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Powerless Power in a World of Illusion

“Who on power sets his aim,
First must his own spirit tame;
He must shun his neck to thrust
‘Neath th’ unholy yoke of lust.
For, though India’s far-off land
Bow before his wide command,
Utmost Thule homage pay –
If he cannot drive away
Haunting care and black distress,
In his power, he’s powerless.

“Again, how misleading, how base,a thing ofttimes is glory! Well does the tragic poet exclaim:

‘Oh, fond Repute, how many a time and oft /Hast them raised high in pride the base-born churl!’

For many have won a great name through the mistaken beliefs of the multitude—and what can be imagined more shameful than that? Nay, they who are praised falsely must needs themselves blush at their own praises! And even when praise is won by merit, still, how does it add to the good conscious of the wise man who measures his good not by popular repute, but by the truth of inner conviction?” ~Boethius

Powerless Power

Those who seek and gain power in politics, business, and other material pursuits certainly don’t think they are powerless. Yet in reality, they are. They are like a person who picks up a penny and polishes it, shows it off, is very proud of his penny, but he left gold coins laying in the street. Such is the one who seeks power or fame in the temporary. That famous and “powerful” politician will die one day. Then where will his power be? He will have none. He will find, much to his chagrin, that earthly power is meaningless one the veil is crossed.

The wealthy business person with his bags of money is no better. He measures his success and power by the size of his bank account. He is like the porn star bragging about the size of his penis. When the porn star does, he will not take that penis into the spiritual realms. When the CEO dies, his bank account will stay behind.

So Boethus is correct in saying those types are actually powerless because their power is both illusion and temporary. In the real world of spirit, they have no power.

In some European countries, it was once common to crown a fool as King for a Day and have a parade in his honor. This custom was undoubtedly started by someone wise enough to recognize that the king of temporal powers is always a fool.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t have temporal power and fame, only that we have to realize that it is illusion. We also have to realize that the majority of people make foolish decision all the time, so being a hero of theirs might actually be an insult. Continue reading “Powerless Power in a World of Illusion”

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Spiritual Power to Attract, Influence, and Grow

“There is a spiritual power residing in the soul of man which enables the latter to attract, influence, and change things. If the power of the soul mounts to a certain height she may overpower the elements which hold her in bonds; for that which is above attracts ans subjects that which is blow, and the latter partakes of the changes of the former. Therefore, a man who has rendered himself capable to receive celestial gifts, by making use of the aspirations (functions) of his soul, and employing natural things, may influence another being who is less spiritually strong. …
“The root from which all such effects spring is a strong and decided will supported by the spiritual influence coming from and through the heart.” ~Franz Hartmann

Spiritual Power

There is such a thing as spiritual power. It is, in fact, greater than material power. After all, the spiritual realm is permanent, while the material is temporary. The temporary can never be stronger than the permanent from which is was derived. It may seem like it is for a time, but that is only illusion. In truth, the universe of matter would disintegrate if the spiritual power didn’t hold it together.

Attract and Influence

Hartmann says this spiritual power enables the soul to attract and influence things. As for attracting things, it doesn’t just enable it, it nearly compels it. Like a moth drawn to a light or a flame, the dark beings are drawn to the light. So those who have awakened their soul and filled it with spiritual Light will attract such beings. That is not desirable, but unavoidable. One must therefore take precautions to protect themselves when practicing spiritual growth techniques.

Not only dark beings are attracted by the Light, fortunately. Some who are attracted are seekers, those in whom the light is beginning to awaken. They are naturally drawn to those who have reached a higher level of spiritual growth.

As for influence, this is not a license to control others against their will. That power can be used to draw to the spiritual teacher those he recognizes as potential students. But it should never be used to force anyone to do anything, even if it were possible to o so. Then only exception is for protection of yourself or others. If a nut or radical is pointing a gun at you, you are certainly allowed to compel him to turn away and forget about harming you. Few, however, have sufficient spiritual power to do that. Continue reading “Spiritual Power to Attract, Influence, and Grow”

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Rank and Power, Physical and Spiritual

“Too blest the former age, their life
Who in the fields contented led,
… The grass their wholesome couch , their drink
The stream, their roof the pine’s tall shade;
Not theirs to cleave the deep, nor seek
In strange far lands the spoils of trade.
“What now shall I say of rank and power, whereby, because ye know not true power and dignity, ye hope to reach the sky? Yet, when rank and power have fallen to the worst of men, did ever an Etna, belching forth flame and fiery deluge, work such mischief? … Remember how thine ancestors sought to abolish the consular power on account of the overweening pride of the consuls, and how for that self-same pride the had already abolished the kingly title! … It appears that honor cometh not to virtue from rank, but to rank from virtue.” ~Boethius

Rank and Power

We have come to value worldly rank and power far more than we should. We think if someone has a title like congressman, president, prince, etc., that they are better than us average folk and should be listened to and trusted. For some strange reason, we even grant the same sort of deference to actors, singers and sports heroes. Simply because someone is a good baseball player doesn’t mean he knows how to give financial advice. Just because someone gets an academy award for acting, doesn’t mean their political knowledge of judgments are any better than yours.

More importantly, those who have rank and power in the physical world, do not have any real rank or power. Real rank and power is permanent, and that means its spiritual. Every angel outranks and out powers a president, dictator, or emperor, because the angel is permanent. Those who have their power in the physical world only have it for a brief time. They lose those powers when they die, if not sooner. But the spiritual being don’t die, so their rank and power is eternal.

There are those who argue over whether it is better to be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond. What most of them are missing is that the entire physical universe is a small pond compared with the eternal vastness of the spiritual. Continue reading “Rank and Power, Physical and Spiritual”

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Superior Powers and the Harmony of Nature

“There is such a great harmony and unity in nature that every superior power sends its rays through intermediary links down to the lowest, and the most inferior thing may rise up through the scale to the highest. Thus the lowest is connected with the highest comparable to a string of a musical instrument, which vibrates in its whole length if touched at one end. If the lower is acted on it reacts upon the higher. …
“The hidden powers may accomplish a great deal, because they are the properties of the form to which they belong; but the elementary (mechanical or physical) forces, being material, require a great deal of matter to produce great effects upon matter.” ~Cornelius Agrippa

Harmony in Nature

Many would disagree with Agrippa regarding the harmony of nature, and rightfully so. When we look around us, we don’t see a great deal of harmony. We see creature killing creature for food. There are men fighting wars for foolish reasons. We see hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Yet if we look at nature as a total, there is a great deal of harmony to it. It has structure and rules. It is not random, as some claim. If nature were random, a chicken could give birth to a crocodile, and a frog could suddenly began flying. But nature isn’t random, though it isn’t completely harmonious either.

If you consider that Agippa may have been including the spiritual worlds as part of what he called “nature,” it makes more sense to call it harmonious. And the higher the level, the more perfect and harmonious it is. Which is why the idea that a person could climb to the highers level called Heaven simply by dropping dead is nonsense.

Superior Powers Sending Rays Down

It is an intriguing choice of words Agrippa used here. The superior powers, by which he must mean the Angels, the Beings of Light, and God Himself, sends their “rays” through intermediaries down to the lowest levels of reality.

First, he is telling us indirectly that the power (grace) that comes from those superior powers is a form of Light. What else travels in rays? Second, the need for these rays to travel downwards through intermediaries tells us that the complete universe has many levels, many dimensions. That, of course, is true. The levels of matter are at the low end, while the spiritual levels are higher. If you prefer, you can think of it like the layers of an onion. The material world is the center layers, and the spiritual is the outer ones. Continue reading “Superior Powers and the Harmony of Nature”