Clairvoyance: Physical and Spiritual

“The word ‘clairvoyance’ means ‘clear seeing.’ … In the glossary of the Society for Psychical Research, the term is defined as: ‘the faculty or act of perceiving, as though visually, with some coincidental truth, some distant scene; it is used sometimes, but hardly properly, for transcendental vision, or the perception of beings regarded as on another plane of existence’.

“Mrs. Henry Sedgwick, a distinguished writer on the subject of psychic phenomena, in one of her reports to the Society for Psychical Research, says: ‘The word clairvoyant is often used very loosely and with widely different meanings. I denote by it a faculty of acquiring supernormally, but not by reading the minds of persons present, a knowledge of facts such as we normally acquire by the use of our senses. I do not limit it to knowledge that would normally be acquired by the sense of sight, nor do I limit it to the knowledge of present facts. A similar knowledge of the past, and if necessary, of future facts may be included. On the other hand, I exclude the mere faculty of seeing apparitions or visions, which is sometimes called clairvoyance.’

“The above definitive explanation of the term clairvoyance agrees with the idea of the best authorities. … I personally accept this definition as both scientific in form, and as agreeing with the facts.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Clairvoyance Means

What clairvoyance means has been better defined since Atkinson and Mrs. Sedgwick wrote their opinions. While the general definition found in major dictionaries such as Merriam-Webster remains vague, and open to interpretation, we now have many other words that help narrow it down. So while Sedgwick says she doesn’t limit clairvoyance to sight, we now have other words for similar abilities that use other senses. Clairaudience is the same ability but through the sense of sound. Clairgustance is the ability to taste something without having to have physical contact with it. So we can limit clairvoyance to a psychic version of sight. While it can still mean seeing things that happened in the past or will happen in the future, it is generally considered to be about the present.

Clairvoyance Examples

While we can certainly find many examples of professional psychics seeming to have clairvoyant experiences, we need to take those with a grain of salt. The simple fact is that while there are real psychics, the vast majority of the professionals are frauds. It is better to look at examples of these psychic abilities happening with people who did not plan for it or expect it.

An example that shows up in the news occasionally is that of a mother suddenly getting a vision of her child being in some kind of trouble. Another would be the homeowner who suddenly sees his house on fire and rushes home to find it is true. If you see a plane crashing and cancel your flight, only to hear later that it does crash, that too is clairvoyance. Continue reading “Clairvoyance: Physical and Spiritual”

mind reading

Mind Reading: We all Do It

“The simple forms of telepathic phenomena have received the name ‘Mind Reading’ and by some have been regarded as something not quite within the class of real telepathy. This last impression has been heightened by the fact that there has been offered the public many spectacular exhibitions of pseudo mind-reading, that is to say, imitation or counterfeit mind reading, in which the result has been obtained by trickery, collusion, or clever artifice. But, notwithstanding this fact, genuine mind-reading is actually a phase of true telepathy. …

“I will remind the student that he will learn more by a half-dozen actual experiments at mind-reading than he will by reading a dozen books on the subject. It is very good to read the books in order to get the correct theory fixed in mind, and also in order to learn the best methods as taught by those who have had a wide experience in the subject; but the real ‘how’ of the matter is learned only through actual experimental work.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Psychic and Spiritual

The first thing I want to clear up before getting into the subject of telepathy is the matter of psychic and spiritual matters. They are not the same thing. That needs to be repeated for many. Psychic is not the same as spiritual. If you look at it as climbing up flights of stairs that represent levels of consciousness, psychic activity is one flight above our normal materialistic state, and spiritual is another flight above that. So we do have to climb up to the psychic level before we reach the spiritual. The problem is that many stop at the psychic level and go no further. This is a mistake. That said, let’s get on with exploring Telepathy.

Telepathic Mind Reading

At the time when Mr. Atkinson was writing his books, telepathy was probably defined a little different than today. The simple definition now, according to Merriam-Webster, is: “communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means”. That would clearly include what is often called mind reading. But as Atkinson points out, it only includes real mind-reading, not the many mind-reading stage acts that are done with trickery.

We All Do It

Many people think that telepathy is either a special talent that a small number of people have. Others think it is something that has to be learned and developed like studying most other subjects. While that is true for conscious mind-reading, the truth is most, if not all, of us, do it subconsciously all the time.

