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Spiritual Schools and Occult Brotherhoods

“There are a number of Occult Brotherhoods, of varying degrees of advancement, scattered throughout the various countries of the earth. Theses brotherhoods agree in principle with the Yogi Teachings, although the methods of interpretation may vary somewhat. … These Occult Brotherhoods vary in their nature. In some, the members are grouped together in retired portions of the earth, dwelling in community life. In others the headquarters are in some large cities of the earth. Other have … members scattered all over the face of the earth, the communication being kept up by personal correspondence and privately printed and circulated literature. Admission to these true Occult Brotherhoods is difficult. … They seek to impart information and instruction only to those who are prepared to receive it—to those who have reached that stage of spiritual unfoldment that will enable them to grasp and assimilate the teachings of the inner Circles.” ~William Walker Atkinson

I would prefer to call these groups Mystery Schools, Mystical Schools, or Spiritual Schools rather than Occult since that name is often associated today with black magic and Satanism, but otherwise I can agree with what Mr. Atkinson says about such schools (he says a lot more, but I didn’t want to quote 500 words). Continue reading “Spiritual Schools and Occult Brotherhoods”


Mystic Plus Occultist Equals Spiritual Adept

“The weapons of the mystic are concentration and inner vision; the weapons of the occultist are intuition, and synthesis. Each corresponds to the other; they complete and presuppose each other.

“These two human types are blended in the Adept, in the higher Initiate. No doubt one or the other, and often both, are met with in the founders of great religions and the loftiest philosophers. No doubt also they are to be found again, in a less, but still very remarkable degree, among a certain number of personages who have played a great part in history as reformers, thinkers, poets, artists, statesmen.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Adept1I would say “tools” rather than “weapons”, but otherwise I agree with Steiner. It is kind of like the mystic, at least as defined by Steiner, is one side of the coin, and the occultist is the other. The spiritual adept is the complete coin. This is not to say that the spiritual adept or initiate is straddling the fence between good and evil, light and dark, but rather that he or she is using all available spiritual development tools to develop a complete spiritual life and a completely awakened, enlightened soul. Continue reading “Mystic Plus Occultist Equals Spiritual Adept”


The Mystic and the Occultist

“The true mystic is a man who enters into full possession of his inner life, and who, having become cognizant of his sub-consciousness, finds in it, through concentrated meditation and steady discipline, new faculties and enlightenment. These new faculties and this enlightenment instruct him as to the innermost nature of his soul and his relations with that impalpable element which underlies all, with that eternal and supreme reality which religions call God, and poetry the Divine. The occultist, akin to the mystic, but differing from him as a younger from an elder brother, is a man endowed with intuition and with synthesis, who seeks to penetrate the hidden depths and foundations of Nature by the methods of science and philosophy.” ~Edouard Schure

mystical-experience-3While the division between mystic and occultist may have made sense at one time, I think the true spiritual seeker of today is actually a combination of the best of both. Note that when Schure wrote this, it was conventional to say “man” meaning a person of either sex, so women can be mystics just as well as men. Continue reading “The Mystic and the Occultist”