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Random Thoughts 9-20-2015

Fate hands Donald Trump a golden opportunity to prove he is presidential, and he fails. On the other hand, if he called out the lies in the statements of the Islamophobe, he would probably be deserted by half of his current following.


I’m glad they have identified the little girl known as “baby Doe” and arrested her mother and the mother’s boyfriend. I certainly hope this isn’t going to be one of those cases where either the mother killed the child in order to keep the boyfriend or the boyfriend killed the child and told the mother to keep quiet about it. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 9-20-2015”

New thought, opinions, thought power, impassioned images

Random Thoughts 8-23-2015

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump or Jeb Bush, but I really don’t get the fuss of their use of the expression “anchor babies”. They didn’t invent the term, but it is a common one so until someone can offer a better one, they don’t have much choice.


It’s curious how Republicans who consider the constitution holy writ, never to be questioned or violated, are the ones who most often suggest changing it. First, they wanted to add an amendment a few years ago to make same-sex marriage illegal in all states (they failed on that one, fortunately) now we have at least one candidate who wants to rewrite the fourteenth amendment and millions who are agreeing with him. I guess it’s only holy writ if you agree with it.


Why is it the media can’t shut up about a black teenager getting shot by a police officer for months after it happens, but few even bothered to mention this week that a two-year-old child picked up his father’s loaded gun and shot dad dead? I guess none of the media is willing to take on the NRA. And this isn’t the first one. Dozens of similar incidents happen each year and are almost always ignored by the national media. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 8-23-2015”

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Random Thoughts 8-2-2015

I noticed several weeks ago that I had some readers in Russia and posted a greeting for them. I have also noticed that I get regular reads from some people in Germany so here is one for them:

haben Sie einen guten Tag


Heidelberg, Germany

I was in Germany (Heidelberg, to be specific) from 1976 to 1978. I liked visiting the old castles, going Volksmarching and, of course, the German beer.

I am glad that some wreckage from flight 370 is finally turning up. This may help in figuring out what really happened, or at least eliminate some of the wildest theories like it was carried off by a flying saucer or flew through a time barrier into another time. I can understand how some will continue to cling to the hope that relatives that were on that flight are alive somewhere, yet it does show how deeply we have sank into materialism and are overly concerned about the survival of the physical body, often to the detriment of our spirit.

CecilLionI am also glad that so many people have turned against the dentist who shot Cecil the lion. I am not buying his story that he relied on his guides to tell him if he was doing anything illegal. He referred to his hunting activities as “responsible and legal” in an early statement. A responsible hunter hires reputable guides and learns the laws and regulations of the place where he is hunting. Actually, a responsible “hunter” these days used a camera and leaves the guns at home. At least he won’t get the sick trophies he wanted. The head and skin of Cecil were confiscated by the Zimbabwe police. I think it is also a safe bet that this A-holes dental office will be permanently closed. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 8-2-2015”

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Random Thoughts 6-28-2015

ConfedFlagNotTo me, the ruling by the Supreme Court on GayFlaggay marriage is about more than marriage, it’s about recognizing gay people as real people with the same rights as other people. And it happened in the same week when people are pushing to get the Confederate Flag removed from state buildings and other public places. It was just not a good week for bigots. Anyone care to guess how many millions they will spend in the next few years to try and make progress go away?


Bristol Palin has proudly announced that she, being totally heterosexual, is pregnant again. And she thinks she knows who the father is!


A lot of people are writing about Twitter and what to do about it’s fading away. I haven’t heard any of them say why most older people, especially writers and those with an education, don’t like Twitter. It’s because of their strongly encouraging people to speak in gibberish with no punctuation because it take up those very limited spaces allowed. It’s curios that when the average novel length is over 400 pages, the Twits are insisting on one line communication “cuz we all need to get dumber and dumber,” right?


I have to laugh at this one. Scientists trying to study sea stars (erroneously called starfish) have been finding it difficult. It seems that if you insert one of those tiny tracking chips into one of the critters, within a day or two its body pushes it out and discards it. Apparently, they don’t like to be spied on.


So after just about everyone shared the story about a rat in a bucket of KFC chicken and commented on the horror of it all, it turns out it was just an odd shaped piece of chicken that someone thought resembled a rat and then the brilliance of the internet took over.



When we transcend ourselves and become in our ascent toward God so simple that the bare supreme Love can lay hold of us, then we cease, and we and all our selfhood die in God. And in his death we become the hidden children of God, and find a new life within us.” ~Jan van Ruysbroeck



Robot vs Row Butt. Don’t get them confused.




Row Butt