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Live Again Through Spiritual Rebirth

“That which most men would think themselves most happy for, and would prefer before all things, if the would grant it unto them after their deaths, thou may while thou lives grant unto thyself; to live again. See the things of the world again, as thou has already seen them. For what is it else to live again? Public shows and solemnities with much pomp and vanity, stage plays, flocks and herds, conflicts and contentions; a bone thrown to a company of hungry curs; a bait for greedy fishes; the painfulness, and continual burden bearing of wretched ants, the running to and fro of terrified mice; little puppets drawn up and down with wires and nerves: these be the objects of the world among all these free from all manner of indignation; with this right ratiocination and apprehension, that as the worth is of these things which a man does affect, so is in very deed every man’s orth more of less.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Prefer to Live Again Before All Things

I’m not sure all men prefer it above all other things, but I think it is true of most of us. What we want is to live for a long time. A very long time. We want it so badly that many have accepted the idea that we are reborn into the world over and over again with very little evidence to back up the belief. But many are not just satisfied with being born again. They want to be reborn smarter, richer, more attractive, and otherwise better than they are now. Aurelius is saying that it is possible, and without waiting for death and the afterlife. You can live again now, not later.

Grant Unto Thyself

Aurelius is saying that rather than waiting for death to bring us to a better, more illuminated life, we can seek and gain that life now, while still alive on earth. This is what has been taught by mystics and mystery schools for ages, but only a few ever listened. That is changing, though, now that we are at the dawn of a new Golden Age of Spirit. The spiritual sun known as the Sun of Righteousness is now shining down on us. This is making it easier for men to awaken and develop their spiritual faculties. It is also making it more imperative since the arrival of this sun also marked the beginning of the End Times, the age when the illusions of materialism will be pushed away and the truth revealed. We are learning to live again and be reborn right where we are. Continue reading “Live Again Through Spiritual Rebirth”


Regeneration of the Sacred Self

“Thou will ask, ‘What is the New Regeneration?’ or ‘how is it done in Man?’ Hear and see, stop not thy Mind, but not thy mind be filled by the spirit of this world, with its might and pomp. Take thy mind and break through the spirit of this world entirely. Incline thy mind into the kind love of God; make thy purpose earnest and strong to break through the pleasure of this world with thy Mind, and not to regard it. Consider that thou art not at home in this world, but that thou art a strange guest, captivated in a closed prison. Cry and call to Him who has the Key to the prison; yield thyself up to Him, in obedience, righteousness, modesty, charity, and truth. And seek not so eagerly after the Kingdoms of this World. … Then the chaste virgin will meet thee in thy in thy Mind highly and deeply, and will lead thee to thy bridegroom, who has the key to the Gate of the Deep. … Thou will break through as the daybreak; … yet the rays of the break of the day will appear to thee in the Paradise, in which place the chaste virgin stands, waiting for thee with the joy of the angels, who will very kindly receive thee in thy newborn mind and spirit.” ~Jacob Boehme

New Regeneration

Born again, rebirth, regeneration. Whatever words we use for it, the true meaning of them all is the same. Unfortunately, many have no idea what that meaning is. When Jesus spoke of the need to be born again, his apostles questioned how that could be possible. They had already been born once, they noted, how could they do it again? Believers in reincarnation of the physical body think that is what it refers to. Others believe that simply becoming aware of the illusion and falsehoods of the world of materialism is being reborn, or regenerated. While all of those ideas have some merit, the great spiritual teachers, masters, and Messiahs would not have placed so much importance on such ordinary events. They had to be talking about something else, something that rarely happened. That is why they came here to teach us about it and how to do it.

The regeneration they speak of is the rebirth of the spirit and soul. It is not truly a rebirth, because the spirit and soul are never dead. They are, however, dormant when we come into this world. Making them conscious and fully functional is the new regeneration Boehme is talking about. Continue reading “Regeneration of the Sacred Self”

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Spiritual Rebirth and the Sun of Righteousness

“Some are reborn through water and the spirit (cf. John 3:5); others receive baptism in the Holy Spirit and in fire(cf. Matt. 3:11). I take these four things – water, spirit, fire, and Holy Spirit – to mean one and the same spirit of God. To some the Holy Spirit is water because He cleanses the external stains of their bodies. To others He is simply spirit because He makes them active in the practice of virtue. To others He is fire because he cleanses the interior defilement which lies deep within their souls. To others, according to Daniel, He is Holy Spirit because he bestows on them wisdom and spiritual knowledge (cf. Dan. 1:17; 5:11-120. for the single identical Spirit takes His different names from the different ways in which he acts on each person.