I can’t prove that. I haven’t conducted extensive, scientific experiments on it. But I have seen enough evidence of this subconscious mind-reading to accept that it happens all the time. I have written about this before, but let me repeat just one example.

Have you ever been driving down a quiet country road at night and looking ahead, you see something strange just off the road? Perhaps you see a witch standing there. Or maybe a bear. But when you get closer, you laugh when it see that it is just a rock, bush or tree stump. Have you ever had that happen when there is a lot of traffic on the road? I think the answer is no. I certainly haven’t. And the reason for that is this subconscious telepathy that we do all the time without being aware of it. If there is another car a short distance ahead of us, those in that car see the object first. Once they know exactly what it is, their minds broadcast that information. We pick it up and see the correct object right away. We never see the witch or bear because those other minds told us it is just a tree stump or a rock.

If you can except that all of us are communicating telepathically on a subconscious level, it makes it easier to learn to do it consciously and intentionally.

Beyond Human Mind Reading

But if psychic communication is not spiritual, why bother learning it? One reason has already been mentioned. Because the psychic level of consciousness is the first step towards the spiritual. The other, more important reason, is that we use something similar to mind-reading to communicate with spiritual beings: angels and Light Beings. Although telepathy on the physical level is mind-to-mind communication and communicating with spiritual beings is soul-to-soul, I think learning one helps develop the other. Of course, we don’t want to spend to much time and effort on developing psychic abilities such as mind-reading. That is likely to cause us to take root on that level of consciousness (allegorically speaking), and fail to move on to spiritual levels.

Do it Yourself

Mr. Atkinson is correct in saying that we will learn more about mind-reading by practicing it rather than just reading about it. That idea isn’t limited to mind-reading. In fact, it is true of almost everything. It is definitely true of spiritual development. You can read books that teach techniques for spiritual awakening, but you don’t awaken by reading the books. You don’t gain any significant spiritual knowledge by reading books. You have to practice spiritual techniques. You have to practice until you raise your level of consciousness so high that you connect directly with the source of all truth and knowledge. Then you will learn how inadequate any book is at teaching truth and reality.

psychic vibrations

Psychic Vibrations and the Truth About Manifesting

“The next question asked by the thoughtful new student is this: If persons are constantly sending forth psychic vibrations and if such vibrations persist for some time, why are we not overwhelmed with the force of them; and why are they not all so mixed up as to lose all their effect. I shall now answer this very important question.

“In the first place, though we are constantly affected more or less by the multitude of psychic vibrations beating upon us, still the greater part of them do not consciously impress us. … We are impressed only by the stronger vibrations which reach us, and then only by those which we attract to ourselves, or which prove attractive to us by reason of our own likes and dislikes.

“In the second place, the effect of certain thought vibrations is neutralized by the effect of the vibrations of thoughts of the opposite character. Just as the mixture of black and white produce the neutral color of gray, so do the currents of opposing thought vibrations tend to resolve themselves into neutral vibration which has little or no effect upon those coming in contact with them.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Thoughtful Student

The thoughtful student of a spiritual school should ask questions. In fact, the students of just about any school should ask questions. That is how we get the information that is of most interest to us. It is also one way in which the instructor can judge the effectiveness of his teaching. And the term “Thoughtful Student” does imply that the person is able to think, and not just memorize facts and opinions presented by the teacher.

Psychic Vibrations

One question the thoughtful student should have when reading the quote above is What’s the difference between thoughts and psychic vibrations. The answer is nothing. It’s just that in this section Atkinson wants to emphasize that thoughts have power. They affect other people and the world around us. They even affect animals and plants. So in that sense, they can be called psychic. So psychic vibrations are thoughts, especially directed thoughts.

Directed Thoughts and Manifestation

For at least the last several decades, many writers and motivational speakers have promoted the concept of controlling our world by controlling our thoughts. They create programs and concepts such as Positive Thinking, Visualizing, and manifesting. Manifesting seems to be the currently popular variation.

While I haven’t read the many popular books on the subject of manifestation, I get the concept from discussions in social media groups. Most of those groups are supposed to be spiritual. Somehow, these people think that manifestation is a spiritual “gift”. It is not that manifestation doesn’t work, it is that it is oversimplified to the point of being nonsense.

