Devil's trickery

Devil’s Trickery Controls Men and Women

The Devil’s Trickery

“When Adam and Eve (after the biting of the ‘apple’) beheld themselves, then they perceived the monstrous image and bestial form, and they felt in themselves the wrath of God, and the fierceness of the stars and elements, for they took notice of the stomach and guts, into which they had stuffed their earthly fruit which begun to take effect, and the saw their bestial shame; and then they lifted their minds towards Paradise, but they found it not, they ran trembling with fear. … Then came the voice of God, and called Adam, and said; ‘Adam, where art thou?’ And Adam said, ‘Here I am: and I am afraid, for I am naked.’ And the Lord said, ‘Who hath told thee that thou art naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I said unto thee, that thou shouldst not eat thereof?’ And he said, ‘The woman gave to me, and I did eat.’ And God said to unto the Woman, ‘Why hast thou done so?’ and she said, ‘The Serpent beguiled me, so that I did eat.

“Here it may be seen very plainly, that the devil has lost his angelic image; and comes now in the form of a serpent, with his murderous lying, and beguiles the Woman. Because he had not been able to overthrow Adam wholly, therefore, he set upon the Woman, and promises her wisdom and riches. The Devil mingled lies and truth together, and said, ‘She shall be as God;‘ but he meant, according to the kingdom of the world, … but Eve understood it to mean that she should continue in Paradise, in the Divine and pleasant Joy.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Fall of Adam and Eve

It is unfortunate that so many people interpret allegorical tales in the Bible and elsewhere in a literal way. In actual fact, it never says in the Bible that the forbidden fruit is an apple. If that were the case, why do apples not have such powers now? But it wasn’t an apple, pear, or even a pomegranate. It wasn’t any specific fruit that they ate. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is anything physical, anything part of the material world. So it simply means that they ate matter and thus began turning into matter and descended automatically into the world of matter (angels chasing them out of Paradise is another allegory meaning that the power of God’s Law pushed them down from Paradise into the fallen realm of matter created by the Devil’s Trickery. Exactly what type of matter they ate is irrelevant. They ate matter and so they became matter. You are what you eat.

Monstrous Image

Most of us know that after eating from the tree, Adam and Eve became aware that they were naked and his themselves with fig leaves. This is almost always interpreted as meaning they covered their genitals, just as most of us are required to do today. Yet Boehme and others of a more spiritual bend interpret it differently. Adam and eve were appalled at their “monstrous image and bestial form.” All of it, not just one small part. Boehm specifically mentions the stomach and gut. Those internal organs were new to them. When they were spirits, they had no use for a digestive system. When you live on God’s Light, you just absorb it and use it, you don’t have to digest it first. They found their new need to digest matter appalling.

Wrath of God

This is another expression taken way too literally. God didn’t get angry with Adam and Eve. God doesn’t get angry. He may have been disappointed, but not angry. Again, it was simply the automatic reaction of God’s Law that pushed them out of Paradise, and it is actually a good thing that it did, not a punishment. When they ate matter, they could no longer survive in a purely spiritual realm. Their fall into the world of matter saved their lives and gave them the possibility of redeeming themselves.

They Found it Not

Adam and Eve turned their minds to Paradise, but could no longer communicate with it. That is because they now had to rely on their physical brain-mind instead of their immortal Soul to guide them. It isn’t that they lost their Souls, but when they descended into matter, their spiritual faculties became dormant. These dormant faculties can be awakened, but one must make an effort to do so, and, of course, know how.

Lost His Angelic Image

Boehme says that the Devil lost his “Angelic Image” and now appeared as a serpent. While this is true in this case, it is also true that at times, the Devil can make himself look angelic and has appeared to many as an angel, as Jesus, or as Mary, and used his trickery to get them to do evil things because they thought they were listening to an angel or a saint. It is easy for the devil to trick those caught up in matter, but those who awaken spiritually can see through the Devil’s trickery.

Beguiles the Woman

Boehme says the Devil found he could not Control Adam with his Devil’s trickery as much as he wanted to, so he decided to try it on the woman. He found that his Devil’s trickery worked better on her than on Adam. Many interpret this to mean that women are weak-willed and need men to guide them, if not outright control them. But simply because the Devil’s trickery worked better on one particular woman than on one particular man does not mean that is true of all women, or even the majority. Neither does it mean that all men can successfully resist the Devil’s trickery. We see in the world today many men who have fallen deeply into the Devil’s trickery in the form of greed. We once knew that greed was one of the “deadly sins.” Know most think it is a mark of success. If we fill our houses with old newspapers, magazines, or china dolls, we are labeled hoarders and need psychiatric help, but if we hoard money, we are heroes. It seems the Devil’s trickery is alive and doing quite well in the modern world. Hopefully, that will change soon.

