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Random Thoughts 6-7-2015

Congratulations to those who fought so hard to get the tax law changed in Nevada so that our sanctuary will no longer be taxed. This change also means that other churches will no longer pay taxes on properties used only for religious purposes.


When will people learn that having the right to do something doesn’t necessarily mean that doing so is right. I may have the right to stand on a street corner and make rude remarks about fat people, but it’s still not right to do so. And as for those who say that only Muslims attack and kill people for saying things they don’t like, I suggest you invest in a history book or two paying particular attention to the Christian Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. I do wonder how many of these rabble-rousers are secretly being finances by the super wealthy like the Koch brothers because pitting groups of poor against each others keeps them from turning on the greedy who are the real cause of many of their problems.


I came across something extremely rare yesterday: a Republican who isn’t running for president.


National donut day? Really? What next, a national fart day?


I’m getting ready for Northern Nevada Gay Pride already. I’ve got a new rainbow tank top, I’ve ordered a rainbow bracelet and I have rainbow lollypops to hand out at our booth. The event is on July 25th.


My new book continues to sell, although slowly. I hope it will pick up soon. I really think I have put a lot of useful information in this book so it’s not just about losing weight, but more about having a healthy lifestyle that can benefit anyone. See my book page for more information on my books.



“The eye with which I see God is the same as that with which He sees me. My eye and the eye of God are one eye, one vision, one knowledge, one love.” ~Meister Eckhart



A recent scientific study of DNA samples found in New York City’s subway system found that almost half of the samples belonged to no known species.

A man in China collapsed after playing online games for 14 straight days.  After paramedics revived him, he begged to be allowed to go back to his playing.

A man in Nigeria was arrested after he used his pet baboon to frighten a man leaving a bank into dropping his money and running off, after which the took the money.

A man in Australia tried to feed a mouse to his pet python by holding the mouse in barbecue tongs. The snake swallowed the tongs along with the mouse and had to have surgery to remove them.

A man in Boston, with $7,000 dollars on him, was arrested for sneaking onto the subway without paying the $2.10 fare.

New thought, opinions, thought power, impassioned images

Random Thoughts 5-3-2015

This year is now one-forth over and I, as well as others, think this is going to be a good one for spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment, or cosmic consciousness if you prefer. That’s the good news. The bad news is that some people may have to be smacked upside the head to get them to wake up and that may mean more disasters like the terrible earthquake that happened recently in Nepal.


How80CovereBookMy newest book is now available in eBook form on Amazon and will soon be available in paperback on Amazon and Create Space. Click the picture to go to the Amazon page.


Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Catherine on the birth of their daughter.


I read that the tech-toy-of-the-week, the Apple watch, may not work properly on people who have tattoos on their wrist. Really, I couldn’t make that up. SAO the young tech-savvy folks who are into tattoos and tech toys may have to choose one or the other. Who do you think will win?

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Random Thoughts 4-5-2015

A couple in Texas, two of those safe, law-abiding, responsible gun owners the ARA is always preaching about, won a vast fortune of $500 in a lottery. They got into an argument over it, and shot each other to death. The wonderful protection of guns. I guess we should at least be thankful that they shot each other and not innocent bystanders.



“Jurvetson Google driverless car trimmed” by Flckr user jurvetson (Steve Jurvetson). Trimmed and retouched with PS9 by Mariordo

I hadn’t really thought of it before, but when watching another news story this week about self-driving cars, it dawned on me that they could be a real boon to the elderly. When we get to the point where our reflexes are slow and our eyesight too bad to drive, we usually have to rely on others to take us around, or foolishly drive anyway until we have a serious accident (NOT recommended!). With a self-driving car, we could let the car take us around without having to worry about our reflexes or eyesight. I have not heard anyone mention this in the talks about these vehicles.


It really is horrible that an airline co-pilot crashed a plane with 150 on board, but if that bothers us, why do we ignore that cigarette makers are killing over 10,000 a day?


I’m happy to see that states are backing off on Religious Freedom laws that were not about freedom at all but about certain favored churches being allowed to discriminate. We can thank the big corporations and sports organizations who pushed them on this.


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Random Thoughts 3-8-2015

The reason we have the expression “mad as a hatter” is because old world hatters a few centuries ago often did go “mad”, from mercury poisoning because mercury was used in making felt hats. Only in the last few decades have we recognized the dangers of mercury. Many houses still have lead paint on them and asbestos insulation that were both considered safe a few decades ago. And it took about a century to prove that cigarette smoking causes many health problems. While the anti-vaccine camp may be exaggerating the dangers, the pro-vaccine types are very much underplaying them. It may be that only one in 500 develop obvious problems after being vaccinating,  but you wouldn’t think that is acceptable if that one child was yours. And for every child that has obvious developmental problems after taking vaccines, there are probably many others with a much milder, yet very real reaction: a slightly reduced IQ, a reduced ability to learn, a tendency towards violent overreaction, etc. While many people seem to have taking firm positions on this on both sides, I think the jury is still out and those who believe in natural healing and health should not be forced by the drug addicts to take their drugs any more than the drug lovers should be forced to quit their methods.


Benjamin Netanyahu can’t negotiate peace between Israel and the Palestinians, between Israel and Iran, between Israel and any of it’s neighbors, but He’s going to come to this country and advise our president on how to negotiate with Iran in a public campaign speech rather that a private meeting. Yea, that makes sense.

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