path to immortality

Path to Immortality is Hard to Find and Difficult

“The Path to Immortality is hard, and only a few find it. The rest await the Great Day when the wheels of the universe shall be stopped and the immortal sparks shall escape from the sheaths of substance. Woe unto those who wait, for they must return again, unconscious and unknowing, to the seed ground of stars, and await a new beginning. Those who are saved by the light of the mystery which I have revealed unto you, O Hermes, and which I now bid you to establish among men, shall return again to the father who dwelleth in the White Light, and shall deliver themselves up to the Light and shall be absorbed into the Light, and in the Light they shall becomes Powers in God. This is the way of Good and is revealed only to them that have wisdom.

“Blessed art thou, O Son of Light, to whom of all men, I, Poimandres, the Light of the world, have revealed myself. I order you to go forth, to become as a guide to those who wander in darkness, that all men within who dwells the spirit of My Mind (The Universal Mind) may be saved by My Mind in you, which shall call forth My Mind in them. Establish my Mysteries and they shall not fail from the earth.” ~Manly P. Hall

Path to Immortality

Considering how much time and money people spend on various products and methods to slow down the process of aging, you would think they would be pursuing immortality by the millions. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, at least not in any real sense. Yes, there are many millions of people who belong to churches that tell them they have joined the immortals just by joining that church. Now there are also many spiritual groups and schools that teach the same nonsense. “We are all immortal,” they claim. While they are not entirely wrong, they are not correct in this teaching either.

The basic idea of such a philosophy is that we need to make no effort whatsoever to become an immortal. If that were true, the great mystery schools of the past would never have existed. Why be moral, why be loving, why be kind, if everyone will achieve immortality anyway? But as already said, this is simply not true.

In recent decades, television has even made a joke of the concept of immortals. They created various shows about immortals that are, in fact, not immortal at all. They might live for several hundred years, or they might live for an indefinite period of time provided certain things don’t occur that can kill them. Continue reading “Path to Immortality is Hard to Find and Difficult”

last sun

Last Sun and the First Sun


“On the Last Sun of All

“Go out one night in the open, and turn your glance towards that space far, far away – towards those bright stars! This is the great future, waiting for you. There you can find all those great libraries, there lies hidden the great knowledge. These are cultures and cultures, and still more cultures; these are beings, hierarchies. You shall cross all of these far and wide; and after you live 100 million years in each solar system (having in mind that there are 100 million solar systems in our Universe), in the end of times, when we meet someday, you will tell Me about all those excursions you have made, and I will listen with greatest attention to all those magnificent things you will tell Me. Only then we shall understand each other.

“After you cross 100 million solar systems far and wide, you will come to Me, already matured with the experience and the Spirit of Wisdom. And then I will be on the last sun of all, and I shall summon you. And we shall look at each other with the glance of the Truth, and I shall reveal My Non-Created Face before you. Then you shall come to know the deepest Mystery of Life. Until then, I shall be waiting for you – this is My decision. Keep walking along the greatest Way of all – the Way of Discipleship.” ~Biensa Douno

The Last Sun

It is true that the stars are suns also, or it might be better to say the sun is just a star, much like any other star. And if you read this blog regularly, you know that I often quote from Douno on the importance of the Sun, observing the sunrise, and sun-gazing in general. So I am somewhat surprised that he is advising people to go out at night and look to the stars. But what he is talking about here is quite different than practicing spiritual sun gazing. He is not telling anyone to look at the stars, to take energy from the stars. That would be like telling someone to warm up with the flame of a match when there is a bonfire nearby. While the match might help warm your hands, the bonfire will do it better and faster. Likewise, the sun, being much closer to us than any other star, is sending far more transforming spiritual energy toward us than all the other stars together. What’s more is that since it is our sun, it is attuned to our frequencies and our needs. So turn to the first sun, our own sun, before you worry about the Last Sun somewhere far down the path. Continue reading “Last Sun and the First Sun”

the path

The Path of Truth and Joy

“”O thou that lovest, wouldst thou know
The path wherein thy feet should go?”
”Yea, teach it, Lord, to me.”
Through drear repentance leads the way,
And the shame of sin confessed—
And when thou hast trod on the world’s display,
And on the devil’s behest,
And on the flesh in its haughty pride,
And on thy helpless will,
That holds the soul of the chosen bride
In bonds and slavery still,
And when the enemy conquered lies,
And weary art thou and athirst—
Then to Him whom thou lovest lift thine eyes,
To Him who loved thee first.” Then shall He speak and say—
I hear a voice that calleth amain,
A voice of love and tears;
I have wooed, and I have listened in vain Through long, long years—
And it speaks to-day.
My heart is troubled, and I must haste To the sad sweet voice across the waste.”
. . . . . . .
And in the morning, when the dew is sweet,
She hears the gentle music of His feet— She hears Him speak and say,
I heard thy voice.”
The glorious One draws nigh;”
“Amidst the dew when all the woods rejoice
With gladsome melody.
And she arrays herself in fair attire,
In raiment of a bride;
Her mantle is the holy judgment fire
Wherein the gold is tried.
Of meek humility her stole is spun, Her robe is white as snow,
For unto Him, the High and Holy One,
She fain would go.
And thus she passeth through the forest dim,
Where holy people dwell,
And day and night, with dance and song and hymn,
Their gladness tell;
With solemn dance of praise that knows no end,
Hands linked with other hands of ancient years;
The mighty faith of Abraham His friend,
The longing of His seers;
The chaste humility of her who bore God’s blessed Son;
And all the victories that in days of yore
His saints have won—
These join in dance attuned to glorious song
And move in cadence sweet,
And multiplied as ages pass along
Are those rejoicing feet.” ~Matilda of Magdeburg

