as Spirit. One should love others, including the enemy, because all are your own self. Husband and wife should try to improve and help develop each other with tender loving care as a cow purifies her calf by licking. Their words to each other should be sweet, as if dipped in honey.

“The Brāhmana ousts (slights) one who knows him as different from the Self. The Kshatriya ousts one who knows him as different from the Self. Worlds oust one who knows them as different from the Self. The gods oust one who knows them as different from the Self. Beings oust one who knows them as different from the Self. “ ~Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Perception of Oneness

As John Donne put it, “Send not to know for whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee.” In other words, we are all part of the Oneness, the All. This Upanishad is saying that the realization of that philosophical statement is the “highest spiritual perfection,” and indeed it is. Another way to say it is that the highest level of consciousness man can achieve is that level where He is consciously one with the All, or Oneness of the Self, self here being capitalized because it refers to the higher Self, the spiritual Self, not the physical-mental self.

There are many people in the world, and in New Age limited spiritual schools who will say that they know they are one with the all and have achieved oneness of Self, therefore that have reached the mountain top and have no more to do. Unfortunately, in nearly all cases they have not actually achieved Oneness, they simply have become aware that it is possible. Knowing that a thing is possible is not the same as having achieved it.

Oneness With Your Spouse

While this Upanishad says that A wife loves her husband because of the oneness of her soul with his, I think that is an ideal which few have achieved. Many spouses love each other or at least call it love when they have not in fact achieve this oneness of soul with their spouse. As already noted, there are few these days who truly achieve oneness of the Self, and I don’t think you can achieve oneness with another soul if you haven’t yet achieved it with your own soul. Thousands of years ago when these Upanishads were written, this ideal Vedic marriage may have been common since people were far more spiritual and religious then. Now that we have become so materialistic that there are actually many individuals who believe that spirituality is nothing more than being anti-religion, few such marriages exist.

Watering the Leaves

This is a great analogy for how the world of materialism works. We may know that a tree needs water, but if we put it on the leaves instead of down on the roots, the tree can’t make much use of it. Likewise, when people think they are caring for one another, but are only feeding, clothing, or otherwise caring for the physical body of the person, their care is very limited. It isn’t wrong to care for the body or the mind for that matter. But the most important thing is caring for the spirit and soul. That is what oneness of the Self is all about. Only the spirit is immortal. Flesh can never be immortal. Even the planets and stars are mortal.

Higher Self

The Upanishad says that when we have achieved this oneness of the Self, and we see this higher Self in all people, then we have truly achieved a higher state of being while still in the physical world. As it says, you cannot hate or injure others when you realize that they are part of your own Self. It is like cutting off your own arm. And you cannot be jealous of another because that person has more than you do of whatever you consider valuable. When you have oneness with that person, you celebrate his success, you don’t get jealous. Conversely, you are never greedy when you have oneness of the Self, for you see that by hoarding more than you actually need, you are depriving others of their fair share of Nature’s bounty. I know there are financial gurus who say that is wrong, but it is they who are wrong. There is no unlimited supply of money, gold, food, or anything else. So those who are greedy because they have not even attempted to achieve oneness with the Self, are definitely depriving others of their fair share.

Brāhmana Ousts (slights) One Who Knows Him as Different from the Self

I don’t think it is accurate to say that God “ousts” the one who does not bother to awaken and develop her higher Self. I think it is more that God ignores such people until they are ready to grow. Perhaps the only time He notices them is when they are doing great harm to others, but as long as they are only harming themselves, they are simply ignored. So if you wonder why God doesn’t come to chat with you, it is because you haven’t achieved Oneness with the Self.