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Heartbeat Cycles Connected to Solar Cycles

“Heart is the pulse of the whole Cosmos. … There are no to people who have the same heart beat. Some people’s heart make ten beats and a break occurs. Other people’s hearts make twenty beats, and then a break. Third people’s hearts make a break after 30 beats; … Do you know what these breaks are? This is a connection to other worlds. …
“As for the heart beat, it is notices that during the first 12 hours of the day, the heart beats faster and with a couple of heart beats more than normal. … During the second half of the day, the heart beats decrease and the heart is in a descending state. The same is noticed in the course of months and years.” ~Beinsa Douno


Some years ago, I was told by a doctor that I had an irregular heartbeat. That my heart skipped one beat out of every five or six. The medical profession considers this a condition that needs to be treated with drugs. I was prescribed a drug, but after several months I stopped taking it. I had heard about the nasty side effects of such statin drugs. That was six or seven years ago and it hasn’t killed me yet.

I don’t know if Mr. Douno’s beliefs on this subject are true or not. I think the spiritual heart stays connected to the spiritual worlds while the physical stays in the physical world. I don’t think the physical heart ever visits the spiritual worlds. Nor does any other part of the physical body. Jesus said, after all, that flesh cannot inherit the Kingdom. Only spirit can be in the spiritual worlds.

I also find it heard to believe that among the billions of people on Earth, all have a unique heartbeat pattern. There many be many different patterns, thousands perhaps, but not billions. What is important is his mention of cycles with regard to heartbeats. Continue reading “Heartbeat Cycles Connected to Solar Cycles”

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Solar Age of Spirit and Higher Consciousness

“At the time when the sun was still united both with the earth and the moon, neither plants nor animals nor human beings existed as we know them today. In fact, only a plant kingdom existed then but under totally different conditions from our own. This kingdom preserved a particular connection with the forces of the sun. …

“Just as the earth, the moon and the sun were united at the beginning of earth evolution and will again be united at the end. … The period which preceded the lunar one is referred to as solar. At this time of evolution everything was pure solar life. …

“After our earthly period of clear physical consciousness, a fifth condition will dawn of conscious astral imagination. … Finally, a period … which corresponds to the highest state of consciousness which can be attained by an initiate.” ~Rudolf Steiner

United Solar Age

Fist, I apologize for jumping all over in making the quote above. I needed to extract the most important parts of what would have been a 700 word quote if I didn’t cut out a lot of it.

I think when Steiner says that the sun, moon and earth were united in this earlier age, he means it in a physical way. But whether he means physical, or not, what is important is the spiritual side of it. Even if they were separated physically, they could have been united on a spiritual level. Like many other stories of this sort, we need to look at it’s allegorical meaning as well as the literal.

Allegorically, Steiner is indirectly saying that this period when the sun, moon, and earth were united was a much more spiritual age than our current one of dense matter. It this time, the celestial bodies would have been more like region of concentrated energy rather than lumps of matter. Only the sun still retains much of that ancient form. Continue reading “Solar Age of Spirit and Higher Consciousness”

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Solar Pulsations and Universal Cycles, Physical and Spiritual

“The unmodified rays of the sun produce aerial convulsions that are marked by thermal contrasts, and other meteorological variations, during which the heat of summer and the cold of winter follow each other and periodically and unceasingly. These successive solar pulsations generate winds, calms, and storms, and in order to protect himself against such exposure and changes in material surrounding, man toils, suffers, and comes to believe that the doom, if not the object, of life on earth is the preservation of the earthly body. … From the cradle to the grave, of these facts man is ignorant, although each individual is aware he is not satisfied with his condition.” ~John Uri Lloyd

Solar Pulsations

Other than being a master of the run-on sentence (86 words in that first one), Mr Lloyd has said quite a lot in this quote. I don’t think I would use the word “convulsions” to describe these changes, though it isn’t false. Rather, I would say that these solar pulsations create cycles. Cycles of hot and cold, wet and dry, calm and stormy, and so on. The effects of these solar pulsations goes way beyond weather.

They can affect business. Like everything else, there are growing cycles for businesses and there are down cycles when no growth is possible. The smart and intuitive business operator doesn’t ignore those solar cycles. She doesn’t waste time any money pushing for growth during a down cycle. Instead, she just does enough marketing to coast through the period, then waits to push for growth when the cycle is on the up side.

In medicine, these solar pulsations matter also. There are periods when a sick or injured person will heal quickly and other times when they won’t. There are periods when they are more likely to catch an illness than others. Doctors and medical researchers will say this is due to the persons state-of-health. While that is true to a large degree, the solar cycles are also involved.

Spiritual Pulsations

These solar cycles or solar pulsations do not just effect the physical world. They can have an effect on the spiritual side as well. We know that when sungazing, especially spiritual sun-gazing, it is usually best to do it at dawn. But there are cycles other than daily one. Cycles measured in days, months, sometimes even years. In part, this is what Astrology is all about. The various constellations people can be born under don’t really have much effect on us. What does is the state of the sun at time we are born. Continue reading “Solar Pulsations and Universal Cycles, Physical and Spiritual”

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Solar Beings, Solar Life

“Some secret orders have taught that the sun was inhabited by a race of creatures with bodies composed of a radiant, spiritual ether not unlike in its constituency to the actual glowing ball of the sun itself. The solar heat had no harmful effect upon them, because their organisms were sufficiently refined and sensitized to harmonize with the sun’s tremendous vibratory rate. These creatures resembled miniature suns, being a little larger than a dinner plate in size, although some of the more powerful are considerably larger. Their color is the golden white light of the sun, and from them emanate four streamers of Vril.” ~Manly P. Hall

Solar Beings

It is curious that Mr. Hall seems to always refer to this solar beings in past tense, as if they have all died or all belief in such beings has disappeared. Neither is true. Solar Beings have not dies off and there are those who believe in them in various forms. Yet, what Mr. Hall says about them is probably not true.

It is certainly true that some of the ancient mystery schools, and even a few modern ones, teach that there are living being in the sun. It is also true that they are very radiant Beings of Light. But the sun does not harm them because they are spiritual beings, not physical ones. Since they are spirits, the physical heat and radiation of the sun does not harm them. As to their size, being spirits they can appear to be as big as a house or as small as an atom. Since they have no physical limitations, the attribute of size doesn’t apply to them at all. Continue reading “Solar Beings, Solar Life”