The Path

Matilda starts her poem by asking God to show her The Path. This is not a path to her home or a path through a forest. By The Path, she means the path of spiritual awakening and the path of spiritual enlightenment. This is something that many who call themselves spiritual these days don’t believe in. When false teachers are questioned about why the path they teach is so different from that taught by the ancient mystery schools, they will usually answer that there are many paths and we must each follow our own path. This idea has caught on with many, especially those who don’t like being told what to do. But it is a false teaching. Yes, it is possible to reach enlightenment by more than the tried-and-true path, but the direct path that is known to work is always the best. If you are in Paris, France, and you wish to go to Rome, you can head off in many directions, but if you head north or east it will take you forever to get there. It is best to head in the right direction. That is why smart spiritual students like Matilda ask to be shown the correct path, the one that is known to work. Continue reading “The Path of Truth and Joy”


Sojourner Soul and The Spiritual Quest

“So long as the soul advances from strength to strength and from glory to glory, that is, so long as it advances from one degree of virtue to a greater degree and from one level of spiritual knowledge to a higher level, it remains a ‘sojourner,’ one who has no permanent home, as in the saying, ‘My soul has ling been a sojourner’. For great is the distance and many are the levels of knowledge through which the soul must pass before it reaches the place of the miraculous tabernacle, the house of God itself, with the voice of exultation and thanksgiving. …

“The place of the miraculous tabernacle is a dispassionate and untroubled state of virtue in which the Logos of God adorns the soul like a tabernacle with the varied beauties of the virtues. ‘The house of God’ is spiritual knowledge compounded of many different forms of contemplation when God dwells in a soul filling it from the bowl of wisdom. ‘Exultation’ is the soul’s leap of joy at the riches of the virtues. ‘Thanksgiving’ is gratitude for for the bountiful outpouring of wisdom.” ~The Philokalia

Sojourner Soul

Yes, it is good and proper for the soul and mind to travel from strength to strength, level to level. This has nothing to do with physical travel. We need not visit earthly locations said to be spiritual or holy. This is spiritual travel into higher dimensions of being.

We are all starting from different places and we all move at different speeds. The important thing, as the quote reminds us, it that we keep moving forward, learning more, and becoming more completely spiritual.

In the business world, they say that one year of experience repeated ten times is not the same as ten years of experience. What that means is that if you stopped learning after one year, you only really have one year of experience, no matter how long you have been on the job.

Sadly, there are many who complete what is essentially the spiritual equivalent of first grade, then stop learning. They believe that they have already learned everything there is to learn for complete spiritual development. Even sadder, there are spiritual writers and gurus, more interested in money than in truly helping students, who promote this idea because it is what the students want to hear. They get instant meals, instant clothes, so they want instant spiritual development. What they are really doing is anchoring themselves at the first or second road stop on a much longer journey. The one who succeeds is the constant sojourner.

Many Levels

I highlighted a line in the quote to emphasize its importance. The spiritual journey is one of great distance through many levels. It is not a quick trip to the country for a weekend. It is and must be, a lifetime commitment. The truth is, very few individuals reach the highest level while still living in a physical form. Fortunately, the journey continues even after we have abandoned the temporary shell of a physical body. The sojourner continues to move forward as a spirit. Rest in Peace usually doesn’t happen to even the more advanced spiritual people until many years after physical death. The spiritual journey continues up level after level.

What is called in the quote Levels, is what we call in our modern world dimensions. The complete universe consists of nine primary dimensions. We live in physical form on the third. Some spiritual schools talk a lot about trying to reach the fifth dimension. That is certainly a good goal, a great step forward. But even when you get there, you still have five more to go. Don’t stop being a spiritual sojourner too soon.

House of God

The highest dimension, which is called the House of God in the quote, is every bit as great as the writer describes it, and more. It is the place where we unite with the One, where we become whole again. It is the place of ultimate knowledge and wisdom, that wisdom and knowledge that the Gnostics called Gnosis.

Don’t think that you have to permanently attain that level to achieve gnosis. The true spiritual sojourner is fortunate enough to often have quick glimpses of dimension one or two levels higher than where he is. This is what has made it possible for a few to grasp some of that wisdom and bring it back to the third dimension with them. These are the spiritual sojourners who become great prophets, gurus, or religious leaders. But if you ever speak to one of these advanced sojourners, they will tell you the journey is never over, keep moving forward. Being a spiritual sojourner is a dedication, not a hobby or a fad.