Subdue Your Inner Caveman

“There was once a king of Israel who subdued cave-dwellers and other barbarian tribes by using the psalms and music of David. You too have barbarian cave-dwellers living within you: the demons who have gained admittance to your senses and limbs, who torment and inflame your flesh. Because of them lust is in your eyes when you look at all things; as you listen or use your sense of smell, passion dominates you; … you are full of turmoil inwardly and outwardly, like the city of Babylon. … You too must destroy the cave-dwellers who work within you.” ~The Philokalia

Primitive manMusic, poetry, reading good books, especially spiritual ones, are all good ways to subdue the demons within. Other useful tools in this area include incense, crystals and gems, and scented oils. Of course, just as the good ones can help, ad choices can make things worse. We know that certain types of music can be soothing and lift our vibrations, but other music and sounds can excite, induce anger, and promote violence and materialism, so you can’t just play any music and expect it to quite the demons within. Some recent research indicates that the mysterious stones of Stonehenge may have been acoustically tuned so they could be struck like a drum or gong during spiritual services to create consciousness-raising sounds. Likewise, reading poetry by very spiritual poets like Gibran, Rami, or Blake can be an aid to spiritual growth, while reading poetry from more materialistic poets won’t work the same magic. Continue reading “Subdue Your Inner Caveman”

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Random Thoughts 3-15-15

BigBug-LobsterScorpionWe all enjoyed the big bug movies of the 1950’s and 1960’s (either at the theater if your an oldie like me, or on TV) but thought the idea of giant bug creatures more than a little lacking in Science. This recently discovered seven-foot big bug that is kind of a cross between a lobster and a centipede says otherwise.


A fellow Cosolargy member, Robert Petrovich, has written a chapbook on The Fall, that isTalesFall001 the story of how we fell from spiritual beings to material ones, and how it relates to both religious and scientific stories of the creation of the physical universe. It is currently available only in a limited edition printed form (paperback). If you are interested in buying this book, send a comment and I will forward it to Mr. Petrovich.


Here’s an interesting theory: what if the super greedy folks like the Koch brothers and Shel Adelson are actually a type of black hole that can’t help but suck up everything that get near them and claim it as their property? And what happens when a black hole has sucked up all the matter within range?

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Random Thoughts 1-11-2015

There is a story in the news of a seven-year-old girl who survived a plane crash that the rest of her family died in. She managed to free herself from the wreck and make her way to one of a very few occupied houses in the area. Everyone is talking about this as a miracle and can’t understand how she had the presence to stay calm under the situation and find her way to help. While the term miracle is not misused, this is not as surprising to those of us involved in spiritual enlightenment as it is to the materialists. We know that we all have great powers buried within us that an be awaken by working towards it, or by a traumatic event as happened with this girl.


Another attack by Islamic terrorists, this time in France against a French magazine that has posted cartoons considered sacrilege by some in this faith. It is really sad that no matter how many times they are proven wrong, terrorists keep thinking they can force their warped beliefs on other through violence. Although I do think it is inappropriate to poke fun at anyone religious beliefs, killing people is not the answer, especially when the individuals killed are not directly responsible for the offense. And the many peaceful and responsible Muslims in the world need to strongly condemn this type of behavior or more and more people will start to believe that they secretly approve.


Just a gentle reminder that I have eBooks available on Amazon. Go to my “Book, etc.” page for details.


Is anyone really surprised that one of the first things the new congress tried to do is cut funding for disabled people on Social Security?

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Random Thoughts 12-21-2014

The new atrocity of killing over one hundred children in a school causes me to wonder why the people of Pakistan don’t rise up in mass and run the Taliban out of the country. They may be well armed, but they are still, I believe, a small minority.


I was happy to hear this weak that a recent study shows that smoking, drinking and taking drugs are all on the decline among teens in this country. One does have to wonder what they are doing instead, of course, but I don’t think is in anything worse than those things. Some of may simply be due to the rising cost of such things, but teens are notorious for not being concerned about cost. Hopefully, it is an increased concern for health and healthy living that is behind it.


I don’t understand how some people are saying the decision by Sony to cancel a movie because of the cyber terrorism of North Korea was a cyber war loss by the United states. First, Sony is a private corporation, not a branch of the government, and second, it’s Japanese, not American, so if a government lost this war it is Japan’s. While Sony’s decision is certainly understandable, it does set a dangerous precedent. Will the reporters in the news media now be afraid to say anything negative about North Korea for fear of cyber attacks? Continue reading “Random Thoughts 12-21-2014”