Directed thought can help us get what we want. But as noted in the above quote, there is a huge catch to it. The catch is that your thoughts are not traveling through a thought vacuum. They are traveling with the thoughts of millions of others.

Let’s look at a simple example. Suppose there are only two people. And in the area where they live, there is an area of fruit trees. They both like to eat the fruit from the trees. Now suppose they are both equal in mental strength. And suppose both are greedy. They each want that grove of fruit trees for themselves. They both practice manifestation exercises. They both send out thought that the grove belongs to them alone. What happens? Nothing. Because their thoughts conflict, they cancel each other out and nothing happens. Now think of similar situations with millions of people sending out conflicting thoughts. That is why manifesting fail for the vast majority who try it. It isn’t because you are doing it wrong.

But there is a way for manifestation to work. First, build up your mental strength and psychic vibrations by taking in more energy. Second, work with a group of others to try to manifest the same thing. And the most powerful of all, try manifesting according to the plan of God. Nothing can make your manifesting efforts more effective than having God and the Angels on your side.

Those We Attract

Atkinson says the psychic vibrations that will affect us are those that are strongest, and those we attract to ourselves. This is a very logical conclusion. Suppose you have two magnets and a piece of iron. Hold one of the magnets to the piece of iron, and they are pulled together with a certain amount of strength. But put the south pole of one magnet close to the north pole of the other, and they are pulled together with a lot more strength. So the thoughts and vibrations you attract will mostly be those you agree with or those you desire.

Here’s where it gets tricky, though. You will also attract to your thoughts and vibrations that agree with your beliefs. It doesn’t matter if those beliefs are true or false, they attract anyway. Therefore, you often find your false beliefs being backed by the thing you attract to you. And true information that conflicts with your beliefs rarely reaches you. So you continue is holding the false belief. That is why most spiritual schools teach that you must develop an open mind and get rid of beliefs for which you have no actual proof.

Group Effort

The most effective way to get manifestation to actually work is to do it as a group effort. It also helps if some members of the group are advanced spiritual adepts. They know how to bring in extra energy from the sun and use it to make their psychic vibration far more powerful than those of the average person. And those people will naturally be following the Will of God, so as already mentioned, that will give them assistance from the spiritual worlds of light. This is a combination that not only works, but it is also unbeatable.

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three bodies

Three Bodies: Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual

“Just as the physical body falls into decay if the etheric body does not keep it together, and as the etheric body sinks into unconsciousness if not illuminated by the astral body, so the astral body would necessarily allow the past to be lost in oblivion unless the ego rescued the past by carrying it over into the present. What death is to the physical body and sleep to the etheric, the power of forgetting is to the astral. We may put this in another way, and say that life is the special characteristic of the etheric body, consciousness that of the astral body, and memory that of the ego.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Three Bodies of Man

Yes, man actually has three bodies. Steiner calls them the physical, etheric, and astral. In Cosolargy, we call them the physical, the psychic, and the spiritual. The names are not that important, it is the fact that we have three bodies and what each one represents that is.

The first thing we have to realize is that because we have three bodies, we function in three different worlds or dimensions. The physical body operates only on the physical level. The psychic body exists on the physical level, but is really only functional on the mental and psychic level of reality. Likewise, the spiritual body is mostly useful in the higher dimensions of spirit. While each body can effect the others, it is primarily a downward movement. A healthy spirit makes the psychic body stronger and healthier. But the health of the psychic body has little affect on the spirit. Similarly, the health of the psychic and spiritual bodies can affect the physical health, yet diseases of the physical body do not contaminate the psychic or spiritual, other than to block access to them.

Physical Body

The physical body is the one all of us are familiar with. Some would say it is the only body we have. Others say simply that it is the most important body and the other two are mere appendages of the physical. Neither of those opinions is correct.

Of the three bodies, the physical is the newest, not the oldest. The physical body descended from the psychic, which descended from the spiritual. The spiritual body is ageless and existed before the others. The Great fall resulted in the generation of the other two.

Nonetheless, the physical body is important. It came into existence to allow us to function in a realm of matter. It is the only body that lets us survive and operate on this level. Yet eventually it will end. This happens usually when it dies. It is also possible that as the world itself transform back into spirit, the physical body will do the same. In either case, the physical body will no longer exist as such once that transition has happened. Continue reading “Three Bodies: Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual”