as we sow

As We Sow, As We Live

As We Sow

“When you build, build as forever and your fame shall be sung among the great in the Everlasting Halls.

“He who has done you one good turn will be more ready to do you another than will the one to whom you have done a good turn. …

“There are men who live for themselves alone, and their souls are smothered in the deadly winding sheet of selfishness. There is no greater loneliness than that of a man who lives for himself alone. …

“Consider the petty man, his deeds are mean and his manner servile, his heart shakes in a small breast. … He is spiteful and malicious like a snake, he crawls in the dust, ever ready to strike. … He gossips and prattles like an idle woman and men look down upon him, for his ways are those of a half-man. His pettiness is an irritation to all. … He has no friends and men visit him for naught but their own benefit. His mind is occupied with matters of small moment, and bigger undertakings overwhelm him. The deeds of greater men he cannon understand and therefore derides them.

“Consider the vulgar man, his voice is loud, and his words bawdy. Like the ass, he laughs without understanding. His tongue rattles in his head. … In his ignorance, he pushes himself forward when he should remain behind. …

“Consider the man of no account, he is improvident and wasteful. He speaks of his own importance but deceives none but himself and the foolish. The man of no account walks the marketplace to buy a stone.

“Without merit himself, he appeals to the deeds of his forefathers for credit. What good is it to the blind man that his father could see? …

“He who establishes his reputation upon that of another erects a building without foundation. The ass of Pharaoh is still an ass. A worthless man does worthless things. His death removes an encumbrance from the Earth.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (MAN:15:2-19)

Build For Eternity

There is a famous story of a wealthy man hiring a carpenter to build him a home. The wealthy man is doing a favor for the carpenter who is approaching retirement, but the carpenter doesn’t know it. So he decides to cut corners and build with shoddy materials and workmanship. The finished home looks great, but won’t last. When the carpenter tells the wealthy man that the house is done, the wealthy man thanks him and then says, “I had this house built for a friend who deserves it.” He then hands the keys back to the carpenter saying, “The house is yours”. The carpenter is pleased but then disappointed because he knows it’s a shoddy house. The moral of this tale is that we are all building our own home, making our own clothes, cooking our own food, or whatever other things we do. That is because our deeds and very thoughts set an example that others follow. If we decide to build a shoddy house for the wealthy man to make more profit, the shoemaker will sell us shoddy shoes, and the grocer will sell us low-quality meat and vegetables. as we sow, so we reap. So always build the house for eternity, for your soul is an eternal being. While the quote doesn’t say it, the man who builds the shoddy house is a greedy man. This paragraph goes on to discuss many otter types of less-than-ideal humans. Continue reading “As We Sow, As We Live”