A Spiritual Journey

“The Aspiring One has embarked on the waters of illusion; his craft is afloat but it has not yet reached the shores where the promise of new life is fulfilled. Now he is guided by two beings, one a lovely maiden and the other an ill-visaged man. These two strive one with the other, each grasping one side of the craft; now, it overturns. The maiden seeks to drag the Aspiring One down, while the ill-favored man seeks to keep him afloat. … They come to the sands of the shining shore where the Light of Truth turns the maiden into a vile-faced hag and the man into a handsome youth. The Aspiring One lies on the sands … as one dead. … The Beauteous One comes attended by handmaidens … The Beauteous One bends over the prostrate man and says, ‘Revive, this is not a place where death rules.” He moves, and she says, “Raise yourself and cast away the residue of your mortality.” ~The Kolbrin Bible SCL:2:4-5

Stairway to heavenThe Aspiring One in this story is a person we might call a seeker: someone who has awakened to the need for spiritual enlightenment and has started on that journey, represented here as a boat trip. The boat is not described, but we can easily see that this is a small boat intended for one person, probably a rowboat. I believe the boat represents the physical body, the vehicle one rides in while on his quest for spiritual enlightenment. The water is the physical world that must be navigated while we make that journey. I think the two being who tilt the boat back and forth are easily recognized. They are more often depicted as an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. The interesting thing in this case is the description of the two. We have an attractive maiden and an ugly man. Most would assume that the pretty girl is the angel and the ugly man an allegory for the devil, but the truth turns out to be just the opposite because both are hiding their true appearance. The obvious lesson here is that we shouldn’t judge by appearance and the standard Bible is full of stories where people were tricked into doing the wrong thing by demons pretending to be angels. We learn their true nature when the man falls in the water and the pretty girl tries to drown him while the ugly man tries to save him. Continue reading “A Spiritual Journey”