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Where God and Heaven are Found

“Now if we will lift up our Minds, and seek after the Heaven wherein God dwells, w cannot say that God dwells only above the stars. … Reason is much befooled with these thoughts; and the kingdom of the Antichrist is begotten in these thoughts, and Antichrist has by these opinions set himself in the place of God, and means to be God upon Earth, and ascribes a divine power to himself, and stops the mouth of the Spirit of God, and will not hear him speak. … They believe the Spirit of Lies, which in hypocrisy speaks strong delusions, and seduces the Children of Hope. …
“The true heaven, wherein God dwells, is all over, in all places, even n the midst of the Earth. … For wheresoever He was before the Creation of the World, there He is still.” ~Jacob Boehme

Seeking Heaven and God

I’m never quite sure if I should laugh or cry when I see headlines on a supermarket tabloid that says something like, “NASA HAS FOUND HEAVEN JUST BEYOND THE GALAXY.” It is such incredible nonsense, and yet some must believe it or these tabloids wouldn’t sell. Heaven is not a place like Miami, Boston, or even Saturn. It is a frequency, a dimension. Since spiritual dimensions exist outside the barriers of space and time, they are, and must be, everywhere. Continue reading “Where God and Heaven are Found”

Demon or Angel

Man: God or Beast, Choose Wisely

Man: God or Beast

“Humanity, in reality, is poised midway between gods and beasts, and inclines now to the one order, now to the other; some men grow like to the divine, others to the brute, the greatest number stand neutral. But those that are corrupted to the point of approximating to irrational animals and wild beasts pull the mid-folk about and inflict wrong upon them; the victims no doubt better than the wrongdoers, but are at the mercy of their inferiors in the field in which they themselves are inferior, where, that is, they cannot be classed among the good since they have not trained themselves in self-defense.
”A gang of lads … in good physical training, attack and throw another set, … and make off with their food and their dainty clothes. What more is called for than a laugh? And surely the lawgiver would be right in allowing the second group to suffer this treatment, the penalty of their sloth and self-indulgence. … But the evil-doers also have their punishment.” ~Plotinus

Man truly is poised between god and beast, and is the only life form on Earth that can decide which side of that equation to pursue. The dog can only be a dag, the same for the horse or cat or bug. Only man has the ability to choose to be something greater, or worse.

In a sense, Plotinus is correct in saying that most choose neutrality in this, neither trying to be more spiritual, more godlike, nor trying to be more barbaric and more animal. In the long term, however, there can be no neutrality in this since those who fail to awaken and use their spiritual faculties are doomed to descend into the animal kingdom when they die. The idea that a person becomes worthy of going to Heaven, the highest of spiritual realms, simply because he has dropped dead is nonsense. Even if a person has committed no great evil in his life, if he has failed to awaken his spirit and soul while alive, he cannot head toward heaven when he dies anymore than the man who cannot swim can escape the pursuing barbarians by swimming across a wide river. Of course, the evil person is in even worse shape than the neutral one. Not only can he not go to heaven, but he must face karma throughout this life and beyond for his evil deeds.

In some places, spiritual people seem to frown upon physical and intellectual development. Plotinus points out the foolishness of this attitude with regard to the physical, and the same is true of the intellectual. Some think that developing the physical body, making it strong and healthy is behaving too much like that beast-man, but it isn’t. Being physically strong and healthy is good for the spiritual person, Plotinus says, so he can defend himself from the evil barbarians. That is true, but it is not the only reason. One of the duties of an advanced spiritual person is to teach others what she has learned and help them to grow spiritually as well. This can be done better by a strong, healthy person than by one who is weak and sick all the time. This doesn’t mean that you need to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger with huge muscles, but you can be reasonably strong and healthy without becoming a total materialist—which is, of course, undesirable.

We also need to develop our intellect as well, even if we are spiritual people. For one thing, a person with a good education can get a better job, and most of us need to do that. Second, Satan and his minions use intellect as their main method of controlling others and getting them to stay trapped in materialism and a life of fear and empty pursuits. When Satan spoke with Jesus in the Desert and tried to convince Him to give up all that spiritual nonsense, he gave up after a relatively short time. Why? Because the answers Jesus gave him told Satan that Jesus had just as sharp an intellectual mind as he had a spiritual one and could not be tricked with intellectual arguments. That is another reason, probably the most important reason, to pursue intellectual development. Just as with the physical, however, one should not get too carried away with it and drop his spiritual growth by the wayside to develop the intellect to its fullest.

3 legged stool

3 legged stool

You can think of it as a three-legged stool. If one leg is weaker or shorter than the others, or is missing entirely, the stool cannot stand very well. Granted, you may be able to get a two-legged, or even one-legged stool to balance briefly, but they are easily knocked over. The stool with three strong legs: physical, mental, spiritual; is the most stable and will stand better than the others. And choose to be a god, not a beast.

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God, Satan, and a Changing World

Be Part of the Changing World

“But if it undertakes to speak of the immeasurable Space, then it becomes full of Lies, and is troubled and confounded: for it belies the unmeasurable Deity; as Antichrist does, which will have the Deity to be only above the starry Heaven, that thereby himself may remain to be God upon Earth, riding upon the great beast, which yet must shortly go into the original lake of brimstone, into the kingdom of King Lucifer, for the Time is come, that the Beast shall be revealed and spewed out; … There is a wall and seal before the servants and ministers of Antichrist, till the wrath be executed upon her whoredom, … and till the eyes of the blind be opened;” ~Jacob Boehme

Why would speaking about the “Immeasurable Space” make lies of it? Modern scientists in the field of Quantum Physics, tell us that a thing is changed simply by being observed, so we cannot be certain what was there before we observed it. That may be part of what Boehme is talking about, in a sense, but I think it is something else. When He speaks of immeasurable space, he is talking, I think, about the spiritual realms, not the physical space of the universe of matter which, while enormous, is not truly infinite, and it therefore measurable (though we may not currently have the ability to measure it). He goes on to say that God (the Deity) is unmeasurable, implying therefore that the universe of God, the spiritual one is infinite and timeless. Continue reading “God, Satan, and a Changing World”