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Eternal Reality and the Web of Illusion

“There are in this struggle1 three factors. (1) the unchanging light of Eternal Reality: that Pure Being ‘which ever shines and naught shall ever dim.’

“(2)The web of illusion, here thick, there thin; which hems in, confuses, and allures the sentient self. “(3) That self, always changing, moving, struggling—always, in fact, becoming—alive in every fiber, related at once to the unreal and to the real; and, with the growth in true being, ever more conscious of the contrast between them.

“In the ever-shifting relationship between these three factors, the consequent energy engendered, the work done, we may find a cause of the innumerable forms of stress and travail which are called in their objective form the Purgative Way. Only one of he three is constant: the Absolute to which the soul aspires. Though all else may fluctuate, that goal is changeless. That beauty so old and so new, ‘with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning,’ which is the One of Plotinus, the All of Eckhart and St. John of the Cross, The Eternal Wisdom of Suso, … awaits yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever the opening of its creature’s eyes.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Eternal Reality

There is little doubt what the eternal reality is. The realm of spirit and the beings that dwell there are eternal. Everything material is temporary. That is one reason why the ancient spiritual leaders called matter illusion.

And when Underhill, and many others, talk of the bright light of that eternal reality, it is both literal and symbolic. Light symbolizes truth and wisdom. The spiritual realm is home to both of those. But it is also a place of bright light. The true image of God is light. The true image of the soul is light. Bright light, spiritual light, not physical light.

Web of Illusion

The realm of matter is the web of illusion. That doesn’t mean, as some believe, that the material universe does not exist. It means that what it is in actuality is very different than what it appears to be to the human senses and mind.

There are many people today who think that manipulating this web of illusion, like a small child making animals out of play-doh, is a path of spiritual awakening. They use terms like “manifesting” and “Law of Abundance” to describe this playing with matter. But playing with matter doesn’t awaken the spirit. It actually makes matter more real, more important, to those who do that. The only proper way to manifest or manipulate within the realm of matter is to help change it back into spirit. Simply molding it into new forms of matter doesn’t accomplish anything. When you truly understand that matter is an illusion, playing in it will lose it’s attraction.

That Self

In some of the ancient Hindu books, “self” and “Self” are used to mean two different things. When it is lowercase self, it means the physical and mental self of the physical world. While the uppercase Self is another way of saying the spirit or soul. That is the true Self, the eternal Self that is part of eternal reality. I think it is that eternal Self that Underhill labels the third factor in our overall being. Although it is possible that she is looking upon self and Self as one whole. From what she says about it, that may be the case.

In any case, the primary purpose of spiritual development is to awaken and grow that true Self. Only the spiritual Self is eternal. Only the spiritual self can know truth and wisdom. The real truth and wisdom that comes from God.

Open Eyes

The goal of the spiritual student, says Underhill, is to open the eyes. Just as with Jesus healing the blind, this is not a reference to the physical eyes. The goal is to open the spiritual eyes. We do that by awakening the spirit and soul. We do that with a large input of spiritual energy. And the best place to turn to to get that energy is the spiritual sun.

When the soul awakens, your spiritual eyes open. Then you can see that eternal reality. Then you can start to fully participate in being part of that eternal reality.

1 – For spiritual enlightenment.

attributes of God, part of God

Attributes of God and Reality

“we saw what really preexists, that it really is and is the first eternal one. You, unborn, from you come the eternal ones and eternal realms, the all-perfect ones, who are established, and the perfect beings. We praise you, nonbeing, reality before realities, first being before beings, father of divinity and life, creator of mind, donor of goodness, donor of blessedness. We all praise you, you who know, with glorifying praise, you, because of whom all these are . . . who know yourself through yourself alone. There is nothing active prior to you. You are spirit, alone and living. You know the One, that we cannot speak of this One, which is yours everywhere. Your light enlightens us. Command us to see you so we may be saved. Knowledge of you is our salvation.” ~Third Stele of Seth

We Saw Reality

Most of us think we are seeing reality all the time. Unfortunately, we are mistaken. Most of the time we are seeing illusion. Over many generations, we have agreed with each other on what is real and what isn’t. We teach this to our children until they no longer see things differently. But those who are awakened start seeing things as they really are. The illusions no longer fool them. They interpret things with the soul rather than the mind that has been programmed with false information. They “see” reality because vision involves more than the eyes. The mind interprets what the eyes pick up. But when the soul is awakened, you “see” on a different level and in a different way.

