silent communication

Silent Communication with God and Each Other

“I perceive, by your letter, you are in doubt about the grace which passes interiorly from heart to heart. We notice an illustration of this in the woman who touched our Lord, when He said: ‘I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.’ In a similar manner, without words, one heart may communicate grace to another heart, a God imparts grace to the soul. But if the soul is not in a state to receive it, the grace of the interior is not communicated. …

“God would teach you, my dear child, there is a silence of the soul through which He operates, filling it with he unction of grace, to be diffused on other hearts who are in a state of receptivity, often more efficacious than words to replenish the soul.” ~Madam Guyon

Sharing Grace

There are primarily two ways that we get spiritual energy or light, also called grace. It can come directly from God to us through the spiritual sun. So the spiritual sun is acting as an intermediary. The other method is to give and receive light from others.

When we take in grace light from the spiritual sun, we end some of it back out to others. We can also send it out into the world in general to help heal and awaken it. The world can’t transform without energy.

We can also share energy with other beings. Not just people, but animals and plants as well. Go up to a tree, for example, and send it some of your light. Then silently ask it to share some of its energy with you. It the tree is low in energy, or has been hurt by people, it may choose to not share energy with you. It has that right. Don’t get angry about it. Just bless the tree and move on to another. When other being do share energy with you, thank them. That light contains knowledge and helps you learn and grow. The energy you send back does the same.

Eventually, we will reach a stage where energy/grace flows freely from all being to all other beings. Then we will all transform together. Continue reading “Silent Communication with God and Each Other”


Sharing Spiritual Knowledge

“When the door of the steam bath is continually left open, the heat inside rapidly escapes through it; likewise the soul, in it’s desire to say many things, dissipates its remembrance of God through the door of speech, even though everything it says may be good.

“thereafter the intellect, through lacking appropriate ideas, pours out a welter of confused thoughts to anyone it meets, as it no longer has the Holy Spirit to keep its understanding free from fantasy. Ideas of value always shun verbosity, being foreign to confusion and fantasy. Timely silence then is precious, for it is nothing less than the mother of the wisest thoughts.” ~The Philokalia

I actually had a boss several years ago who would mildly scold me after a meeting if I didn’t speak during the meeting. It didn’t matter to him in the least that I had nothing to contribute. It didn’t matter that I was actually listening to what others were saying rather than just planning what I would say when it was my turn to crow. All that mattered to him is that I should speak up and say something, no matter how pointless, repetitive, or inane. Continue reading “Sharing Spiritual Knowledge”