“The Law instituted the Sabbath, says Scripture, so that your ox and your servant might rest (cf. Exod. 20:10). Both of these are symbols for the body. … The Sabbath signifies the final goal pursued by them throughout the ascetic and the contemplative life, and so it provides for both of them a fitting rest.” ~The Philokalia

Spiritual Rebirth

The most important part of the first line quoted above is that we are reborn. Many modern churches interpret this as something that happens with physical death when we are reborn as spirits. Others say that simply accepting Christ as our Savior makes us reborn. Neither Jesus nor the Apostles ever taught either of those beliefs. The great mystery schools didn’t teach it either. Yet all believed that we must be reborn. It should be obvious to any thinking person that being reborn cannot be such a simple thing as accepting someone’s philosophy and teachings. It doesn’t matter whether the teacher is Jesus, Buddha, or some Indian Guru. Jesus didn’t say, “Listen to what I say and you will be saved.” He said, “Follow me, do as I do, and you will be saved”. That is quite different from what is being practiced in the majority of Christian churches today.

The early Christians, Buddhists, Mystics, and others understood what was meant by rebirth. It means that the spirit and soul, which lie dormant when we enter the world of matter, must be awakened and made conscious. That makes us very different people. It makes us butterflies instead of caterpillars. Sadly, most of those who today claim to be reborn have not actually done this.

Water, Spirit, Fire, and Holy Spirit

I can agree with the Philokalia when it says that this rebirth through four different things all refers to rebirth through the spirit of God. In the specifics of each, I think they are only partly correct.

While water can represent a spiritual cleansing—which is certainly necessary for most of us—it can mean much more. We think of water as flowing. Water has waves. Energy also flows in waves. So another interpretation of water is as flowing waves of energy. Not just any energy. It is the spiritual energy that flows from God, into the spiritual sun (or Sun of Righteousness), and then into us. It is this energy that awakens and “feeds” the spirit and soul. It is, in that way, a means of being reborn. It is a means of spiritual rebirth.

To the ancients, fire and light meant the same thing. Since they got light from a fire, they used the words interchangeably. So yes, fire can burn the impurities out of us, but it does more. Thinking more in terms of light, it again represents that energy, that spiritual light, that comes to us through the Sun of Righteousness (“Sun,” not “Son”). This spiritual sun shines on all, but only those who turn to it and attune themselves to it receive and significant benefit. The Old Testament prophet Malachi did promise, however, that it would burn all the evil out of the world. That doesn’t mean people, animals, etc. will burst into flames. It means that we will all transform into spiritual beings. We must all go through a spiritual rebirth. Those who make the effort to transform early will be the leaders in that coming Golden Age of spirit.

Likewise, spiritual rebirth by spirit or the Holy Spirit means the same thing. That light, fire, flowing Water of Life that comes from the spiritual sun.

Law of the Sabbath

I have to admit that I never thought of the references to animals with regard to the Sabbath was really a reference to the human physical, or animal, body. Yet it makes perfect sense to see it that way. Of course, work animals need to be allowed to rest. But I think that is more of a daily thing rather than a weekly one.

When it comes to man, however, I see it differently. It isn’t so much that the physical body needs a day of rest once a week, although that might be a good thing also. I think what was really meant by those who started the idea of a Sabbath is a day of mental rest. Or more accurately, periods of mental rest. It could be a day or an hour. It might be just a few minutes. So in an allegorical way, the idea of a Sabbath is to remind us that we need to devote time to spiritual matters as well as physical and mental ones. It also is hinting at the need during spiritual practices to clear the mind as much as possible and let the true knowledge found in the spiritual light educate us. As the Zen masters say, you must empty your cup before it can be refilled with something else. The one who successfully empties his cup can experience that spiritual rebirth.

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Renewed Life of Spirit, Mind, and Body

“New thought is new life, and renewal of life. A new idea, plan or purpose fills us with hope and vigor. One secret of eternal life and happiness is to be ever pushing forward the new, or ‘forgetting the things which are behind, and pressing forward o those that are before.’ Eternity and endless space are exhaustless of the new. Senility comes through ever looking back and living in the past. You have nothing to do with the person you were a year ago, save to profit by that person’s experience. That person s dead. The ‘you’ of today is another and a newer individual. The ‘you’ of next year will be still another and a newer one.” ~Prentice Mulford

Renewed Life

While Mr. Mulford was more of a social guru than a spiritual one, much of his advice applies to both worlds. And while he may have had detractors when he wrote this, most in the medical community would agree with him today.

Medical research has shown that the chances of developing senility or other forms of age-related dementia are greatly reduced by regular mental and physical activity. But for the mental part especially, it only works if you are learning new things, not just rehashing the past. The more different this new learning is from what you already know, the more effective it seems to be in reawakening the brain. If you have always been scientific, for example, studying an art will be very effective. But learning anything new helps.

Renewed Life of Spirit

An even more effective way to stop the mental deterioration is to move from purely material learning, to spiritual development. Here, you are not only learning something new and very different, but you are awakening new faculties: the spirit and soul.

A renewed life of spirit means turning away from materialism and seaking truth in spirit, the only place it can be found. Matter is illusion. It isn’t that is doesn’t exist, but that it is something quite different than it appears to be. Continue reading “Renewed Life of Spirit, Mind, and Body”