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True Religion is Spiritual in Nature

“According to Weishaupt’s ideas, the main object of true religion was to lift man up to a higher conception of his true nature and destiny, and thereby bring him to a realization of this higher state of human dignity. This could not be accomplished by force, but merely by the spreading of knowledge, displacing error and superstition. He taught that if men could once realize the necessity of virtue and be all united in brotherly love, immorality, vice, degradation, and poverty would cease to exist. …

“He furthermore attempted to prove that true (esoteric) Christianity was not a popular religion for the vulgar, but that it was a system of philosophy, given in symbols, comprehendable only to those who were far enough advanced to be instructed in it.” ~Franz Hartmann

True Religion

It is really quite sad that so many members of spiritual groups on social media think that being spiritual means you oppose all organized religion. A commonly expressed view is that religion is someone telling you about their spiritual experiences while spirituality is having them yourself. That is true of most of the popular churches of today but not all. And n the distant past, it was often quite different.

The priests of ancient Egypt didn’t just preach to the people. They taught students how to develop their own spiritual nature. Greeks who studied under them took the same methods and teaching to Greece. From Greece they spread to Rome and most of Europe. Yes, there were phony churches and religions of idolatry back then, but there were also true churches and true religion. And some still exist today, though they are often secret to protect them from interference by the politicians.

True Nature and Destiny

The true nature and destiny of man is spiritual. In fact, we are spiritual even know. By that I mean that even when we are in physical form, we have a spirit. It may be hidden and dormant, but it is there. And it is our destiny to awaken our spirit and soul and develop them. If we don’t do that, we essentially waste our one life in physical form. Continue reading “True Religion is Spiritual in Nature”

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Universal Religion in the Ancient World

“The Secret Doctrine as the universally diffused religion of the ancient and prehistoric world. Proofs of its diffusion, authentic records of its history, a complete chain of documents, showings its character and presence in every land, together with the teachings of all its great adepts, exist to this day in the secret crypts of libraries belonging to the occult fraternity. …
“The Occultists assert that all these exist, safe from Western spoliating hands, to re-appear in some more enlightened age. … There were portions of the Secret Science that for incalculable ages had to remain concealed from the profane gaze. But this was because to impart to the unprepared multitude secrets of such tremendous importance, was equivalent to giving a child a lighted candle in a powder magazine.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Universal Religion

There is evidence that there was a universal religion, or spiritual teaching, in the ancient world. Not just the usually mentions locations of Egypt, Babylonia, and Greece. Evidence of it can be found in Peru and China. This doesn’t mean that everyone followed those teachings, or even that they were practiced openly everywhere. This universal religion was found just about everywhere, but coexisted with many other religions. In some cases, the state supported faiths would not allow such practices openly. In others, the communities practicing the advance universal religion had to hide from other religions that would persecute them.

Historians might claim this is not true, but they are stating that based on there limited knowledge. They do not have access to those secret libraries that Madame Blavatsky mentions. Also, they do not understand the allegory used in the publicly available writings about this religion. They see different words that to them indicates different teachings. Only the spiritual adept understands that in different places different allegory was used to mean the same thing. The fact that the ancient Phoenix of Babylonia and the Native American Thunderbird both symbolize the human soul would escape them. Continue reading “Universal Religion in the Ancient World”

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Science and Religion: Together for Peace, Separate for Chaos

“Take what I have said kindly; I wish only to induce your religious part to have more charity for your scientific self, and the reverse. Both religion and science are working towards the good of man, although their devotees are human and by human error, bring privations, sufferings, and sorrows to men. Neither can fill the place of the other; each should extend a helping hand, and have charity for the shortcomings of the other; they are not antagonists, but workers in one field; both must stand the criticisms of mutual antagonists, and both have cause to fear the evils of fanaticism within their own ranks more than the attacks of opponents from without.” ~John Uri Lloyd

Science VS Religion

Science and religion was once a single thing, but for several centuries, we have operated in much of the world as if science and religion are enemies, and those who are followers of one cannot be true devotees of the other. The result is a world that is a complete mess with both groups blaming the other and accepting no responsibility for it themselves.

The Science Side

Recently, we are seeing memes on social media coming from the spokesmen for the scientific community saying things like “A scientific truth remains true, even if many refuse to believe it.” While that statement by itself is true, it has problems. First, it sounds way to much like the priests and ministers saying that if you don’t belief what they preach, that doesn’t change the truth. Second, it accepts no responsibility for the lack of acceptance by a large part of the public.

Lets look at some of the reasons people have stopped blindly accepting everything the scientific community pushes. In the 1960s and 1970s we had a number of studies done by scientists who showed that cigarette smoking caused health problems. The tobacco companies fought back by hiring scientists of their own who debunked those studies, insisting they were poorly done, not large enough to mean anything, and so on. These bought scientists then released studies of their own that proved that cigarettes were completely harmless. It took decades for enough evidence to come out to convince every one of the dangers of tobacco and force governments to take action. Continue reading “Science and Religion: Together for Peace, Separate for Chaos”

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Spiritual Power, Spiritual Knowledge, and Religion

“True religion has nothing to do with fear nor with logical speculation, and its true origin rests in the fundamental relation which the human soul bears to the divine origin of the spiritual power by which she is inhabited. It is the divine spirit in man itself, recognizing and through the instrumentality of man the presence of the universal spirit in nature. This divine power is truly ‘occult,’ because it cannot be perceived by any external means, neither can its existence be logically proved to those who are not capable of feeling it. It will forever remain a mystery to the ‘Adam’ of Earth.” ~Franz Hartmann

Spirituality and Religion

If you use social media such as Twitter or Facebook, and you have spiritual persons or groups on your friends list, you have probably seen memes that say something like: “Religion is believing in someone else’s experience, spirituality is having your own.” All memes are oversimplified, of course, but the point of this one, and others much like it, seem to be that religion and spirituality are two different and incompatible things. That belief is simply nonsense.

The belief in spiritual worlds, dimensions, planes, or whatever you choose to call them implies a complex structure to the universe. Such a structure cannot happen by accident. It has to have been planned, and that implies an intelligence, a control, that most of us call God. Continue reading “Spiritual Power, Spiritual Knowledge, and Religion”