Prepare for the Future


“It is our business to prepare, so far as we may, a favorable atmosphere and environment for the children who will make the future; and this environment is not anything mysterious, it is simply ourselves. The men and women who are now coming to maturity, still supple to experience and capable of enthusiastic and disinterested choice—that is, of surrender in the noblest sense—will have great opportunities of influencing those who are younger than themselves. The torch is being offered to them; and it is of vital importance to the unborn future that they should grasp and hand it on, without worrying about whether your fingers are going to get burned. …

“I do not speak here of fantastic dreams about Utopias, or of the colored pictures of the apocalyptic imagination; but of a concrete genuine possibility, at which clear-sighted persons have hinted again and again.” ~Evelyn Underhill


If you say a person standing at an old railroad passenger station, suitcase beside him, waiting for a train when there hasn’t been one on this track for fifty years, you would rightfully question his sanity. Maybe, if he bought the old depot, rebuilt and modernized it, and convinced Amtrak to start going there, it would be fine, but not if he is just standing there at the old station hoping for change. Continue reading “Prepare for the Future”