Reality Before Realities

A reality before realities, a being before beings seems contradictory. In a sense, it is. But I think the author is trying to make it clear that while God is a being, He is much different than any other being. Also, while He has always existed, He was not a “reality” in the sense of having a form. Originally, God did not have being or form. He took on those attributes as perhaps His first act of creation.

Seth adds that God is the “ donor of goodness, donor of blessedness.” Goodness and blessedness comes from God. Hatred and evil do not. They were created by the Great Fall. Continue reading “Attributes of God and Reality”


Many Intoxicants to Keep Us Away from Reality

“We do not want our fear, our anger, our pain, so we suppress it by filling up our lives with the things provided us by modern civilization: websites, games, films, music. All these items can contain many toxins that only serve to increase our sickness, our fear. Suppose you watch one hour of television. That seems like very little, but you know there can be a lot of violence, a lot of fear, and a lot of poisons in that one-hour program. And you practice intoxicating yourself every day. You think you’re getting some kind of relief, but while entertaining yourself you continue to bring into the depths of your consciousness even more elements of pain and suffering. So the blocks of pain deep within you keep growing bigger and bigger. We intoxicate ourselves with what we consume every day.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

A World of Intoxicants

When you mention intoxicants, most people will think of alcohol and drugs. But looking at it in a broader sense, As Hanh does, we find that there is a lot more in the world that serves to intoxicate us. Further, we find that contrary to the war against drugs, our governments, schools, and other institutions often encourage intoxication in one form or another.


One of the greatest of the intoxicant categories. Outside of drugs and alcohol, is entertainment. This includes television, movies, concerts, plays, amusement parks, and others. While a few of these may be educational, the vast majority serve one primary purpose: to keep us under control.

The skilled pickpocket distracts us while his hand is grabbing our wallet, watch, or cellphone. He might bump into you. He might pretend he recognizes you and starts a conversation. Whatever it is, the purpose is to keep you from noticing him grabbing your valuables. The entire entertainment world serve the same purpose.

Think about it. Do you ever plan a government protest while watching a movie? Do you talk to friends about how unfair the business payment model is while thoroughly engaged in a concert? Of course not. The governments know that. So do the business operators and the super wealthy people who keep one half of the world’s wealth in one percent of the people. Continue reading “Many Intoxicants to Keep Us Away from Reality”

infinite reality, universal life

Infinite Reality and Unity with God

“The unbreakable unity with God,which constitutes the mark of the Third life, exists in the ‘essential ground of the soul’; where the river flows into the sea, the line into the point; where the pendulum of self has its attachment to reality. There the hidden child of the absolute is ‘one with God in restful fruition’; there, his deep intuition … is able to taste and apprehend the sweetness of of Infinite Reality. But at the other end, where he still participates in the time-process, where his love and will are a moving river, consciousness hungers for that total attainment still; and attention will swing between these two extremes,now actualized within the living soul, which has put on the dual character of ‘Divine Humanity’ and is living Eternal Life, not in some far-off celestial region, but here.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Infinite Reality

Materialists don’t like it when spiritual people refer to the physical realm as illusion or not reality. They are not saying that it doesn’t exist. They are saying that it is temporary and is not at all what it appears to be. The world of matter is not reality simply because it is temporary.

Infinite reality is not temporary and is not illusion. It has no beginning and no end. It just is and always will be. Space and time have no meaning in the realm of infinite reality. It is the realm of spirit. Beings in this realm do not have sex. It would be pointless. They can create simply by thinking about it. They form an image in their mind, and it becomes real. And they do not need to raise replacements since they never die.

It sounds like a wonderful place, doesn’t it? Yet not many people are making the effort necessary to get there. There are many ho go to a church building and say prayers there. That is not enough. For starters, if you wanted to be a medical doctor, you wouldn’t go to woodworking shop. If you want to reach the realm of infinite reality, you have to start by seeking contact with it as much as is humanly possible. It will not seek you out. You have to go after it. Continue reading “Infinite Reality and Unity with God”