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Serve God with Joy for Spiritual Advancement

“There are two methods of serving little children. One is to give them all they want for present pleasure. Another is to deny them present pleasure for greater good. God is a wise Father, and chooses the best way to conduct his children.
“A sad exterior is more sure to repel than attract to piety. It is necessary to serve God, with a certain joyousness of spirit, with a freedom and openness , which renders it manifest that His yoke is easy that it is neither a burden nor inconvenience.
“If you would please God, be useful to others, and happy yourself, you must renounce the melancholy disposition. It is better to divert your mind with innocent recreations than to nourish melancholy.” ~Madam Guyon

Caring for Children

I changed “serving” to “caring” in this paragraph heading because the phrase “serving little children” reminded me of an old episode of Twilight Zone titles “To Serve Man”. The title came from a book being carried by aliens who came to earth and pretended to be friendly. Eventually, though, the government linguistics experts were able to translate the rest of the book and found that it was a cookbook with recipes on how to serve man as a meal.

In a way, the first type of child care that Madam Guyon mentions is a lot like that Twilight Zone episode. It seemed like the aliens were doing a good thing by helping man cure disease, end poverty, and so on. It wasn’t so good when we discovered they were just caring for their flock of sheep. Likewise, giving kids everything they want, or at least everything within your financial state, seems good at the time, but turns out bad. Those kids grow up thinking they should have everything handed to them on a silver platter. They should not have to work, think, or struggle. Unfortunately, few people other than their parents agree with that. Even the parents usually stop once they become adults.

The better parent is the one who sometimes says “No”. Whether it be, “No, you can’t have that,” or “No, I wont just give it to you; you will have to work for it,” They are teaching the child that he can’t always get what he wants. In short, they are teaching him about the real world rather than a fantasy one where everyone will just give him whatever he wants. As Madam Guyon says, God is that kind of parent. He rarely, if ever, grants anyone an instant spiritual awakening or instant enlightenment. It has to be worked for and earned. Continue reading “Serve God with Joy for Spiritual Advancement”

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Divine Servant and a Spiritual Emperor who was One

“To serve the divine spirit which is implanted within him, a man must keep himself pure from all violent passions and evil affections, from all rashness and vanity, and from all manner of discontent, either in regard of the gods or men. Unwavering courtesy and consideration are his aims. ‘Whatsoever any man doth or saith, thou must be good. Doth any man offend? It is against himself that he doth offend: why should it trouble thee?’ The offender needs pity, not wrath; those who must needs be corrected, should be treated with tact and gentleness; and one must be always ready to learn better. The best kind of revenge s not to become like unto them.’ … Thus the emperor faithfully carries out his own principle, that evil must be overcome with good.” ~ Marcus Cornelius Fronto (quoting from Marcus Aurelius)

A Spiritual Emperor

To most of us today, it is surprising to hear of a spiritual and moral king or emperor. Our books, movies, and TV shows are full of the other kind. The violent conquerors make good movies with lots of blood and gore. The ones who were sexual perverts and predators, even more interesting. The good guys among them make boring stories, so are largely ignored. Yet they existed. We probably would not have a somewhat civilized world today if we didn’t. While the Caligula’s and Nero’s pushed us back to primitivism, folks like Marcus Aurelius pulled and back, and moved us forward. Aurelius is sometimes called “the last of the five good emperors.” so it isn’t so rare after all.

Still, there is more to Marcus Aurelius than simply being a good emperor who cared for his people. He was a spiritual person who say the need for spiritual development as more important than physical development. Continue reading “Divine Servant and a Spiritual Emperor who was One”

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Freedom to Rise, Freedom to Grow

Freedom equals service equals creativity. When you live in your home frequency, you realize you have total freedom to feel the way you like to feel and create what you want to create. You also realize how fully you’re merged with the collective—and all you really want to do with your freedom is help others receive what they need so they can express themselves authentically. After all, what fun is it to be conscious and living at a higher vibration if others are stuck at a low frequency, in a sort of blindness? … By expressing yourself originally, with enthusiasm, gratitude, and deep attention, your creativity and service becomes the same thing, and you produce beautiful, useful, inspiring offerings for the collective.” ~Penney Peirce

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”. ~Nelson Mandela

The Joy of Freedom

We all like to believe we were born into freedom. We believe our political system gives that to us, no matter what country we live in or what form of government we have. It is usually a shock to learn that we are being manipulated and controlled in many ways, both subtle and overt, yet led to believe it is freedom.

We can then seek out true freedom which can only come to those who have become spiritually awakened. As long as the spirit and soul remain dormant, you can never truly be free, but once those faculties have been awakened, you become free even if you are physically locked in a prison, or controlled by a dictator. You are truly free because you can see through the illusions, the smoke and mirrors, the trickery of the world of matter that seeks to keep you trapped. You are free because on a higher level, you can leave that prison, leave that nation, leave that false teaching, and be aware of the truth that is undeniable, the universal spiritual truth that many of the ancients called Gnosis. Continue reading “Freedom to Rise, Freedom to Grow”