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Creation and Destruction, Positive and Negative

“In true Gnostic fashion, the alchemists were aware that the capacity for creation and the capacity for destruction were very finely balanced – nowhere more so than in themselves. Whoever held the secret of life had a power for evil that was as great as his power for good. These were the men who ultimately understood the symbolism of the prime rule of alchemy: use only one vessel, one fire and one instrument, which is the self. Through their work they were aware of the Power of their own Being. They knew the characteristics of the Secret Fire, the serpent power that moves upward in spirals and of the great primitive force hidden in all matter both organic and inorganic.” ~Bernard Simon

Creation and Destruction

Many believe that creation and destruction go hand-in-hand. That you cannot create a new thing without destroying something else. That is not true. Real creation doesn’t destroy. Carving a statue out of rock is not creation or destruction. It is modification. The shape of the rock was changed, but noting really new was created.

On the other hand, chopping down trees to make room for houses or farms is destruction because you are replacing something living with something dead. Even if the wood from those trees is used to build the houses, you have destroyed living trees to make something artificial. That is destruction, not creation. True creation gives you something where there was previously nothing except energy.

Finely Balanced

Something many don’t understand is that natural energy, even spiritual energy, is neutral. It isn’t good or evil. The good or evil part depends on how you use that energy. If you take in that energy, and send it out to other full of thoughts of peace, love, and harmony, you are making it positive energy. But you can just as easily send forth that same energy embedded with thoughts of hate, fear, and prejudice and it will be a negative influence on those receiving it.

The Story of Two Wolves

Those energies and feelings within us may be “finely balanced” but we can choose which to use and which not to use. As the old Native American saying goes, we decide whether we will be like the good wolf or the bad wold by which one we choose to feed. As we continue to evolve, we will eventually rid ourselves of that dark side. Until then, we must be careful not to let it take control. Creation and destruction may walk hand in hand in the material world, but that can be corrected. Continue reading “Creation and Destruction, Positive and Negative”

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Hateful or Evil Thought and Countering It

“You can only oppose successfully the hatred or evil thought of others by throwing out toward it the thought of good-will. Good-will as a thought element is more powerful than the thought of hatred. It can turn it aside. … The Christ precept, ‘Do good to them that hate you,’ is is based on a scientific law. It means that thoughts are things, and that the thought of good can always overpower that of evil. … The fact that all thought, all emotion, all of what is called sentiment, or qualities such as mercy, patience, love, etc., are elements as real as any we see, is the cornerstone to the scientific basis of religion.” ~Prentice Mulford

Hateful or Evil Thought

Before you can deal with hateful or evil thought, you have to know what they are. In some cases it is obvious. If a person is thinking that he wants another person to be dead, or worse yet, wants to kill him, those thoughts are obviously hateful and evil. But some thoughts of hate and evil are of a gentler sort, yet can still have effect.

A person who is not one of the smartest in the world, might improve over time if given a chance. But if everyone around him keeps thinking he is not very smart, it makes it nearly impossible for him to improve. Likewise, if an overweight person has friends and relatives who think, “He is fat, he ill always be fat, he can’t change that.” They are sending out powerful energies that keep their friend from getting control of his weight.

Thoughts of Good-will

The good news for those of us trapped in some type of evil though cage like those mentioned above can be helped by others as easily as they can be hindered. If a kind person thinks that the guy who isn’t very bright can and will improve, he sends toward him energies that helps him break out of the hateful cage he is trapped in.

If good-will thoughts are sent to the overweight guy, he too can be broken out of his cage. The ones with irrational fears can have those pushed aside with the help of friends. Good-will thoughts can help us succeed in almost anything. And they don’t have to be very specific. Just sending out general thoughts of success, patience, and love can help. Continue reading “Hateful or Evil Thought and Countering It”

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New Perception of the Spiritual Adept

“The clairvoyant can at this stage perceive things which are almost or entirely withheld from the senses. He can, for instance, tell the astral difference between a room full of low or of high-minded people. Not only the physical but also the spiritual atmosphere of a hospital differs from that of a ballroom. A commercial town has a different astral air than a university town. In the initial stages of clairvoyance this perception faculty is but slightly developed. … It will, however, become fully awakened. … The highest achievement of a clairvoyant who has attained the degree of vision described above is that of which the astral counter-effects of animal and human impulses are revealed to him.” ~Rudolf Steiner

A New Perception

If you replace the word “clairvoyant” with “spiritual student” or “spiritual adept” in the above quote, the meaning remains the same, as does it’s truth. Just becoming a spiritual student means that one has started to question the reality of that which most people think is the only reality. It is also true that many who become spiritual students, and most who are candidates for such training, have displayed some limited degree of that New Perception Steiner is talking about.

Perception of Place

Steiner is correct in saying that we can feel different vibes in different places. That ability improves with spiritual training. It is one reason why spiritual gurus tend to avoid crowded places unless it is a crowd of their followers.

Mr. Steiner chose two interesting locations to compare. You might at first think that the hospital would have the higher vibrations as it is a place of healing while the ballroom is a place of frivolous time-wasting. On the other hand, the hospital is also a place where many die and there is much sadness while the ballroom is full of joy and happy thoughts (for the most part). Continue reading “New Perception of the Spiritual Adept”

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Thought Echoes Control the World we Live In

“The first thing that Love requires is this: When you meet someone, find at least one lofty trait in his character for which you can love him.
“Think good for others! When a man thinks good for others, he thinks good for himself.
“The echo of every thought of yours will come back to you. You will here it one day. If you keep in your mind the bad energy about somebody, it will make an imprint in your brain and you will resemble that man. To keep people’s good traits in your mind and not criticize anyone is a sure method for developing Love. …
“That which you love in man is the inner, the invisible thing. That thing is the real thing. … Divine Love is love toward the man himself.” ~Beinsa Douno

Thought Echoes

Yes, all thoughts echo back to us and have an effect on us. The also echo to others and have an effect on them. Likewise, their thoughts echo off us and effect us. To a certain degree, the spiritual adept can learn to block many negative thoughts. Most of us can only counter them with positive ones.

Find Love

It is easy to dislike another person for one reason or another. Perhaps he belongs to the wrong political party. Maybe she goes to the “wrong” church. It may be something more specific to that person. Maybe he gets drunk regularly. Or she refuses to let pets live in the house. Or he wears brown shoes with black slacks. You can find many reasons to dislike another person if you look for them.

What many of us refuse to do is look at that same person and find something to like about. Yes, he belongs to the wrong political party, buts he’s a good father to his children. Sure, she is feeding her family junk food that you would never eat, but at least she gets them to sit down to dinner together. If you try, you can find something to like about every person. And if you can find a reason to like the you can also love them as a fellow human being, flawed but trying to do well.

Biensa Douno says that what we really need to do, however, is go beyond the superficial material man, and look at the spirit and soul. That is true, but perhaps even harder for those not yest spiritually developed at all. Still, it is what we should all try to do. We need to remember that the soul is worthy of our love, even if the body and mind isn’t. But as was already said, you can find something to like about everyone, even on the physical and mental levels. Continue reading “Thought Echoes Control the World we Live In”