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Electrostatic Field and the Illusion of Solid Matter

“Study quantum physics beyond a cursory level, and you’ll reach the inescapable conclusion that the reason physical particles behave in such a strange way is because they’re not physical at all. …
“Atoms are usually depicted as having a big solid nucleus with electrons spinning around it in neat orbits. But when quantum physicists took a closer look, they discovered that … 99.9999999999996 percent of the atom is literally empty space. … It’s like looking at an invisible tornado-like vortex of energy with infinitely tiny particles seemingly popping into existence one moment and then out the next, with the whole thing being as substantial as a puff of smoke. …
“It has been calculated that if you took the entire population of the Earth … and removed all the empty space from all of our combined atoms, the entire human race would fit into a single sugar cube. … Then why does everything look and feel so solid to us? … The secret is in the electrostatic field that surrounds the atoms.” ~Ziad Masri

Let’s Get Physical

For thousands of years, mystics and spiritual teachers have told us the material world was a world of illusion. It wasn’t what it appeared to be. They were laughed at by many. Some still laugh at such notions today. But the theories of quantum physics continue to be refined and more proof of them continues to arise. So it look like the gurus, mystics, and prophets were not crazy after all.

So in reality, the apparently solid rock is no more solid than a puff of smoke. And water is no more substantial than air. Yet a rock doesn’t feel like a puff of smoke and water is thicker than air. This might be considered illusion, but there is more to it than that. Continue reading “Electrostatic Field and the Illusion of Solid Matter”

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Thoughts and Feelings are Things and Can Effect Us

“The student must work his way upward to the realization that his thoughts and feelings are as important for the world as his actions. It must be realized that it is equally injurious to hate a fellow being as to strike him. The realization will then follow that by perfecting ourselves we accomplish something not only for ourselves, but for the whole world. The world derives equal benefit from our untainted feelings and thoughts as from our good demeanor … We must admit that our every feeling produces an effect, just as does every action of our hand.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Thoughts and Feelings are Things

If we are to be successful as a spiritual student, we must get away from the idea that thoughts and feeling are insubstantial things and can’t hurt anyone, because it is a false belief. I think most of us are smart enough to know that our spouses or mothers would rather be slapped than told they are fat, ugly, and you hate them. But it isn’t even necessary to voice negative thoughts and feelings for them to do harm.

I’m sure we all know of a person who can smile, be polite, friendly, and well mannered to a person, then when that person leaves, turn and say something like, “What an idiot he is! Sometimes I just want to smack him when he says such stupid things!” Besides the fact that this person is a hypocrite, he probably believes he is doing no harm because he is polite when the person is around, but his thoughts and feelings toward that person are sending waves of negative energy toward that person that can cause illness or otherwise harm him. And it doesn’t have to be aimed at a specific individual, though the effect is probably greater when it is. If you just thing that all blacks are lazy, all Muslims are terrorists, all Southerners are stupid, and so on, you are sending negative energy to that group that can harm them, especially when you are one of many thinking the same thing. There are even people who believe that when many people think negative or violent thoughts, it can cause hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Continue reading “Thoughts and Feelings are Things and Can Effect Us”

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God, Satan, and a Changing World

Be Part of the Changing World

“But if it undertakes to speak of the immeasurable Space, then it becomes full of Lies, and is troubled and confounded: for it belies the unmeasurable Deity; as Antichrist does, which will have the Deity to be only above the starry Heaven, that thereby himself may remain to be God upon Earth, riding upon the great beast, which yet must shortly go into the original lake of brimstone, into the kingdom of King Lucifer, for the Time is come, that the Beast shall be revealed and spewed out; … There is a wall and seal before the servants and ministers of Antichrist, till the wrath be executed upon her whoredom, … and till the eyes of the blind be opened;” ~Jacob Boehme

Why would speaking about the “Immeasurable Space” make lies of it? Modern scientists in the field of Quantum Physics, tell us that a thing is changed simply by being observed, so we cannot be certain what was there before we observed it. That may be part of what Boehme is talking about, in a sense, but I think it is something else. When He speaks of immeasurable space, he is talking, I think, about the spiritual realms, not the physical space of the universe of matter which, while enormous, is not truly infinite, and it therefore measurable (though we may not currently have the ability to measure it). He goes on to say that God (the Deity) is unmeasurable, implying therefore that the universe of God, the spiritual one is infinite and timeless. Continue reading “God, Satan, and a Changing World”

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Merging Worlds of Spirit and Matter

“we’re at the ‘turn’ of a flow; involution has turned to immersion, and is now turning to evolution. You are remembering your identity as a soul—as pure consciousness-and-energy—and this is not just for a few people; it’s a planetary process. The higher spiritual frequencies are saturating matter, and the inner and outer realities are matching each other in vibration and merging. The more you realize there is no separation between the worlds, the faster your transformation and evolution can be. … As the worlds merge and integrate, it becomes easier for you to see the light (or consciousness) in matter and feel energy information via vibration. When you perceive the consciousness-and-energy world, you experience openness …” ~Penney Peirce

The world is indeed changing all around us, and these changes are affecting all of us, though few are consciously aware of it. Ms. Peirce says the “spiritual frequencies are saturating matter” which is true, in a way, but she makes it sound as if something foreign was entering matter and mixing with it, like mixing white paint with black to get gray. While that is happening to some degree, more significantly is that the matter itself is changing. As it is bombarded with more and more high frequency spiritual energy, the matter will itself start vibrating at higher frequencies with the result that mixing the “white” of spirit with the “black” or matter will eventually result in pure, white spirit, not gray.

Peirce than says that the sooner we realize that the separation between the worlds of spirit and matter doesn’t exist, the faster you can transform and evolve (true evolution rather than sinking further into matter) and again she is correct, but it is perhaps an oversimplification. The separation between spirit and matter is often called “the veil”. It is not called the wall or the barrier, but the veil. A veil may e heavy, but usually isn’t and can easily be pushed aside without much effort, but some effort must be made. Still, you must believe that the veil can be removed, and is, in fact, growing thinner and will soon dissolve entirely if you want to be one of those aiding the process. Remember that when the apostles asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come, He informed them that is was already there, all around them, they simply had to realize it. By Kingdom of God, they were talking about the spiritual worlds and it dis already exist and was all around them, but they dis not see it anymore than the vast majority of people today see it, though we are starting to sense it in a vague way, and maybe getting very brief glimpses into it as they grow closer together and the veil gets thinner, allegorically speaking. Continue reading “Merging Worlds of Spirit and Matter”