Pilgrimage of Enlightenment

Pilgrimage: A Quest for Enlightenment

“The pilgrimage idea, the outgoing quest, appears in mystical literature under two different aspects. One is the search for the ‘Hidden Treasure which desires to be found.’ Such is the ‘Quest of the Grail’ when regarded in its mystic aspect as an allegory of the adventures of the soul. The other is the long, hard journey towards a known and definite goal or state. Such are Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ and Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’; each in their manner faithful descriptions of the Mystic Way. The goal of the quest—the Empyrean of Dante, the Beatific Vision of fulfillment of love—is often called Jerusalem by the Christian mystics; natural enough since that city was for the medieval mid the supreme end of pilgrimage.” ~Evelyn Underhill

The Pilgrimage

Actually, I don’t think many modern seekers of wisdom and enlightenment think of themselves as pilgrims. They think of it more as students learning lessons rather than travelers on a journey. They understand that the mystic’s ‘journey’ is not one of moving from one physical place to another, but rather one of moving from one state-of-mind to another, from one condition of spirit and soul to another. It is a spiritual kind of self-improvement where done properly, one looks within as well as without. Still, the concept of the pilgrim makes a good allegory or metaphor for this “journey”. Continue reading “Pilgrimage: A Quest for Enlightenment”